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Posted on Mon Apr 25th, 2022 @ 9:02pm by Lieutenant Timmoz & Lieutenant Margarar & Lieutenant Mothim-Ril & Andrew Munro & Lieutenant JG Irynya & Ensign Brian Davies & Debbie Gless

Mission: Sojourners of Time
Location: Chargh'vor-chal Station, 13 Years Ago; Azure Nebula; Siege Disruptor "Rol"
Timeline: Mission Day 8 at 2200

[Siege Distuptor 'Rol' (Beta)]
[Day 8, 2200]

The siege disruptor chamber towered hundreds of decks high, open and silent. Ribbed by iron-gray scaffolds like the ribs of a flattened whale, the run skyward was broken by a triad of plasma conduits. They were the source of a blood-red light, shining between reinforced armor plates with stacks of chevrons looking like scales. The air was thin and cold, with the scent of ancient decay and the intrusion of gunpowder-like ozone. Decades of nebular gas and near-vacuum conditions eating into the metallurgical impurities of the bulkhead gave the stale air its tang.

The two scientists and the pilot had reached the siege disruptor chamber and stopped, pausing for an animated discussion about how best to proceed in a space with such low gravity. Air didn't seem to be an issue, but then they weren't certain they needed the air to breath in their phased state anyway.

"I don't think it will hurt us to just step out there and see what happens," Irynya was saying. She'd been lobbying for a test run, stepping into the space to see what happened, but she wasn't the ranking officer so was being careful to defer to Mothim as much as appropriate. The green of her tunic swayed slightly as she spoke, a sign of her enthusiasm and the involvement of her whole body in the process of arguing her point.

"I agree," Mothim said - mostly because he liked the idea of getting some height above him, whether such height be from a disruptor chamber or not. The Aureian unfurled his wings a bit in anticipation. He wondered if the atmosphere was too thin for his wings to work in these chambers. But that was only a vague wonder, at the back of his mind. He was still mostly just concerned with getting out.

"If we can get to those scaffold-like struts, we could use them to get up or down this..." Andrew paused as he searched for a word to describe the odd and eerie space that they were in. "...structure?"

"It sounds like we have a plan then..." she said, looking from Andrew to Mothim. "Let's get to it..."


[Entry Point]
[Day 8, 2200]

He'd arrived where the group initially had. The system had sent Ensign Brian Davies back in time and delivered him safely, his newly tethered wristband cutting through subspace and connecting him back to home base. A backpack full of food and water strapped to his back -- in case the return trip failed for some reason -- Brian had set out to find Timmoz and the others. He'd wandered for quite some time, taking in the scope of the complex and exploring its nooks and crannies. He'd even found some interesting insects in one of the corridors but, phased as he was, there wasn't much he could do to examine them beyond the visual. Since that wasn't his mission anyway, Brian had left them behind in favor of continuing his hunt for the first group.

Finally -- legs burning from the fast walking he'd been doing -- Davies caught sight of Starfleet uniforms: a welcome sight to be sure. Moving towards the group, he called out ahead, raising his right hand -- bedecked in a Talbeethian wristband --- over his head. "There you all are. I've been wandering around here for an hour looking for you folks. Listen," he stressed, gesturing at him armband, "they sent me back here to find you. We ostensibly have a way home...assuming the system doesn't go sideways on us in the attempt. You folks ready to get out of here?"

The group of Gless, Timmoz, Margarar, and the Talbeethian observer Ti had been making their way to the Siege Disruptor from the observation deck when they encountered someone new. At first, seeing a Starfleet uniform, Timmoz thought he'd lost track of time and the Thunderchild had landed early. But that was squashed when thin memory put the man in the wrong uniform. He vaguely recognized the man as they hadn't interacted.

The Orion paused and watched the man, out of breath, jog up and speak. They had a way out. Timmoz raised an eyebrow and was about to speak. The matron echoed most of their thinking.

"More than ready," Debbie Gless huffed in relief, grabbing the young man in a great big mama bear hug. Releasing Davies mid-grunt of surprise, she said, "Get ready because if this works, I'm going to cook your favorite thing ever, baby. Anything you want, just tell me what it is. You hear that everyone? We're going home!"

The Antican nodded gruffly. There was nothing here for her, not even her ship. However, the Orion had proved to be much more interesting and understanding than their first meeting in her quarters. Perhaps there would be a time to chat with him later. Of course, there might be the matter of that problematic cadet and who knew what the engineering department had been up to without her there. She hoped that the ship was in one piece. "Show us the way," Margarar replied simply.

"We have three of our team exploring the siege disruptor," Timmoz said neutrally. He tapped his commbadge. "Timmoz to Irynya. Return to our entry point immediately. The Talbeethians have re-established contact. We are leaving immediately."

The chirp of Iry's badge caught her off guard from where she clung, partway up the siege disruptor, peering at what could only be a Klingon burial pod. The two scientists were nearby--they'd agreed not to get too far separate from each other--but not close enough to hear Timmoz's voice. A quick tap opened the link for her to respond.

"Acknowledged, " she replied. "Give us a few minutes to navigate back. We'll be with you soon. Irynya out." She tapped the badge again quickly and then, pitching her voice to be sure she was heard she yelled.

"Andrew! Mothim! The Talbeethians have found us. We're going home!"

The news came as a huge relief to Andrew. Normally he’d be quite annoyed at having to abandon something he was doing part way through but the whole experience had felt like an anxiety dream that he couldn’t wake up from and he was desperate to leave.

“Acknowledged!” he called back.

He’d already worked out which parts of the structure he would phase through and which he could get some purchase against, so he used that to propel himself back towards their entry point with a renewed vigor.

"Understood," Mothim responded, breathing out a sigh of relief that he could coon move from the cramped, dark hallways of this ship to the slightly less cramped, slightly less dark hallways of a Starfleet ship. With the grace of a bird, he made his way back.

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