Lieutenant Commander Victoria Cross

Name Victoria Hayley Cross

Position Chief Operations Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 155
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description The most immediate trait of Victoria one may notice is her height, standing at six feet and four inches. She could be described as lean, carrying herself with a confident dignity, perhaps mirroring an ideal officer in her mind. Her blue eyes are quick and bright, her bright blonde hair cut to a nonsense-free pixie cut. Her accent is unmistakably Aussie, peppered with occasional 'mates'.


Spouse T'Kass of Vulcan, Schoolteacher
Children N/A
Father Captain Edwin Cross, deceased
Mother Julia Cross, marine biologist
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Sovak, Professor of Stellar Cartographic Studies at the Vulcan Science Academy, Father In Law
T'Pim, Earth Studies anthropologist, mother in law
Savenk, monk, brother-in-law

Personality & Traits

General Overview Victoria is an ambitious example of a Starfleet officer. She's detail oriented and enthusiastically enjoys her job. She's highly social and enjoys dividing her time and pursuing hobbies and new experiences, so if one were to use a word, she's got an adventurous personality, skin to someone trying to get 'extra credit' out of life and experience all she can.
Strengths & Weaknesses Victoria is an excellent worker, dutiful and diligent, though her work ethic sometimes means she struggles with a work/life balance. She is chasing her father's legacy, and tries to be a good leaded and the idealized Starfleet officer, but she's also processing her fathers passing and may very well be trying to be like a man she barely knew.
Ambitions Victoria wants, eventually, to become an Executive Officer, and Captain, if it's in the cards.

She wants to grow old with T'Kass and eventually have a gaggle of kids with pointed ears.
Hobbies & Interests Writing, dancing, hiking, swimming, holodeck acting, surfing, just to name a few.

Her interests include reading through old history books of bygone eras, such as the era of the Early Federation or the life of Zephram Cochrane. She's also a dabbler in playing the violin.


Personal History Born in 2368 in Brisbane, Australia, Victoria Cross is the only child of Edwin and Julia Cross, a Starfleet Captain and marine biologist, respectively.

Edwin, the captain of the USS Grant, an Akira-Class starship, gained numerous accolades and honors in his career of service, with some rumor of him being put on the track for the rank of Admiral until the Grant was tragically destroyed during the Dominion War in 2373. This loss deeply impacted young Victoria, who grew up resenting his absence.

As she matured into a young adult, Victoria's quest for meaning and self-discovery propelled her on a transformative galactic backpacking journey across various Federation worlds. It was during this odyssey that her path converged with two significant individuals.

In the year 2388, Victoria found herself on Vulcan, where she crossed paths with T'Kass, a poised and enigmatic Vulcan Academy student. Alongside T'Kass, fate introduced her to Adam Grant, an equally adventurous fellow traveler who shared their age and thirst for exploration. A complex dynamic emerged, resulting in a delicate love triangle that unfolded over a summer.

Yet, as the days passed, the bond between Victoria and T'Kass grew stronger, their connection transcending the surface-level complexities of the love triangle. With understanding and respect, Adam gracefully bowed out of the courtship, allowing Victoria and T'Kass to explore their deepening emotions without impediment.

It was T'Kass, with her logical and steadfast Vulcan nature, who played a profound role in Victoria's life during this pivotal time. T'Kass became Victoria's anchor, providing unwavering support and guiding her through the labyrinth of emotions triggered by the lingering grief of her father's untimely demise. With T'Kass as her steadfast companion, Victoria discovered newfound strength and resilience, empowering her to confront her inner struggles and embark on a path of healing and self-discovery.

T'Kass and Victoria pledged to marry and lived together on Vulcan for two years.

Inspired by her experiences and newfound resilience, Victoria decided to join Starfleet and enrolled in Starfleet Academy in 2390, aiming to follow in her father's footsteps at long last. In 2392, after marrying T'Kass at the scenic Fire Cliffs, Victoria returned to Earth to pursue her training.

Victoria excelled in her Enlisted Officer courses at Starfleet Academy, demonstrating exceptional skills and determination. After completing her training in 2394, she enlisted in a five-year mission as an ensign for the USS Rendlesham, a Voyager Class, embracing the challenges and responsibilities that came with her role.

Living aboard the vessel with her new wife, Victoria showed exemplary work effort and skill as an Operations Officer, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2397 and eventually Lieutenant in 2399 during her departure from the mission after a difficult mission studying black hole and quasar XTE J1118+480. Victoria and T'Kass secured a home in Brisbane, with T'Kass getting a job as a children's school teacher.

The two lived a blissful married life for a year; Victoria taught T'Kass about Earth customs and got her 'hooked' on local sports, notably the Brisbane Blasts, the local soccer team.

Victoria decently took a commission for the USS Sojourner. The departure caused some friction between her and her wife, but they endeavor to make it work.

Service Record

Service Record 2390-2394 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
- Advanced Starship Systems
- Logistical Command
- Sensor Array Oversight
2394-2399: Ops Officer, USS Rendlesham NCC 122680

Medical Profile