Lieutenant JG Irynya

Name Irynya

Position Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Risian
Birthplace Delphi, Risa
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 120
Hair Color Chocolate
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Irynya is of average height for a Risian with long dark hair that nearly reaches her waist when it is not tied back. She frequently wears it in a low ponytail with the tail trailing down her front. Her skin is naturally tan and she has a smattering of across her face and shoulders. She wears her family's ja'risia mark on her forehead just above the line of her brows centered above her nose. She is muscular, but compact--built like a runner or gymnast. Like her mother she is curvy, with a traditional hourglass figure. When she's not in uniform she's typically wearing a fitted t-shirt and low slung sweatpants. Like most Risians she is very comfortable with her figure, so is as much at home in a bathing suit as a dress. She prefers to be barefoot when the option is available.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Jovian
Mother Piri
Other Family Irynya takes a Risian approach to family. On the Sojourner, Noah Balsam, Timmoz, and Sheldon Parsons are all family members. She has even held a ja'risia ceremony for Noah to adopt him as Risian. Additionally you'll also find her exchanging the Orion terms for brother and sister with Timmoz.

Back home on Risa her closest friend is Marteli whom she considers a sister.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Irynya is a classic extrovert complete with confidence and the assumption that anyone would want to be her friend. By Risian standards she is fairly average, neither excessively beautiful nor unattractive. Outside of Risian society she is generally regarded as beautiful, something that she both enjoys and finds a bit frustrating to navigate. She is very comfortable in her own skin and has no qualms discussing most anything from the ins and outs of riding spatial currents to the underlying ethos of jamaharon. As a Risian she naturally "connects" people--a behavior ingrained in her as part of the cultural belief on Risa that "everything that is ours is yours". She is a follower of Risian spiritual practices that could loosely be compared to a combination of existentialism's concepts of authenticity and the crowd and epicureanism's focus on experience and pleasure.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
* Outgoing
* Confident
* Encouraging
* Determined
* Comfortable in her own body

* Not always taken seriously because of her appearance
* Can second guess herself if navigating something new or encountering a cultural reaction she's not familiar with.
* Ticklish
* Claustrophobic

Ambitions Iry's near term ambition is to make Lieutenant settling herself securely in the ranks of Starfleet.
Beyond that she has a nebulous idea that she'd like to be the Cheif Flight Controller of a ship someday, but is in no hurry to get there.
Hobbies & Interests Traditional Risian Dance (similar to hula)
Philosophy / Spirtuality
Racing small craft

Personal History Irynya is the only daughter of Piri and Jovian, a Risian couple who are employed by the Grand Delphinium Resort on Risa. The resort is directly adjacent to the town of Delphi. She grew up on the resort and helped with the family's tour and atmospheric base diving business. From an early age she helped to pilot their shuttle and worked as a hostess and hospitality specialist at the resort during her late teenage years. In her early twenties she was fully invested in the family's business before it became clear that she wouldn't be happy simply taking over when her parents decided to retire. Craving more and loving the feel of a shuttle's controls she joined Starfleet as a pilot. Compared to the typical enlistment ages she was a bit older than the average Academy graduate. Her first posting was aboard the USS Adelphi and she is now stationed on the USS Sojourner.

She has had two significant romantic relationships in her life. The first was with a Risian man named Rami whom she began seeing on her 18th birthday. She and Rami remained together for several years until she left for Starfleet Academy at the age of 24. Upon being stationed on the Sojourner she began seeing Kennedy Ryan Walsh, then the ships ACMO. The relationship ended when Ryan Walsh was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity for a research fellowship that took him back to the Alpha Quadrant.
Service Record Cadet - Freshman - Starfleet Academy (2394-2395)
Cadet - Sophomore - Starfleet Academy (2395-2396)
Cadet - Junior - Starfleet Academy (2396-2397)
Cadet - Senior - Starfleet Academy (2397-2398)
USS Adelphi - (2398 - 2399)
USS Sojourner - (2399 - Present)