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Our Tainted Utopia

The destruction of Mars set back Starfleet's exploration endeavors for a decade, and delayed its recovery from the Dominion War. In the wake of such devastation to it's infrastructure and morale, Starfleet pulled back. It closed and secured its borders. Starleet and Federation ideals faltered.

The unity of the Federation was tested as member worlds threatened secession over the Romulan supernova incident, and Federation humanitarian instincts were hampered by hawkish isolationism. "Let them die," had been spoken in the halls of Starfleet Command before, and it was spoken again. The Federation stumbled.

The Hope of Barzan

But a stumble is a stumble, not a fall. Starfleet forged ahead. Efforts to bring the Barzans into the Federation were slow but steady. Voices grew among a people who had largely known austere poverty and favored tight familial bonds above the interstellar society. Some wanted more for their children. Barzan delegates began the painfully slow process of bettering their world for eventual Federation membership.

The broken promise of the Barzan wormhole, now almost thirty years ago confirmed to be unstable, was looked at through fresh eyes and new technology. It could be stabilized on both ends, but it would take a lot of resources and delicate precision. The Barzan people would need Federation resources.

Pathfinder II Project

Starfleet's return to the Delta Quadrant was haphazard. Like Voyager some twenty years ago, Starfleet assets within the quadrant were forced to fend for themselves between cyclical openings of the wormhole. Several vessels were lost or went missing. One of those vessels, the venerable Ambassador-class starship Adelphi, was among those casualties and a harsh lesson learned. The species adjacent to the wormhole remained hostile and advanced technologically. Starfleet had to rethink its logistical presence: it needed a permanent outpost to support its vessels. It needed the ability to form reliable diplomatic ties.

The answer was Pathfinder Station and the Pathfinder II Project, named after its predecessor project which maintained successful contact with the starship Voyager.

WIth Pathfinder Station under construction, Starfleet has shifted strategy in the Delta Quadrant. Rather than large vessels with a lot of manpower and resources invested in them, Starfleet is deploying small, fast vessels capable of long periods between refuel and resupply. The Rhode Island-class refits of the Nova platform seemed a decent foundation. They were redesigned for autonomous, deep space mission profiles.

The first of those vessels deployed in the Delta Quadrant is the starship Sojourner.

Latest Mission Posts

» May You Put Your Dentures in Upside Down and Chew Your Head Off...

Mission: A Camping We Will Go
Posted on Wed Oct 5th, 2022 @ 10:30pm by Lieutenant Deglan & Captain Björn Kodak

[Runabout Volga]
[MD 2: 1300 Hours]

Deglan torqued his torso as he snaked his frame a little deeper down into the Jefferies tube to extend his reach and access the next panel. He had been on the runabout for what seemed like days now en route to Gentris IV to…

» Cycles

Mission: A Camping We Will Go
Posted on Tue Oct 4th, 2022 @ 10:28pm by Lieutenant JG Irynya

Irynya entered the mess hall on deck 2 dressed in her duty uniform, hair pulled back in its standard ponytail that hung loose down her front. She had moved inside the room and stood to the side of the door, scanning the small space. It was quiet for the hour.…

» Like a Holodeck, But Real

Mission: A Camping We Will Go
Posted on Sat Oct 1st, 2022 @ 9:44pm by Ensign Jyl-eel Tor & Petty Officer 1st Class Kotri Tesren & Petty Officer 1st Class Amber Hartree & Petty Officer 2nd Class Joselyn Brand & Crewman Mateo Longhorse

[Yeoman Pool]
[Starship Sojourner]
[1300 hours]"You're giving me some seriously creepy Klingon vibes right now with that thing." Joselyn acidly sneered in Mateo Longhorse's direction. The man, his hair falling around bare shoulders in a tank top, smirked at her. In his hands, with its butt resting on the deck…

» The Clearing

Mission: A Camping We Will Go
Posted on Sat Oct 1st, 2022 @ 1:10am by Captain Björn Kodak & Debbie Gless

[The Clearing]
[Gentris IV]
[MD 2: 0918 Hours]

Kodak materialized in barely-there fog, his eyes taking a moment to adjust to the arid mists coming up from the nearby lake. The sun -- brightly shining and pleasantly warm -- would bake the fog off as the morning wore on, the…

» Captain's Log: The Drop Off

Mission: Echoes and Effigies
Posted on Fri Sep 30th, 2022 @ 7:59pm by Captain Björn Kodak

[The Bridge]
[MD 5: 1145]

"Captain's log," Kodak began, leaning back in his chair and rattling off the stardate. His eyes focused on the viewscreen ahead, which showed an expansive but decidedly unexciting dust cloud hanging in space. "After the last four days, I will never again take for granted…

Latest Personal Logs

» Personal Log: Midshipman Noah Balsam

Posted on Wed Jun 30th, 2021 @ 4:14pm by Midshipman Noah Balsam

"Dear Mum and Da..."

Noah undid his jacket with a chew of his lip. He organized his thoughts as he pulled pips and commbadge from the garment and then pushed it into the reclamator. Then off came to SOJO shirt, equally disposed of. "I've been pretty busy," he said back…