Lieutenant Timmoz

Name Te’imouzh Bilati

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Birthplace Sirrud, Botchok
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3" (190.5cm)
Weight 144lbs (65.3kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description

Two things are immediately apparent when one looks at Timmoz: an orb of frizzy, dark hair that seems all but unmanageable, and the dusky green skin of the Orion species. In particular, Timmoz has a somewhat classic "Bilati" or "Botchoki" appearance- curly or frizzy hair and with skin that leans cool-toned green than warm-toned green (such as the Ur'eon and Kolari). Over 200,000 years ago, people with Timmoz's Caju-heritage were an equatorial people with a trading tradition. When they left Orion for Botchok, the generations that followed eventually called themselves "Botchoki."

Timmoz is quite tall, reflecting the tendency for Orion males to be such and amplified by his Botchoki heritage. Botchok is a world with oppressive heat and humidity, and lighter than normal gravity compared to the Earth-model. But unlike the stereotypical appearance of the Orion Tahe Bulls, Timmoz is rangy, lanky of build with equally long fingers and neck rather than the barrel-chested, steroidal mass of many Orion alpha males. His build comes from not his Tahedrin, but his biological father and mother's concubine.


Spouse None; Timmoz has had a string of casual partners and brief romances but nothing he was looking to stick. He has been partnered with Nico Oliveria for approximately two months.
Children None

Jasso (Tahedrin) Jasso is the Tahedrin of the Bilati Caju of Sirrud. His past is checkered and he has always had gray ties to the Orion Syndicate- the depth of his involvement is poorly understood. As a legitimate Tahedrin on Botchok, he walks a thin line avoiding Klingon Imperial agents. Jasso is seldom on Botchok, preferring Kolar and Verex. His legitimate business is in software trade- mostly holosuite programs. In truth, Jasso's cell operates around data theft and manufactured data.
Jasso took Timmoz into his Caju early on, as Vaina rose to be his favorite, and eventual wife, raising her to Kaheedi of the Bilat. However, Jasso continues to favor Nimruc, his biological son through Vaina. Jasso has been somewhat disinterested in Timmoz, though he granted him Xo-I.

Vonnuc (Biological Father; Vaina's Concubine (Qisham)). Vonnuc is Vaina's "Qisham," her male-favorite, and is Timmoz's biological father."


Vaina (Biological Mother; Kaheedi)


Nimruc (Naqqash; Older Half-Brother; 34)

Tezred (Qash; Older Brother; 28).


Arra-Nysa (Kava; Younger Sister; 22).

Other Family

Vaosh (Dalat; Farian tutor-caretaker; 38). An immensely fat Farian, Vaosh is Vaina's archivist and researcher, and in his youth was an expert Hacker. He was assigned to Timmoz as a child to teach the boy how to interface with his implant. Vaosh was also a student of the sciences and served Nimruc's cell as an ad-hoc scholar for salvage and navigation.

Kaollic (Deceased; Dalat; Markalian trainer; 41). Kaollic pleased Vaina as an excellent Tatharoc fighter and a duelist with several types of blades, winning her an impressive net of Latinum in The Games. Having won in the arena for his Kaheedi, Vaina tapped him to teach her youngest son how to use his Chukaree. Kaollic found Timmoz a subpar student who frustrated him with his lack of a killer instinct. Kaollic eventually suggested Vaina relegate Timmoz to a task that wouldn't require the cell relying on his martial skills. Vaina agreed- but insisted Kaollic continue. And while Timmoz improved over time, he would never be worthy of becoming a Tahe Bull or a guard like his brother.

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses

+/- Cluros: Klingons have "Honor." Vulcans have "Logic." Orions, for all their tendency toward ennui and decadence, have Cluros. Roughly translated, Cluros is "coolness." It was an archaic attempt by Orions to rein in the worst impulses of their species back when Empire mattered. And today, Cluros is still recognized as a facet many successful Orions use, even if there is no official need to adhere to it.

Timmoz can't claim to be a "good" Orion. He has, over the last eight years, tried to put Cluros behind him. But it still forms part of his basic self because he was saturated by it as the ideal cool. In some ways, Cluros serves him well- he is calm and cool in the face of adversity and he is very loyal to his adopted family.

But Timmoz can- and does- fall into a cold, inflexible coolness when what he recognizes that an enemy has the upper hand (or is at a disadvantage, even). And he has occasionally baited an enemy to try to get them to act irrationally. To the Federation, diplomacy would be preferable.

Timmoz can't help but view the accumulation of wealth- of things- as a mark of success. It's very un-Federation idea. And for all that Timmoz lives among Humans, he can't help but view their civilization as quaint, overly idealistic, and naive.

Ambitions Revenge on Vaina:

See Botchok again:

Buy a Shuttle Of His Own... and maybe a Moon:

Square with Starfleet: Though Timmoz serves in Starfleet, their ideals are not his ideals. The karmic imbalance of Starfleet and the Federation saving his life is not a situation an Orion like Timmoz could allow. Orions who follows Cluros don't like being indebted. Right now, he owes them. And the terms of what would make him solvent again are somewhat elusive to him. A lifetime of service feels like too much, and Timmoz weighs the danger and risk in the time he intends to repay the organization.

But in reality, Timmoz knows he is "waiting"- his freedom comes not in hours or months served, but in the penultimate event that Starfleet Intelligence acts against the Sirrud Bilat Syndicate cell. Ironically- an irony not lost on Timmoz- the moment he is solvent with Starfleet, he also loses all remaining ties to being an Orion. So, in a way, Timmoz feels "screwed." But he recognizes Vaina in particular is a dangerous woman with unlimited ambition. Starfleet and Timmoz have a common enemy in her. He vacillates between wondering if he's lost his Caju already, or if he'll lose it when Vaina is behind bars.... and ruined by his hand.

Hobbies & Interests Tigan Mira Strings:

Tatharoc Matches:

Shuttle Racing:


Ferengi Rules of Acquisition:

Spaghetti Westerns:

Personal History

Early Life
Te’imouzh Bilati was born on the Klingon-occupied Orion world of Botchok to his Kaheedi, Vaina, and her Qisham, Vonnuc. Te'imouzh shares a father and a mother with his older brother (Qash), Tezred and his younger sister (Kava) Arra-Nysa.

Syndicate Conscription

Netboy to Pilot, to Killer

Crisis of Conscience

Attempted Murder and Escape to Archanis

Rango IX Detention

Asylum 4-077 Status and Ward of the Federation

Starfleet Academy

Qualor II Surplus Yards

USS Adelphi, Ambassador-class Starship

Decommissioning of the Adelphi

Returning to Rango IX

USS Sojourner, Rhode Island-class Starship

Service Record

Second Officer/Chief Helmsman
USS Sojourner | Rhode Island-class Starship
Second Officer/Chief Helmsman
USS Adelphi | Ambassador-class Starship
Chief Helmsman
USS Adelphi | Ambassador-class Starship
Qualor II Decommissioning Surplus Yards
Midshipman/Cadet Cruise - Flight Control
Ithemba Station, Titania, Uranian Space
Fourth Year Cadet - Flight Control
Starfleet Academy Campus | Starbase One
Third Year Cadet - Flight Control
Starfleet Academy Campus | Starbase One
Second Year Cadet - Flight Control
Starfleet Academy | San Francisco, Earth
First Year Cadet - General Studies
Starfleet Academy | San Francisco, Earth