Lieutenant Xex Wang

Name Xex Wang

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Tue Jun 11th, 2024 @ 5:06am

Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Species Humanoid
Birthplace Eüralis
Age 59

Physical Appearance

Height 178cm
Weight 77kg
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Xex is a close approximation of the perfect average humanoid specimen. With the Terran normal number of limbs and digits, and regular humanoid features, he is neither tall nor short, neither wide nor thin. In fact, he would blend into any Terran crowd, if it were possible to ignore the slight silvery shimmer to his skin. As he seems to constantly be in motion, this glimmer is even more pronounced. His movements are as energetic as they are constant, marred only by a very slight limp. Although approaching middle age, his outer appearance seems little changed from his service jacket photo from the academy.


Spouse No records found.
Children No records found.
Father Færn Wang, Shi'in Wang
Mother Xe Wang, Røjni Wang, Gyx Wang
Brother(s) No records found.
Sister(s) No records found.
Other Family Familial records may be requested from any Eüralisi census bureau.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Xex is outgoing, almost to a fault. He will speak to anyone, anywhere, about anything, even if it is not entirely appropriate. He is always ready with a smile, and has a seemingly endless repertoire of them, to fit any occasion from festive to serious. He prides himself on his ability to work with anyone, even in trying environments, and will go out of his way to prove himself right in this regard.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Enthusiastic, multi-tasking extraordinaire, comfortable in nearly any environment
Weaknesses: Impetuous, careless in his interpersonal relationships
Ambitions See everything to be seen, no matter the cost
Hobbies & Interests Food-- literally anything edible
Flower arranging
Skiing (any surface will do)


Personal History Born into the communal families of his homeworl, Xex lived his young years among scores of people. It was only as he matured into a full adult that the itch to explore finally brought him to Starfleet's doorstep. Finding an aptitude for working with the body, he joined the medical corps, and since has transferred amicably and often to ships and outposts around the Federation, seeking always the new experience, seemingly caring little for the rank that almost inevitably comes with years served.

Service Record

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