Lieutenant JG Gwenwyn Marwol

Name Gwenwyn Marwol

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Newtown, Powys, Mid Wales, Welsh Republic, United Earth
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 217
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Gwen keeps his hair short and neat, grooming it to his left side. He has peachy but rough skin, chocolate brown eyes, and no facial or body hair.

As of mid-2399, he has a burn scar on his right hand which can cause pain at a stressful time and a scar along his torso.


Father Mathew Marwol
Mother Vice Admiral Victoria Dodds, Head of Neurosurgery at Starfleet Medical
Brother(s) Afal Marwol
Other Family Dafydd Marwol - CEO of Marwol Intergalactic Circus

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gwenwyn Marwol cares for anything and anyone making sure that they're all right and have everything they need, it’s why he chose medicine unofficially. But he thinks honesty is the best policy, if they’re dying he’ll say it unless he is ordered against that. In his free time he often like to be alone, kitting or reading Surgical journals in his quarters.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength
General Physician
Surgical knowledge

Stressful situations result in pain due to plasma burn on his right hand.
Public speaking
Brutal Honesty
Ambitions Re-piece his life

Regain his Surgical licence
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
Exploring (Caves, bus & train riding etc)

Reading Surgical journals

Personal History

Newtown, Mid Wales, Welsh Republic, United Earth

Gwenwyn was born into the collapsing household of Marwol. By the age of 3, Lt Cmdr Victoria (his mother) divorced her friend and not lover the full time Waiter Mathew leaving him to deal with Gwenwyn and his 6 year old brother, Afal (3 years older) while she had them entirely for the weekends and school term days off but she would always put her work in 1st, herself 2nd and her family in 3rd.

By his teenage years, there was a curious side to him developing, he’d go on to explore the mountains and cave systems in Wales expanding his patriotic love and love for exploration. Per the legal requirements of his parents divorce, Gwenwyn still was on good terms with now Capt Victoria Dodds but had to move to San Francisco, his mother was called in to work bringing her children with her, as she went into surgery Victoria left them in the observation room where they could overlook her performing brain surgery, Afal wasn’t interested more throwing up in his mouth but Gwenwyn wasn’t, he was more intrigued.
After the surgery was completed and Afal had found a restroom to empty his mouth, Gwen got talking with Victoria about the prospects of surgery. And she said everything he wanted to hear, he wanted to become a surgeon right there and then.

His curiosity drove him to research Starfleet and its exploration program and again he found him enthralled. He signed up and being the son of an admiral (Commodore Victoria Dodds) he was quickly enrolled.

Starfleet Academy, United Earth

It was a whole new environment than he was used to, he never went to a boarding school or had 3 lessons that lasted 3 hours each. He made friends but his favourite friend was Ellie with platinum blond hair and blue eyes, bright as the sky themself, both grew quite fond of each other developing a romantic relationship in their Senior year, Ellie went onto graduate as an pilot but Gwenwyn stayed on to study surgery.

They put their relationship on hold, talking every night to every week to every month for 3 months until nothing. He was quite upset, he felt like his cold Mother and tried to balance the demanding role of surgery and family. Her starship was still in service and she was still listed as a crewman, Gwenwyn eventually moved on and accepted things were over.
Starfleet Medical was less busy than the Academy but required more study and focus, with Ellie gone he could do that, he went from near the bottom to a comfy 4th place in the class.

During his cadet cruise he sorta wished he had put more effort to get a comfy role like Deputy Chief Medical Officer but he liked where he was at, his role allowed him to sit down with people, talk to them and then fix them. He can always remember his first surgery though, it was from an away mission on a direct world with a race then starved to death for unknown reasons, an office space was booby trapped, injuring a command & control Cadet - Lt Cmdr which caused the large intestine to die. He was only the Second Assistant surgeon but it felt great, being able to perform surgery and not be guided at every second by a teacher… While one watched over his shoulder that is.

USS Cosmos, Prometheus Class, Capt T'Madh commanding

Cosmos was a Prometheus starship dealing in the outer rime of the Beta Quadrant dealing with pirates. This would be where he found Ellie, the girl he poured his heart out for her just for everything to die suddenly. She was a Lt Jg managing the shuttlebay. She had cheated on him and felt bad for it and instead of hurting him she thought it would be better if she didn’t reply back. The person she cheated on him with turned out to be a Smuggler who slept around, not caring about her.
Gwenwyn understood her, but he didn’t want to be friends with her, he didn’t trust liars. He would see her time and time again, but never spoke unless she needed medical care.
Cosmos had medical equipment like a Starbase but he was a junior, always getting the wasteful cases that were best fitted for a senior nurse instead of a surgeon needing to consult. He tried to reach out for bigger cases only to be resented, tired of fighting, Gwen applied for reassignment.

USS Adelphi, Ambassador Class, Capt Björn Kodak commanding

The 6 years he served aboard the Cosmos was the best 6 years of his life because he wasn’t followed by teachers. He now worked aboard an Ambassador class, might have been outdated but it was exactly the refreshment Gwenwyn was looking for. His talent and skills were used on cases he could complete but also challenge himself.

Like all things, it came to an end. Adelphi was under attack, Gwenwyn was leading a medical team to an engineering lab, his team members helped those who could but there was a crew men stuck under a bulkhead, he tried to get him out but a plasma conduct overloaded, expelling plasma into the room, the structure of the room was weakening and a structural beam fell on top of Gwenwyn.

Starfleet Medical, United Earth

“You’re okay,” was what he heard next, waking up with lights in the ceiling whizzing past his eyes. He was briefed by a Surgeon there who said he was at Starfleet Medical, the medical department on the Adelphi stabilised him but he needed to undergo major surgery.
Cmdr Thelev ch'Share, he operated on the lung that was patched jobbed on the Adelphi, removing the patch repair and fully repairing the damage to the lung.
Capt Ciazira Norasa, she tried to repair the stomach but her repairing caused the stomach to lose blood flow, Gwenwyn was still unconscious after the surgery no one knew until it was nearly he died. The Bolian realised what she had done and took him to surgery only to be ordered to transfer the case to someone else.
Ambassador-at-large Elonat was still a licensed surgeon who specialises in burns and he operated on the plasma burns over his body but the hand was too severe to heal, he attempted to fix the damage but he did the best he could.

The months that dragged on he saw faces he wouldn’t see again, old classroom friends, civilian friends from his childhood but they were recurring. His mother who worked at Starfleet Medical only saw him once. The recovery was long but he wanted out, back into space his body however just wanted to rest. He had to re-teach himself how to move because of the repairs to his nerves after the plasma scarring and he struggled eating because his body was adjusting to the new stomach. It took 6 months for it to be fully adjusted. But one last thing.
But he knew, with the large and disgusting scarring on his right hand, he couldn’t operate on anyone which destroyed him and it kept reminding him every time that he couldn’t do surgery.

Gwenwyn stood in full Dress uniform in a room full of friends, family and a few reporters from Newtown. He was awarded the Award of Valor for trying to save 1 man’s life. A man that died in his care as the room was filled with plasma. He didn’t want the medal, he didn’t want to be reminded of that moment on the Adelphi.

USS Sojourner, Nova Refited Class, Capt Björn Kodak commanding

When he was released back into the wild, he returned home to Newcastle where he owned a small flat above a now closed store, all the stuff he moved in with still in their boxes. He lent up against the window with a choice. Stay and remember or accept his transfer order to the Sojourner where majority of Adelphi’s crew served on. He chose to severe, he knew if he wanted to move forward with his life, he’ll need to face the music and deal with ghosts.
Service Record 2385 - 2389
Starfleet Academy
Specialising in General Physician

2389 - 2393
Starfleet Medical
Specialising in General Surgeon

Cadet cruise aboard the Nebula Refit Starship USS Alexion serving as General Surgeon & Physican under the rank of Cadet - Lt Jg

2393 - 2399
USS Cosmos
Jr General Surgeon & Physician
Ensign - Lieutenant JG

2399 - 2399
USS Adelphi
General Surgeon & Physician
Lieutenant JG

Spent 6 months recovery at Starfleet Medical from severe plasma burns to right hand, punctured lung and a stomach transplant following an plasma distrache from an engineering console

Due to the burn scarring on his right hand, surgical licence was revoked due to possibilities of him infecting patients.

Awarded Starfleet Award of Valor for bravery and former experience as a surgeon.

2399 - Present
USS Sojourner
Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG - Present