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Moonfall - Part 2

Posted on Thu Jan 5th, 2023 @ 7:44pm by Ensign Sheldon Parsons & Ensign Brian Davies & Lieutenant Commander Emni t'Nai & Lieutenant Charles Bridgeport & Lieutenant Nico Oliveria & Lieutenant Xex Wang & Lieutenant JG Gwenwyn Marwol & Ensign Noah Balsam & Lieutenant Timmoz & Ensign Jyl-eel Tor

Mission: Predators and Prey
Location: The Moon of Shaddam IVa
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1020

[Waverider Shuttle, Science Base Camp]
[The moon of Shaddam IVa]
[MD 1: 1020 Hours]


With high swept brows and dark eyes one could almost accuse Emni for looking hawkish as she watched everyone. She kept her face carefully neutral though she nodded to folks as they passed, dispensing answers where needed. Finally, after things began to settle she pitched her voice so that those closest to her would hear and spread the word.

“All hands for a short brief at the ramp please,” she requested. “Pass the word to those further out.”

And then she waited as the nearly 20 crewmembers made their way over.

And now…

It only took a few minutes to get everyone in place, but once they were Emni felt that same swell of pride she had a moment before. They’d been briefed on the ship, so this moment was only cursory in nature, but she wanted to be thorough.

“Thank you all,” she began. “This is the work that many of us signed up for and I know you are excited to get going. A reminder that we’re racing against time here. If you experience any adverse symptoms please immediately report to Dr. Wang or Dr. Marwol. Rebreathers and air filters are available as well as cold weather gear if they become necessary.”

"The sooner the better," Xex put in for emphasis. While Emni continued, his gaze roamed the group, lingering in particular on those already in full protective gear and those with little gear on at all.

Dark eyes scanned the crowd, as the Romulan spoke; her pointed ear tips standing out against the pulled back high ponytail of her hair giving her an almost severe look against the backdrop of the moon. “Team One…” here Emni rattled off the assigned crew members along with their assignment to take soil, water, and other samples around the base camp area. She followed with Team Two’s assignment to a nearby, above-ground coral forest and Team Three’s to a nearby abandoned structure. When she’d finished, she added, “I know we’ve all had time for questions on board, but if there are any lingering unknowns, now is the time.”

Bridgeport listened to the briefing and then divided his security personnel so that each small group was covered.

As no immediate questions presented themselves Emni grinned. "Ok, folks, let's..."

Her sentence, though, was interrupted by a high pitched shrieking whine followed by a rumble and the doppler sound of something large rushing past above them at high speed. A flying craft of some kind was careening low and to the west, smoke and sparks following in a trail behind. It took mere seconds for the shuttle, for Emni could think of no other way to describe it, to pass overhead, clearly coming in fast toward the moon's surface.

For a moment everyone was still and then with eyebrows raised and a frown on her face Emni turned back to the group. "Timmoz, Oliveria, Parsons, Irynya, Wang, and Bridgeport," she called out quickly determining which team members could most quickly assess the situation without detracting from the work of the scientists too severely. "Congratulations, you just got promoted to Team Four. Mr. Timmoz, you're in charge. I don't know what that was, but if there was anyone on that shuttle they're probably going to need help. Take the Waverider and go see if there's anything we can do."

"Everyone else," t'Nai said, more steel in her voice than before, "Let's get to it."

Timmoz eyed in turn each person who he'd been assigned. He assented his head in acknowledgement once, his arms staying folded across his chest. Yet his feet carried him in to motion. He fingered over his new team.

Xex, who had tracked the downed vessel's progress with his eyes, tore them from the far horizon where the smoke disappeared beyond the curve of the moon's surface and gave t'Nai a nod of acceptance. He ducked his head under the strap on one of his medkits and handed it to Gwenwyn. "I've got the resupply aboard the Waverider. You'd best take this extra," he explained, an uncharacteristically sober expression clouded his normally mobile silver features.

"Aye Doctor," Gwenwyn replied watching the skies for more UFOs. He'd rather not re-learn a new biology today and instead focus on his team.

"Us pretty ones in Team Four will go check that out." Timmoz chuckled. He looked at his team, "And look pretty. Cold, but pretty." The Orion added with a touch of the sardonic. "Oliveria and Parsons, make sure our systems are nominal. I don't want any kind of weird repeats of that Vidiian moon. Mr. Bridgeport," he said, chin-jutting at the man. "See to it that every member of this team is assigned and provided a phaser." Timmoz eyed Irynya. "Diagnostics, Lieutenant and then prep for launch. Wang. Make sure our medical equipment is ready for us. In case there are casualties."

"At least it's a pretty team," Xex murmured, unable to keep the quip behind his teeth. Assured that Gwenwyn had enough supplies, the CMO was already in motion back up the Waverider's ramp, his slightly asymmetrical gait nevertheless carrying him swiftly up the incline. "Aye," he acknowledged with a nod to Timmoz, his expression setting into sober lines. "In case."

After making sure the security team remaining behind had all the equipment they would need, Bridgeport prepared to go find the downed shuttle, if that indeed what it was. He left instructions with the security teams he left behind. Whipped out his tricorder and began scanning the area they would head off in. The readings were inconclusive. “ We need to get a move on. My tricorder is useless at this range.” Said Bridgeport.

He then immediately grabbed two attaché type cases and opened them. They contained phasers. As the members of the new group four filed in the direction of the shuttle, he issued a phaser to those who did not have one. When he had completed that task he handed the remainder to one of his security team to look after until he returned. “Hold down the fort until we get back.” Ordered Bridgeport and he went to the tactical console awaiting take off.

Nico did a quick inventory of the equipment he thought he might need to assess and repair the damaged craft. He made sure to leave enough supplies at the base camp in case Noah or Margarar needed to make equipment repairs. He smirked at Xex's quip as he secured himself at one of the secondary consoles, "Equipment stowed, engines, power grid, and heater diagnostics all nominal."

Parsons had ascended the ramp as well, falling into a seat near Oliveria. The Chief Engineer had already done the checking and reporting on the mains, so the younger man busied himself with assessing the craft's secondary systems. "Transporters online, not that we can use them. Thrusters are online and primed. Weapons are powered down but functional."

Tor was busily working to collect her samples satchel, arranging and re-arranging the sensor, the containment jars, and a set of extracting tools. She approached Dravor, silent but receptive- and eager to get going.

Noah, who was standing behind most of the massive satchels of equipment to be assembled, smiled. "I-I could use some help getting these. Uh. At least to where we need them." He said with a chew of the inside of his cheek. Noah picked one of them up to get started, both hands wrapped around its handle. He looked like an overwhelmed bellboy, breath puffing ghostily, trying to carry a very large metal suitcase.

Davies, for his part, had watched the shuttlecraft fly overhead but his own assignment lay elsewhere. He moved to join his own team, his science kit slung over his shoulder. Joining up with Dravor and the rest, he fell into step as the group set out for the nearby coral forest. He waved to Mei, who was with t'Nai's group headed for the abandoned structure, and found himself very curious about what her team might find there. No doubt in a few hours, when everyone reconvened, he'd find out more about what they uncovered. For now, though, he focused himself on the coral forest ahead of his team, hoping the moon would offer some interesting insects to study.

Booth set out with the XO and her team, armed with a phaser rifle -- he hadn't skimped on his weapon selection before flying down from the Sojo -- and a type II hand unit strapped to his hip. He didn't know what awaited his team at the structure but he was determined to protect his assignees from whatever they might encounter.

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Lieutenant Commander Emni t'Nai
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Lieutenant Charles Bridgeport
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Lieutenant Nico Oliveria
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Lieutenant Xex
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