Lieutenant Cassian Maritz

Name Cassian Ridley Maritz

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Berkeley, California
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 87kg
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Hazel blue
Physical Description - Light brown hair cut short on the sides, slightly longer on top
- Hazel blue eyes (blue eyes with hazel around the centre)
- Tall and tanned with broad shoulders
- His brother and sisters initials are tattooed behind each ear
- Full sleeve tattoo (right arm) of an old world circus with a ring master, animals and performers
- Various scars and burns are visible over his torso when he is shirtless


Spouse Ex-wife: Tia Carvello
Children None he's aware of
Father Dr. Kenneth Maritz (67) - Neurosurgeon, Alta Bates Summit
Mother Prof. Edwina Marshall-Maritz (65) - Professor of History, University of California
Brother(s) Ensign Jason Maritz (32) - Strategic Operations Officer, USS Cadence
Sister(s) Commander Philippa 'Pip' Maritz (36) - Commanding Officer, USS Firebrand
Other Family Commander Simon Lewis (37) - Chief Operations Officer, Starbase 43 (soon to be brother-in-law)
Blue Chai (7) - Oriental Shorthair cat

Personality & Traits

General Overview - Fairly easy going, nothing much bothers him
- Dedicated to Starfleet and his career
- Has a lot of charisma but somehow it doesn't translate into success with getting a date
- Loyal to his friends, family and his team
- Always loves a good challenge, whether is be sports, drinking/eating or otherwise
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Physical strength
- Weapons knowledge
- Endurance
- Knowing he can always come home to Blue Chai
- His family, especially his siblings

- An old sports injury in his right knee occasionally flares up
- Occasional light sensitivity with his eyes (doesn't affect his work ability)
Ambitions To become Head of Security on a starbase
Hobbies & Interests - Working out to keep in peak physical condition
- Playing guitar
- Reading action/adventure novels
- Going on hikes and adventures


Personal History 2367
- Born July 15th in Berkeley, California, to parents Edwina and Kenneth
- Is younger brother to Philippa and Jason

2372 - 2380
- Attended Black Pine Circle School
- Began taekwondo and karate

2381 - 2384
- Attended Maybeck High School
- Excelled in athletics, most academics
- Graduated with sports scholarship offers for various colleges

- Attended University of California Berkeley
- Began studying a Bachelor of Physical Education

- Attended a house party with some friends he'd made through university and met Tia
Asked her to be his girlfriend six weeks later

- Dropped out of university second year
- Saw recruitment posters and attended a recruitment drive for Starfleet
- Began the application process for joining Starfleet

- Asked Tia to marry him on their two year anniversary
- They were married six months later in an intimate ceremony with only close family around

- Cassian asked Tia for a divorce midway through the year due to a major relationship breakdown
- Tia agreed and the divorce was finalized after five months, but the pair agreed to remain friendly

Service Record

Service Record 2388-2392 - Attended Starfleet Academy

Year 1:
A- overall grade
Excelled in most areas
Joined the Athletics program - track, martial arts

Year 2:
A- overall grade
Passed the Hand-to-hand Combat and the Small Unit Tactics courses
Took up the elective of Linguistics
Entered various competitions for athletics

Year 3:
A+ overall grade
Excelled at the linguistics course
Began the Advanced Self Defense and Combat Strategy courses
Chosen specialisation: Security
Honorable mentions in the Commandants Honor Award

Year 4:
A+ overall grade
Passed all exams in all courses
Received commendations and awards from his instructors

2393 - Cadet Cruise
Rank: Ensign
Posting: USS Cosmos
Position: Security Officer

2394 - 2396
Rank: Ensign
Posting: USS Cosmos
Position: Security Officer
Promotion to: Lieutenant (JG)

2397 - 2399
Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Posting: USS Halberd
Position: Security Officer

2400 - Present
Rank: Lieutenant
Posting: USS Sojourner
Position: Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Medical Profile