Mean Green Queen

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Stardust and Sin

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After launching a network of probes to pick up the signal from Kaldri's combadge, the Sojourner gets a ping! Leading deep into the heart of The Starbirth Oasis -- a volatile stellar nursery -- the signal sends the Sojo and its crew to Hukatuse Tagumik, a secret, dilapidated space station used by smugglers and criminals as a safe haven from the law. There the crew must navigate the station's seedy depths in hopes of finding the Kazon woman they're after. Things are made more complicated, however, by the presence of bounty hunters sent by First Maje Subrek to find Kaldri as well. And to add further difficulty, the Kazon woman has a network of powerful friends to help hide her: friends the Starfleet crew must prove themselves to if they have any hope of finding Kaldri.

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On the Road Again

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After the Sojourner's run-in with First Maje Subrek and the Kordra-Lisrit, the crew spend some time en route to their next destination dealing with the fallout. Injuries are healed, traumas explored, and friendships rekindled as the crew focuses on day-to-day life on the road to whatever comes next. Despite the return to normal, questions still linger: who was the mysterious Kaldri and why was Subrek so dead set on capturing her? And will Subrek's warning of future altercations come to pass? These questions and more hang over the heads of a crew beleaguered by their experiences at Shaddam IVa.

Predators and Prey

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With shoreleave behind them, the crew of the Sojourner heads for their next adventure: a survey of Shaddam IVa, a Class L moon that's positively covered in an as-yet unknown -- but potentially very useful -- alloy. Just as the survey begins, however, a foreign shuttlecraft comes crashing down to the surface. Aboard is Kaldri, a Kazon woman on the run from First Maje Subrek and the Kazon-Lidrum. Having escaped forced servitude as the Maje's concubine, she asks Starfleet to protect her even as a Kazon warship arrives in orbit, threatening the Sojourner. Meanwhile, a number of obstacles try the planetary survey and support teams' mettle. From dust storms to deadly predators, the moon does not present a friendly face. If the teams are to solve the moon's mysteries and stay alive, they must think quickly and use every mean at their disposal.

A Camping We Will Go

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After a hectic few weeks, the crew gets a chance for some much needed shoreleave on the planet Gentris IV. Devoid of humanoid life, the planet hosts all kinds of wildlife in its plentiful mountains, forests, lakes, and streams: the perfect place to set up camp for a few days and for the crew to enjoy each others' company around the campfire.

Echoes and Effigies

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While charting a stellar nursery, the USS Sojourner is scanned by a mysterious alien vessel that suddenly appears from the mists. Ignoring all attempts to communicate, the vessel completes its scan and leaves as quickly as it appeared. Without further contact with the ship, all the crew of the Sojo can do is return to their mission. That is, at least, until strange happenings begin affecting the ship and its denizens. People start seeing doubles of themselves roaming the halls of the Sojo and the Captain is giving potentially dangerous orders that make no sense. The crew of the Sojo must plumb the mystery for all its worth or face potential destruction by their very own starship.

In the Aftermath

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In the aftermath of the disastrous cultural exchange on Talbeethia Prime, the crew of the Sojourner work through their experiences and get back into the groove of day-to-day life on the ship.

Sojourners of Time

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Newly returned to the Delta Quadrant, the USS Sojourner is invited to make contact with the Talbeethian Guard -- a secretive power who could become a potent new ally in the region. En route to meet them, a distress call brings a new face onboard while the crew adjusts to life back on the other side of the galaxy.

Starbase Shoreleave

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With the colony of lost Chameloids now safely on their way to a new home within the Federation, the USS Sojourner takes shoreleave on Starbase 2. Repairs are made, relationships are rekindled, and the crew enjoys some much needed downtime prior to setting out for Pathfinder Station and the Delta Quadrant at large.

The Place of Skulls

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The puzzle sphere's secrets are revealed! The voice inside promised a path that, if followed to completion, would reunite Captain Kodak with his people: the Chameloids of legend, long feared and hunted by the Klingons and Orions alike. Coordinates provided by the voice place the USS Sojourner on 'The Path,' a road of mysteries pointing to the lost colony of Chameloids.

Starfleet gives begrudging permission to begin the search, though they are not the only powers interested in the hunt. Murky mercenaries follow in the Sojo's wake, enemy forces shadowing themselves in hopes of stealing the search's spoils. Will Kodak reunite with his parents? His people? Or will the likes of the Klingons and Orions forever end the threat the Chameloids represent?

The Waiting Game

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The former crew of Adelphi have returned to the Alpha Quadrant under their own power... barely. No longer able to sustain life, the heavily damaged and venerable Ambassador-class was deemed retired and sent for decommissioning at the Qualor II Surplus Yards. The surviving crew is granted shoreleave and respite. Some of the 600+ members receive new transfer orders. Some put in for new assignments rather than wait.

For some, there are investigations. For others, working through trauma. Others throw themselves into the pleasures of the planet Risa. But what the crew suddenly has is a lot of time- and very few answers. When do we get a new ship? Will we get a new ship? Will we return to the Delta Quadrant?