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Mia Phillips

Posted on Mon Dec 19th, 2022 @ 9:35pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Mia

Enigma, now that’s a word she liked. She had over heard a couple of the officers talking about her and they had used that word in an attempt to describe her personality. She guessed that maybe that was a good thing. Her command of the English language was pretty good, but she thanked the Gods for the built in translation device in the communicator she wore. Now It was time for an assessment of her situation so she sat back to think it through. She had established herself as a StarFleet Yeoman. It was working out fine.

I must not forget why I’m here. She thought to herself. Getting to know my target is going well. In fact my father would most likely say I’m getting to know him too well. But that’s never stopped me before. She thought to herself as she continued her self assessment. She had gathered a few things that might aid her in carrying out this mission. But there definitely was an underlined emotional twang or something. At the very least, when she did him,she would feel sorrow at his passing.

This was going to be the trickiest job yet. First she had to dispatch her target. Hide it long enough to get of the ship safely, and get the timing to the worm hole perfect to get back to her home quadrant. This was going to be tricky. So she thought for a minute and decided it may as well be enjoyable whilst she did it. And that’s the moment she knew she would have him, if only once, he was not going to die without tasting the love of an Orion girl. Now she had two missions.

The trip here had taken weeks. It was time tho get a message to her father on her progress. Even that was going to be difficult. She was in the Delta Quadrant. There was nothing simple about calling home. But she would find a way. During her training they taught operatives how to encrypt a message and hide it as white noise in a regular transmission. So that’s what she would do. She would have no way of knowing if and when he got it. So she would just have to wait and see.

By now, her fathers lawyer would have gotten all the charges dropped and he would be free, she needed to access a newsfeed from the Alpha Quadrant and see if there was a secret message was in it. This was another thing they were taught whilst becoming the priceless tool that she had become. All Orion business men list their legal holding in the Galaxy News feed. It was how they reported toothier higher ups and boasted about how rich they were. Her dad was no different. And of course he would have placed an ad which she could decipher and see if there was anything new that she had a need to know. All this would happen in due time when an opportunity presented itself.

Assessment complete, she decided to go with the flow and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. After all she still needed to find out why that loud mouth tried to accuse her of wrong doing, when there’s no way she would jeopardise her mission. So now she would tend to her regular duties and then see if she could help out in anyway in Security. Yep,that was the plan.

End of log


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