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A Return to Service

Posted on Sat Apr 22nd, 2023 @ 6:04pm by Lieutenant Chaali
Edited on Sat Apr 22nd, 2023 @ 6:09pm

Chief Operations Managers Log.

I didn't think I would be back in this uniform so soon. I thought I'd put it away with the birth of our child, Iryndi. I named her after the most beautiful woman I've known. I hope the Fortunes are looking after her and those with her. I wonder where they are, sometimes, so far away. Huuk and Bolti would have never agreed to go out that far. I know I have to stay closer to home now. But we women always have the lust to wander. It's in our genetic code. Our men are the nesters and fixers.

But sitting behind a desk on Bolarus... watching the ships come and go. I think I'm too wild for a job like that. And when this opportunity came up, I couldn't turn it down. The ship is big enough for at least Bolti to come. I don't think I could blast Huuk off Bolarus with tricobalt even. But Bolti's priorities are around Iryndi these days.

We Bolians are used to being away from our lovers for long periods. And this is just an Earther-Year, around Chal-tok.

I already got lost. Am I insane or are these new ships darker than they were before? No carpet. I like the bronze finishes. And well, here I am. The Bridge is... familiar. But its different. It's like looking at a child and seeing the signs of a parent. It's really a different person but...

... Same soul?

Well. Lets do this, as the Humans might say.

"Computer, recognize Lieutenant Chaali. Authorization Gamma 6-1 Una Tally."

The computer singsonged a chirp, a grind and then spoke. "Voiceprint recognized. Welcome aboard Adelphi, Lieutenant Chaali. Chief Operations Officer."

Chaali dropped into the center chair- one of three. It was luxuriously padding in a rich black leather with an embossing of the Starfleet logo on its quilted backrest. "Access Yardmaster Logs and display time to completion." Chaali said.

The silvery LCARS showed, in white lettering, a cascading schedule: Captain, To Be Assigned. Starboard Ventral Warp Coil Alpha 1-5. Delayed. The word delayed flashed in red. Chaali scrolled down to an updated completion and launch date for a Shakedown- three weeks and two days from now.

Chaali winced and nibbled into a cerulean lip. "Going to be quite tight." She said, adjusting a cheerily bright red wig on her teal scalp that resembled a technicolor Pageboy. On screen she watched a Worker Bee pass close to the wide expanse of windows that was the viewscreen.

The engineers in the Work Bee crossed the NCC Registry and lettering of the ship- A D E L P H was completed several automated assembly systems were setting into the hull the final "I". The work bee looped under the ship and studied its ventral hull.


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