Lieutenant Margarar

Name Margarar

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Antican
Birthplace Antica
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0"
Weight 105 lbs.
Hair Color Mostly bald and light brown
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Margarar is on the small side for an Antican, let alone a female Antican, barely reaching 5 feet tall. She has an elongated bald head, like the rest of her race. At 20 years old, she is nearing mid-age for an Antican, as the average life expectancy is only 50 years old. She has light brown hair that starts from her bushy eyebrows and thickens as it traces the sides of her face. However, her face is short in length and appears spherical. She has sharp canine teeth the protrude when she smiles.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Barroth
Mother Mantitar, deceased
Brother(s) Mocraad, Worican, Retaad
Sister(s) Teneedi, Disoon, Vekka, Pasku, Maarelle
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Margarar was not born to be a leader. She is a follower. She often will express dreams, but she is not driven to reach for them. Some might say that she goes where the solar winds blow her. She is as much apt to be found working on a warp core as to suddenly decide she should head to check on the routing of a capacitor in some conduit. And while she is loyal to her friends and crew, and willing to sacrifice anything for them, she is just as apt to put in for a transfer the next day because she likes the sound of another ship that has an opening. She is direct about her opinions and thoughts, often letting some of her primal instincts get in the way of Federation sensitivities. Since she is nearly middle aged, she considers many of the people she serves with “young pups” or “young whelps” and will refer to them as such.
Strengths & Weaknesses +brave
+/- spontaneous
- absent-minded
- tactless
- excitable
Ambitions She has apparently conflicting ambitions. The first is to find a husband and raise as many litters of pups as she can. The second is to protect and serve her adopted pack of the Federation by becoming the Chief Engineer of a prestige ship someday. However, she is not actively driven to reach either despite her biological clock ticking.
Hobbies & Interests hunting, fishing, running, swimming, exercise, nearly any sport involving a ball, long naps

Personal History All Anticans have a public name and a private/social name. The giving of a private/social name to another is one of great trust and rarely offered without serious commitment to the receiving individual. Sharing of another’s private name without permission is taboo and is considered a great crime. Margarar is her public name, but Maga is her private/social name. Maga was born to a litter of four. Her brother, Mocraad, and sisters, Teneedi and Disoon were born at the same time as her. Maga's mother died from complications associated with childbirth shortly after the second litter of children were born.

Raised mostly by her father, Maga, she was introduced to tasks that would make her more immediately useful. Hunting and fishing were some of her favorite past times with her father. However, she also developed an interest in tinkering, so she could make tools and objects that would lessen the burden on her father and family.

Anticans only live to an average age of 50, so when she had not bred or taken on a husband by the age of 14, she wondered if life in her immediate pack was all that life held. On a whim, she sent her achievements and studies to the Federation. Much to her surprise, she was accepted as the first Antican in Starfleet.

Logically, Maga considered that since Antica was not yet a Federation member, perhaps the Federation was looking to her to create a bridge between her people and the Federation. Proud that she might be able to serve her people, she departed everything that she knew and loved for Starfleet. And how could departing be so bad? After all, her clan had 5 other sisters of hers to reproduce and make the clan stronger.

Starfleet was a shock both for Maga and the Federation. While Maga displayed talent in her skills, she often was sidetracked by other matters. For example, she might be getting trained on a drill when she heard a random noise and would go to inspect it, rather than continue concentrating on the drill. She barely scraped by her first year of training as a cadet. However, through a great deal of patience and behavioral training, Maga was trained to focus on her tasks when on duty. However, a notation immediately went into her psychological profile that superiors should exercise great caution about allowing her to be “At Ease” or “Speak Freely,” because getting her back in a duty mindset might be extraordinarily difficult.

With her teachers keeping her in a “duty” mindset, Maga began to thrive. She displayed a talent for hands on/practical matters. Therefore, it was not surprising that she excelled in classes such as robotics, engineering, or warp theory. However, grasping more abstract concepts such as temporal mechanics were a struggle, since they had no immediate, practical application to her.

In her spare time, Maga participated in the Starfleet Marathon. To the shock of numerous cadets, unlike most people who ran upright, she ran on all fours. It was such a shock that when she first tried out for the marathon, that numerous cadets stopped running for a good two seconds before remembering that they were in a race. More surprisingly was that Maga was extremely fast and had natural endurance. In her third and fourth years, she won the marathon, despite her minimal training.

With her emphasis on practical classes, she managed to get her grades into the top 40% of her class and was assigned to her first position in Engineering as an ensign on the USS ISS. However, as she has become bored with learning everything about her ships after a year or so, she has found herself transferring from ship to ship. Hoping that having a leadership position might change her perspective, she applied for the Assistant Chief Engineer position on Sojourner and was mildly surprised to receive it.
Service Record 2399 - Assistant Chief Engineer on USS Sojourner
2398-2399 Engineer on USS Einstein
2397-2398 Engineer on USS Isis
2393-2397 Cadet in Starfleet Academy, graduated top 40th percentile of class