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Personal Log: ENSIGN Noah Balsam

Posted on Sat Jun 24th, 2023 @ 9:34pm by Ensign Noah Balsam
Edited on Sat Jun 24th, 2023 @ 9:35pm

"Huh? Huh? What do you guys think?"

Noah Balsam stood in the line of sight of his transmission- he wore a black uniform with gold shoulders, a black turtleneck and what appeared to be a seam of yellow that marked a chest flap closure. He tickled at his neck, craning it to show the single, solid silver pip on his turtleneck. Then he did a slow spin. "I-I graduated! With honors, Da." Noah stooped to drop something and black fabric off-camera.

"A-and we just got the new orders for new uniforms. I-I guess that means um.... well, on Earth at least, new decade? The Cadet uniforms are the same. Buh-but the officers are wearing this. You-you might start seeing it around Deep Space Nine and Bajor soon, Mum. Maybe on Jupiter Station too. H-have they junked that old station and replaced it yet?"

Noah moved to sit down. "I-I got a couple of offers to change ships. But I think I'm going to stay on the Sojourner for this first um..." his eyes narrowed while he turned circles with his hand to keep himself from mentally derailing. "Tour. Um. To-to answer your question, Da, n-no. No sign of the Borg. But we ran into some Kazon. A few days ago." He shrugged, nervously brushing the back of his hair as a tell that he didn't want to say how badly he felt it'd gone.

"Um..." he looked away, skirting his gaze from the view. "Oh. So I made friends. There's Irynya, and Sheldon and Debbie, and but...well... um... m-most of the crew is friendly. I-I mean I don't know everybody. But." His eyes clenched and he planted his feet, "Wha-what I'm trying to say is I'm doing OK and you guys doh-don't need to worry about me."

Noah fidgeted, "Oh, I finished Cat. Computer, activate Cat." A sultry coil of bluish-gray fur and golden eyes materialized, purring, on the coffee table. Noah lifted her up and the holographic cat went limp like a ragdoll. "I-I don't let her out much. My roommate thinks she's food." Noah's mouth twisted annoyance at that. "She's an Antican. I never met one, uh, buh-before her.". The pause after was pregnant with him wanting to say more, but he thought better of it.

"Oh um. Also. Did you notice? Haircut," he pointed at his head beaming- his bangs had been lifted out of his eyes and his hair long longer nearly-graced his shoulders. It was almost neat- or as neat as the slightly geekish air of the young man could allow. "I-I haven't shown anyone yet. Sheldon and Irynya aren't home yet."

Noah put down Cat where she swished her tail and looked on with the golden disks of her gaze. She jumped to the couch and began to circle and then knead the cushion. "So, I-I heard that the Federation Council is lifting the ban on Synthetics? Has anyone heard if Enceladus'll rejoin the Federation charter yet? I'd hope so..." He frowned and wrinkled his nose, "How about Catulla and Turia?"

Noah paced and began to push things on his shelf into neat spaces. "I hope I hear from you guys. Simon you too? Uhh, you OK? If its January on Earth, this probably w-won't reach you until March. Wha-what with the wormhole. Anyway. I-I better sign off. I have my first shift as an Ensign in an hour. A-and I need some breakfast. I love you guys." Noah approached the camera, his too-big and goofy features filling it. "Bye, love you." he said to the speaker. Then he backed up and waved before the screen went black.

"Computer. Send to Ganymede, Fassbinder Thinktank. Hill Province, Bajor. Rigil Kentaurus, Alpha Centauri Colonies.". He looked back at cat. "You have to go back inside. Or else Margarar might try to eat you. Or worse, reprogram you. Computer, end Cat and save."


A Log By

ENSIGN Noah Balsam
Systems Engineer


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