Andrew Munro

Name Andrew Callum Munro PhD

Position Biologist


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 243 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and hirsute, with a large build, wide shoulders, and the beginnings of a belly. Keeps his head shaved and a neat well-groomed beard.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Callum Munro, a city councillor
Mother Margaret Munro, a primary school teacher
Brother(s) Gordon Munro, a Starfleet Tactical officer
Sister(s) Shona Munro, a Cellist, studying at the RSAMD in Glasgow

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate. Andrew is a literal gentle giant and is very sensitive to the needs of others. He likes to connect socially and emotionally with people. He loves nature and is fascinated by the complex interaction of plants and animals in natural ecosystems, choosing a career in biology as his way of contributing to society.
Strengths & Weaknesses Andrew is a natural team player, he likes to connect with others and make sure that everyone is feeling involved and appreciated as they work towards a common goal. His need for everyone to be getting along means that he doesn’t function well in environments where there is a lot of conflict between people with more dominant personalities.
He can bring energy and enthusiasm to a cause or project that he believes in but can become dejected and unproductive if tasked with a great deal of administrative work or routine maintenance.
Ambitions Andrew loves to study natural systems and dreams of having the opportunity to study one that is completely alien in comparison to the ecosystem of Earth. He doesn’t seek a leadership position, considering the management involved in that to be dull, looking for variety and adventure instead.
Hobbies & Interests Andrew is interested in horticulture and fishkeeping. An extension of his job, he likes to be surrounded by living things and cultivates samples from species that he finds particularly beautiful or interesting. He is very social and loves to be included in the hobbies and activities of others, especially if it involves sampling a new cuisine or cultural experience.


Personal History Early years
Andrew was born to Callum and Margaret Munro in April of 2365 in the city of Stirling on Earth. His parents were keen gardeners and kept an allotment in which they grew all of the vegetables that the family ate, insisting that they tasted better and were more nutritious than synthesized versions. Andrew could often be found shoveling mud around with his little spade as he ‘helped’ his mum and dad in the garden. As he grew older, he was conscripted into actually helping out, mostly with weeding, pest control, and of course tattie howking. He gained a younger brother, Gordon, in 2369 when his parents had a second child.
His schooling began in 2370 at Cornton Primary School, at which his mother was a teacher. He was bright and enthusiastic but often got into trouble for talking to classmates excessively. In 2374, Gordon joined Andrew at Cornton Primary and their parents had a third child that they named Shona. Fortunately for Andrew, maternity leave meant he got to avoid having his mother as his teacher.
In 2377, he moved on to Wallace High School and that coincided with the beginning of puberty for Andrew and many of his peers. As his peer group began experimenting with dating, Andrew realized that his feelings were for other boys and not girls. None of the others were like him in that regard and for the first time in his life, he felt like an outsider, trying to fit in. He had a talent for Science and developed a crush on the teacher of his Biology class, a large barrel-chested man with a bald head and neat beard. Although he never revealed his crush, he did find ways to spend extra time with his favorite teacher and was always trying to impress him by doing extra credit and bringing in plants that he’d cultivated himself in his parent's garden and greenhouse.

Higher Education
Andrew graduated high school in 2383 with grades good enough to attend almost any university of his choosing. Biology had been by far his strongest subject and he opted to stay close to home, enrolling at the University of Stirling on the BSc (Hons) Ecology course. University vastly expanded his peer group and Andrew began to make friends with other homosexual young men, and even tried dating a few. He found that he was more attracted to older men than his own age group, particularly those who resembled his old Biology teacher. He began remaking himself in that image also, growing a beard and lifting weights at the gym in order to increase his body mass.
Andrew graduated from university in 2387 but had been enjoying the student lifestyle. Career opportunities in the Sciences tended to be richer for those with a postgraduate qualification and so he applied for a doctorate program and was accepted at the University of Aberdeen for Environmental Studies Biology (General). It would also be his first time living away from home, whilst still remaining in a familiar academic routine and allowing him to enjoy the student lifestyle for a few more years. His brother Gordon graduated high school in the same year, also choosing to leave home after being accepted to Starfleet Academy.

First Job
Andrew was awarded his PhD. in 2391 and found that he was now qualified for many projects run by the Federation Science Council that carried the promise of extra-terrestrial adventure. Amongst these was a habitat restoration program on the planet Bajor which seemed like a particularly good fit for the course of study he’d just completed. It had been a couple of decades since the planet had been occupied by the Cardassians and in that time the Bajoran government had been focused on restoring the agriculture of the planet so that it could independently support its population. With that achieved, the focus had moved to restore other areas of the planet in order to protect and reinvigorate its biodiversity. Andrew applied for and was accepted to, the program to reintroduce Hara cats to the Terah’la island and spent four years on Bajor between that and several other projects on the planet.

Move to Risa
Andrew had still been in school on Earth when the most traumatic events to affect the Federation and the quadrant had occurred. Most notably the Dominion War in the 2370s and the Hobus Supernova in 2387. He’d been fairly insulated from those events however they did create an increased demand for rest and relaxation facilities and the most famous ‘pleasure planet’ of Risa had responded by expanding its resorts to accommodate more people. They now needed to monitor and assess the environmental impact of the expansion and were looking for researchers. Andrew had heard tales of some pretty amazing flora and fauna from the planet and decided to move on from Bajor, arriving on Risa in late 2395.

Service Record

Service Record 2391-2395 - Researcher: Habitat and native species restoration, Bajor
2395-2399 - Researcher: Environmental protection, Risa

Medical Profile