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Sing to Me

Posted on Sun Jan 16th, 2022 @ 10:55pm by Lieutenant JG Irynya & Lieutenant Sharrina Blackstone & Lieutenant Kennedy Ryan Walsh & Ensign Noah Balsam & Andrew Munro & Ensign Sheldon Parsons & Ensign Jyl-eel Tor

Mission: Starbase Shoreleave
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 2030

The double doors of Holodeck 1 swooshed open, revealing the corridor outside and the figure who had triggered the doors. She was taller than normal, heeled ankle boots adding nearly 3 inches to her height. Long legs met a short flowing black romper, cinched at the waist with a plunging neckline that showed off just enough to leave some room for the imagination of any onlookers. Long hair was, un-customarily, down in a waterfall down her back, ending just above the small of her back and large hoopy earrings dangled from her ears. The gold disk on her forehead shimmered slightly as if something glittery had been overlaid on top of the usual paint. To any casual observer, it would appear Irynya was on her way to a nightclub.

“Computer,” she called as the doors slid shut behind her. The acknowledging chirp of the holodeck’s computer prompted her before she continued. “Activate Noraebang Karaoke program, variation Irynya Delta Nine.”

The black and yellow grid around the Risian shimmered as the room she had selected for this gathering materialized around her. At the far end of the holodeck an enormous rounded couch dominated the space. Enough room to easily seat 12 to 15 people comfortably. A table sat in front of the couch, rounded on the side facing it and squared off opposite.

The opposing side of the room was dominated by a large screen, it’s surface the backlight dark of a screen that was only sleeping and not, in fact, turned off. Below it and to the right was a small console, a set of three microphones attached to its side in curving black claws meant to hold them in place.

Irynya made her way over to the machine, tapping a few buttons that caused neon lights to come up, a shiny geodesic ball hanging from the ceiling turned, mirrored locks casting changing lights across the room. Music was next and with another tap the space filled with dance music--the sort that was impossible to avoid tapping your toes to.

She moved to a smallish box she had left at the entrance next, pulling forth three tall bottles and placing them on the table in front of the couch. “Computer,” she spoke again, the chime of the computer slightly muffled by the music, “7 rocks glasses.” The requisite glasses materialized in a neat double row on the table next to the bottles. From her box, she withdrew a bucket of ice and tongs and a small assortment of mixers, followed by snacks which she laid out on the table as well.

With a grin, she stood back and surveyed her work.

A few moments later, the arch appeared revealing the holodeck doors which swooshed open again to reveal the stout figure of Andrew Munro. He stepped into the room somewhat nervously and all trace of the ship vanished behind him. What had looked like a rather conservative shirt-and-trousers combination under the corridor lighting started to shimmer and sparkle as it interacted with the club-like illumination in the room.

"I hope I'm not too early," he said to Irynya, appearing slightly relieved that she was the only one there.

Iry had looked up from her survey as the swoosh of the doors sounded, her face lighting up as Andrew appeared underneath the arch. An enormous grin lit her face and, in a dazzling display of balance, she rushed across the room engulfing her friend in a hug.

"You could be here any time and still never be too early for me. I'm so glad you're here." She grinned at him, stepping back and inspecting his attire. "This is nice," she said, her usual mischief in her tone as she dusted an imagined mote of dirt from Andrew's shoulder. "Ready for some singing?"

"Sure, although it's not my forte," he grinned in return.

The doors opened once more, revealing the tall frame of the half-Klingon security officer. Her attire consisted of an open-shouldered black shirt that was body-hugging but not so much as to leave nothing to the imagination;, elbow-length, black gloves; black, leather pants; and tall, black boots with a medium heel -- she didn't need any added height -- and gold chain at the ankles of them. Her hair was pulled back off of her face, held there by a gold chain, but allowed to flow free behind her. As she entered, and the doors closed, once again completing the illusion, the shiny quality of the boots and gloves became clear.

Sharrina paused to take in the room and the two other people in it. She grinned. "Hey! Hope I'm not late," she joked lightly.

The Risian shifted effortlessly to include Sharrina as she entered, giving the tall woman a grin and a hug before looking her over, an appreciative grin on her face. "Welcome!" she said, pressing two European-style kisses to either side of Sharrina's head. "You're definitely not late and you are going to have to tell me what your gloves are made of. They're cute!"

Sharrina was slightly taken off guard by the other woman's gesture -- not the hug, she was used to those -- so it took her a second to return the hug then chuckle. "Thank you. They were a gift from my mother. She said that they were made from the 'silk' of a spider on a planet called Corlanthis Two. According to her, the silk of that particular spider is infused with metallic fibers and is stronger than many metals," she informed. "There are special craftsmen who fashion it." Grinning, she let her gaze drift over the room again before settling on Irynya again. "This setting is wonderful, by the way!"

"Oh yes, this looks great," Andrew added, realising that he'd forgotten to compliment Irynya on the work that she'd put in.

"Go get comfy and pour yourselves a drink. Snacky stuff and plates and the like are on the table with the song book," Iry directed, fully in hostess mode.

And again the arch phased in, breaking the scene of a Noraebang-style bar. The garish glittering light from the geodesic ball flashed and spun in the purplish-blue light when the heavy doors of the Holodeck groaned open. Noah's skinniness sidled inside. His button-up, collared chamois shirt looked a billowy size or two too big for him, untucked, and fire engine red, while he had skinny-fitting corduroy pants on below. He waved at Irynya from the growing gathered, then folded his hands in front of him and studied the scene. His brow perked at an unvoiced question and he moved on to study a camp accessory near the bar area.

As the other two officers moved to the couch, Irynya moved over to Noah, standing next to him to see what he was looking at and wrapping her arm around his waist. She leaned her head onto his shoulder and squeezed in a half hug. "I'm glad you're here," she said warmly. She picked her head up, chuckling as she twisted to eye him slightly. She was much closer to his height in 3 inch heels than normal. She pecked him on the cheek then released him. "Whatcha looking at?"

"H-hey," Noah smiled at his friend with a note of distraction. He returned the hug with an arm around Irynya's hip. "S-sorry I'm late, I just b-beamed back up..." Noah's dark bedroom eyes narrowed and he sidled closer. "Um... N-not sure but..." He stooped and picked up the oddity that had drawn his attention. "R-random movie prop, I think..." The thing in his hand was plush, like a child's toy. It was vaguely humanoid, blue-eyed, with two buck teeth on a small muzzle. It had floppy bulbs of hair and oversized, round glasses in blue frames. It wore a snug blue turtleneck on a skinny, pear-shaped body, the garments reaching the toy's ankles. It had red and white shoes.

Iry squeezed him lightly, her free hand reaching across to take the doll-like creature from him. She turned it over as if doing so might give her a clue to its origin and then, finding nothing, shrugged. A quick sweep of her gaze brought to light the various paraphernalia littered about the room. "I asked the program for props... things that have to do with different types of music from different groups and eras." Her wrist turned, offering the plush back for him to take.

The Technician's long fingers snagged it back and Noah smuggled it in the nook of his arm. "Strange choice but... cute." He said. "I'll look up what it's from later."

Again the doors groaned open, this time admitting a lanky man in his early twenties. Sheldon Parsons had -- for once -- eschewed his uniform for something less staunchy and more casual. He wore a button-down shirt in periwinkle that was short at the sleeves but long enough at the torso to tuck into his pants. Khaki tan graced his legs, a black belt with a silver buckle hiding the French tuck of his shirt. Shiny black shoes caught the light of the slowly spinning ball above, causing the footwear to seem to sparkle in the dark.

"Am I the last one here?" Parsons asked, coming up to Irynya directly. For those who'd already entered, the engineer offered a wave in greeting, though his eyes focused on the Risian at hand. "I tried to be late enough to not be first but not so late as to be last. A tip from Debbie," he explained. "She also helped 'gussy me up,' as she called it." And indeed, the young man was more coiffed than normal: his hair was slicked and shaped, parted at the side and swept over, flipped up in front like a crashing wave. "Hello Noah," Parsons said to the stick-bug also standing next to Iry.

Iry turned, taking Sheldon in with one long glance. "Sheldon!" she exclaimed, all but skipping to close the couple steps between them before throwing her arms around his neck. "You look... well... It's a shame Tamblem is on duty tonight..." she winked at him before adding. "We're still waiting on Kennedy, but then we're ready to get started."

Noah twinkled his fingers in a shy way at his fourth roommate, "Hi. You made it too," he smiled and looked about the neon space.

"Second to last. Go me," Sheldon said quietly, smiling to himself. Debbie had been right about how showing up between first and last would help curb some of his anxiety. Though now he was faced with something else that was likely to trip it: small talk. Moving away from Iry and Noah -- whom he interacted with multiple times on the daily -- the young engineer made his way instead over to Blackstone. "Lieutenant," he offered, gesturing to himself. "Ensign Parsons," he said as a reminder to her of his name. "How are you tonight?" The question sounded forced, as if he were having to brave some chaotic unseen obstacle to get even the niceties out.

Sharrina, not the rude type of half-Klingon, smiled. "Good evening, Ensign," she greeted warmly. "I'm well, and yourself?"

"G-glad to hear that," Sheldon tried for a smile, though it looked more like a grimace. "I'm doing well as well. As long as I don't have to sing first," he commented.

Kennedy stood outside of the Holodeck door, he felt frozen in-time. He had been working on being more social, it was more stage fright and the possibility of embarrassing himself in front of her and the Second Stringers. He didn't want to sing, only songs he knew were the hymnals that they sang when they went to Church during his childhood. He took in a long breath before stepping forward. In Kennedy fashion he was still wearing his uniform.

It was Balsam who sidled into Kennedy's hovering near the Arch to welcome him first. He was carrying the strange little stuffed animal doll in the nook of his arm as he approached. "Hi, hi, you made it," he greeted with his too-wide smile. "Um. Did-did you come from work?"

"Yes and no," Kennedy replied to his roommate's question. "I went back to our room for a bit and decided just to come as I was."

"Oh," Noah's head bobbed loosely, without judgment. "Iry's just-just-" he sensed her behind him a moment later. "Here."

Irynya had followed Sheldon over to Andrew and Sharrina and was encouraging the three of them to get comfortable and start thinking about songs when Kennedy entered the space. She looked up at the sound of the arch and a mixture of amusement and affection ran across her features. She turned, literally, on her heel and made her way over. With three inch heels she was nearly as tall as Kennedy making it easy for her lips to find his for a brief, but pointed, kiss. "C'mon," she said, situating herself between the two men and holding a hand out to either side--one for each of them. "There is imbibing and singing to be done."

Kennedy smiled once his girlfriend's lips pressed against his briefly. He took her hand into his and gave it a light squeeze, he leaned in kissing her on the cheek, "I may take a pass at singing the only songs I know are hymnals... and probably no one here wants to listen to that."

"Um. I-I invited someone else... too... if that's OK. To watch." Noah looked at Irynya and then through her to Walsh, "Her culture doesn't have um, anything like this."

Kennedy looked over to Noah and spoke very softly almost in a whisper, "I am sure that's okay."

Irynya's eyes widened slightly at Noah's words. With a small sort of knowing grin she nodded, her free hand dropping back to her side. "Of course that's ok," she said, warmth in her tone. "We'll start in a few minutes then," she added. "Once your friend is here."

Tugging Kennedy's hand she took the two of them over to the couch to find a spot to settle in. Seeing an opening next to Andrew she grinned and beelined for it, dropping onto the couch next to him. "What's everyone drinking?" she said, addressing the three who were already present. "More importantly... what's everyone singing?"

"I thought," Noah said- he was perched forward in a slight stoop in his seat, long hands rubbing together between his open knees, "I-I'd look through the choices. Before I uh, decided. I'll um, have a-a Corpse Reviver? Number two?"

Andrew already had his glass full of Risian Mai-Tai. The fruity, citrusy taste carried the association of arriving at a party for him and so it felt like a natural choice. This was a party after all and he was supposed to be expanding his social circle. He appeared to be browsing the song directory, but it only occupied part of his attention. He wondered what kind of music the others liked and tried not to draw attention to himself for fear of having to sing first.

"I'll have a Singapore Sling," Kennedy replied to Irynya while he placed his hand on her knee, "I don't know what I'll sing. Do you have any recommendations?" He looked over at her smiling, there was pinkness in his cheeks.

Sharrina was lounged on the couch, leaning against one end of it. She had resisted the urge to take off her boots and curl her legs up on the couch, though. Drinks were easy. "Know how to make a Martian Storm, Irynya?" she asked with a smile and a wink. "As to music, I doubt anyone here wants to hear Klingon Opera," she added with a short chuckle. Even she needed to be in the mood to hear that, after all.

Iry nodded around the circle, leaving her spot from between Kennedy and Andrew for just a moment to retrieve the required mixers for the drinks mentioned. A few replicated items later and she set out to make each in turn, pulling real alcohol into a shaker as the base of each before adding the synthehol ingredients to the mix. They wouldn't be as strong as she'd prefer, but a full-stocked bar hadn't been an option for this gathering.

"One Corpse Reviver, Number 2.... One Singapore Sling... one Martian Storm..." she commented, handing each drink to its respective owner. The only two remaining without drinks were herself and Sheldon. She looked to the tall ensign expectantly. "What's your poison tonight Sheldon?" she asked.

"I want s-s-sex on the beach," Parsons stuttered out, fumbling around the words as his nerves got the best of him a bit. "Can you make that?" he asked, cognizant that the others might be bored waiting for him to get his drink order catered to. "Sorry you have to make all the drinks. That seems unfair," he said matter-of-factly. "If you need some help, I mix drinks at Debbie's sometimes, you know."

Iry grinned, picking her way around to Sheldon and pressing a kiss to his cheek. "You can get the next round roomie," she said with a wink. She disappeared again a moment, collecting the requisite juices and quadrupling the recipe which she then separated between two glasses before passing one to Sheldon.

Last round of drinks retrieved, Irynya settled back into her place, leaning slightly into Kennedy. "Ok, any volunteers to get us started?"

"Um, I know exactly what I want to sing. But," Sheldon shook his head, "my alcohol needs to kick in first." He took a great sip from his yellow beverage, the fruity flavors and mixture of sweetness and tart puckering his lips.

Irynya scanned the assembled group and then shook her head. "I'll go first," she remarked with a laugh before taking a long drag from her glass, draining nearly a quarter of the beverage in one move.

Setting the glass down on the table she reached across the laps of her friends, snagging one of the microphones and turning it upside down to make sure it was on. She pulled the book of songs over in front of her and flipped pages, finally landing on the one she wanted and tracking down to the corresponding number with her finger.

"Computer," she said to the room around her. "Play number 218."

The computer chirped its confirmation and the lights in the room lowered slightly. The screen ahead of them lit as a soft kick drum set the tempo interspersed with heavily reverbed finger snaps. Irynya's fingers twitched along with the snaps and she leaned forward with the beat, shoulders shifting lightly. She looked up and down the couch at the collected group and grinned at them, raising the mic to her lips and taking a deep breath.

Words began to scroll across the screen ahead of them, but it was evident Irynya knew most of them without seeing them. She sang along, gaily, adding appropriately timed movement and cheeky expressions as she went. The song rose and fell and finally came to a close with the final lines:

"You can call me queen bee
And baby, I'll rule (I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule)
Let me live that fantasy"

The music came to a rapid halt with a final drum beat in time with the last syllable of fantasy and Irynya grinned triumphantly, hopping to her feet and dropping into a mock bow as the screen behind her flashed a score.

Sharrina had taken the drink with a smile and a 'thank you' when Irynya had brought it to her. The swirling red-colored beverage looked exactly like a dust storm on the Badlands of Mars before the planet had been terraformed and then tamed by Weather Control stations. She took a sip and smiled; Irynya had made it perfectly!

As the other sang, Sharrina tapped her foot along with the song. She remembered this one from her days in the Academy. Her roommate had favored old Earth music, and so she had learned quite a bit of it. When the song finished and Irynya bowed, Sharrina put down her glass and clapped loudly, though not nearly as raucously as most Klingons would have if pleased.

"Very nicely done, Irynya!" she complimented enthusiastically before retrieving her beverage for another drink.

The stick insect of a cadet watched along, his face a default of pensive thought until a glance, a note, a detail of their surroundings would skitter his near-black gaze to it, to offer a smile before he filtered back into the comfort of his unobtrusive and introverted self. He didn't know the song- and he was curious how Irynya had come across it. But she seemed to have set the bar high. He too clapped and then silently sat on his hands whilst waiting to see who was next.

Sharrina chuckled. "Apparently, no one wants to try to follow that act," she joked, taking another swallow of her drink. "So I guess it falls to me." Oh, she knew she could not compete with Irynya in this arena, but that wasn't the point anyway. The point was just to have fun. So she decided to mess with them and go with something that she suspected other Klingons would stare at her funny for. Keying up the machine, she kept the rhythm with her foot as she sang.

"I'll go, but I won't go quietly.
Go down, but I'll go down fighting.
Could be hurt. Could be loved.
But I can't go back, back to the way I was.

I'll go, but I won't go quietly.
Go down, but I'll go down fighting.
Don't know where. Don't know why.
But I can't go back, back to the way I was.

I'll show who I am from the inside.
Gonna take my walk on the wild side.
Don't know where. Don't know why.
But I can't go back, back to the way I was.

Oh-woah, oh-woah, oh
Oh-woah, oh-woah, oh
Oh-woah, oh-woah
No, I can't go back, back to the way I was."

As the song ended, she laid the microphone down gently took a drink from her glass.

While Sharrina had performed, the Arch had summoned and a modest figure had appeared. She was plump, pleasantly so, wearing her Starfleet uniform with blues. She had silently sidled instead and sat next to Noah Balsam. Exchanging awkward smiles and glances, Noah and the new guest with the pale Trill-like dots looked on. As Sharrina finished, Noah clapped. His guest, with a hesitation, followed suit as she realized that was probably the normal thing to do.

Irynya was grinning as Sharrina's song came to an end and she clapped loudly along with the rest of the group, throwing in a wolf whistle for good measure.

"Well done Sharrina!" She remarked enthusiastically, throwing the other woman a wink as she did.

Although she had not missed the arrival of the Arch and Noah's mystery guest, she had been careful to keep her focus on the performance. With the performance ended, though, she leaned forward looking down the line of the sofa and offering the new arrival a warm smile. "It's Tor, right?" she asked, voice kind. "Welcome to our party. Can I get you a drink?"

The pleasantly plump girl extended a hand in Human fashion, "Please, Jyl-eel," she said. "I'm sorry I'm late. I was just telling Noah I had to transport a Lissepian Bonsai into stasis. It has Tarkalean leaf rot."

Sharrina grinned back at Irynya, not missing the wink. "Thank you!" She took a sip of her drink as Irynya moved on to talk to the new person. Shar's eyes tracked to the new lady as well, and she offered a smile. "Yes, welcome!" Her expression shifted to sympathy, though, at the talk of the plant. She didn't know much about those particular plants, though, so she didn't say anything about that.

A few expectant but encouraging glances came in Andrew’s direction and so he took to the simulated stage looking a little nervous. It was only a bit of fun, but still felt a little like performing for an audience and that was never something that he’d been completely comfortable with.

To help the show along a little, he’d enabled the costume option when he’d selected the song. A swirl of sparkles rose up around him, obscuring the holographic costume change, and disappearing to reveal the performance-appropriate outfit. He was now draped in a brightly coloured silky material with a contrasting trim that seemed to be oddly tight and baggy at the same time, depending on which part of his body you happened to be looking at. The trousers were flared at the bottom and revealed a large pair of glossy white platform boots.

The synthesised thumping bass intro began and was quickly joined by a guitar riff that made it unclear whether the song was going to be rock or dance in style.

“You’re so hot
Teasing me
So you’re blue
But I can’t take a chance on a chick like you
That’s something I couldn’t do.”

With the song underway, Andrew seemed to be enjoying himself. He swayed from side to side in time with the music but it would still be a stretch to call it dancing
“There's that look in your eyes
I can read in your face that your feelings are driving you wild
Ah, but girl, you're only a child”

The music swelled indicating an impending chorus and Andrew’s movements became more ..bouncy

“Well, I can dance with you, honey, if you think it's funny
Does your mother know that you're out?
And I can chat with you, baby, flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you're out?”

After banging out the chorus the music, and Andrew, calmed for a few moments bridging the gap between iterations of the pattern the music was following. There was only one other complete iteration of the pattern before the song wound to an end and the outrageous outfit disappeared from his body in a reverse swirl of sparkles.

Andrew smiled bashfully at the watching faces as he left the stage area. He’d avoided looking at them throughout the performance so he could pretend that no-one was watching.

Noah and Jyl-eel both gave the relative stranger to them friendly applause; Noah's too-broad mouth creased amusement while his long hands collided over and over in a clap. Jyl-eel was more reserved, her milky caramel gestures of appreciation somewhat aristocratic in restraint.

Irynya's applause was a bit more enthusiastic as she threw a wolf whistle into the mix followed by two raised eyebrows as Andrew resumed his seat. "You're so good at that!" she exclaimed at her friend.

[Option Tag for Munro]

Jyl-eel placed a hand on Noah's shoulder and circled a rub into its boniness through his supple corduroy shirt. Noah's dark eyes jerked to her- he flushed, his mouth guffawed. He rubbed the flat of his nose with a grimace while Jyl-eel was apparently egging him on.

Jyl-eel stood and gently tugged on his hands, but Noah was planted. He locked his knees with a head shake. "N-no, I don't have anything good to sing," he protested. Jyl-eel, asmile, shook her head and said something between them. Her smile broadened into a nipply-bemused smile.

"Come on. Get up there," she coaxed- or coerced. Noah, flushed, looked around the gathering.

The exchange between Jyl-eel and Noah did not escape Irynya's notice and she turned slightly, watching from the corner of her eye for a moment before diving inml to give the other woman back up.

"Sounds like you've been nominated Noah," the Risian said with a chuckle. "There's only one way out of this one..."

Noah shot Irymya a glance that was as close to irritated as he'd ever done. His wide mouth turned down while he fidgeted with his untucked button-down. Gently he twisted his hand out of Jyl-eel's grip with a roll of his wrist. "F-fine..." He agreed with a nod, trying to reclaim some dignity- or control. The skinny one flicked his fingers through his mass of curls and breathed up while rivulets of anxiety-driven adrenaline tensed his skinny muscles. He wanted to bounce, flail, fidget as the inner-him fought this strange limelight.

Noah strode like a stick insect up onto the karaoke stage where he stood sort of frozen for a few seconds. His mouth tightened and creased its dimples while he fought through a thick layer of objection to the songs he felt like he knew at least passably. Singing to himself was one thing. It kept him focused in the Holo-Lab. But so many of them felt... technical-appropo.

Noah's black eyes closed with a headshake- he forced himself out of his head and just picked one. "K-Kay, um, okay, this is um. A-a song from the Twentieth Century. Um. S-seems like a theme. Tonight." He looked at the gathering as Jyl-eel had settled down nearish to Irynya and watched him. His eyes darted away from them. "This is um, a song that... from well, its Rock. Sorry some of the references. Are um." He glanced away as his lips hovered near the mike. "Um. Old. Like radio. But this is Kuh-Queen. Radio Ga Ga."

His long fingers stroked the controls while he swallowed with focus. Like Munro, Noah closed his eyes to center, and to try to shut out the group. A regular drum thudded to life with a burble of synth. A tinkle of bells... or maybe it was an organ? Noah cupped the mike and tapped his foot to the beat. His mouth hovered close until his soft, adenoidal-tending voice began.

"I'd sit alone... and watch your light. My only friend... through teenage nights. And everything I had to know. I heard it on my radio." His eyes opened and while fixated on nothing, he sang soft, deliberate, steady as he could. "You gave them all those old-time stars. Through Wars of Worlds, invaded by Mars. You made 'em laugh. You m-made them cry. You made us feel like we could fly...."


So don't become some background noise
A backdrop for the girls and boys
Who just don't know, or just don't care
And just complain when you're not there
You had your time, you had the power
You've yet to have your finest hour

As the chorus began he mimicked what he'd seen in the old-time video: he stretched his lanky arms out in a sort of defiance and sang, only to clap at the cracking claps echoed at the end of each line.

Radio (radio)
All we hear is radio ga ga
Radio goo goo
Radio ga ga
All we hear is radio ga ga
Radio blah blah
Radio, what's new?
Radio, someone still loves you

Noah sidled back to cupped the mike, his fingers like a lotus loosely around it.

We watch the shows, we watch the stars
On videos for hours and hours
We hardly need to use our ears
How music changes through the years
Let's hope you never leave, old friend
Like all good things, on you we depend
So stick around, 'cause we might miss you
When we grow tired of all this visual
You had your time, you had the power
You've yet to have your finest hour
Radio (radio)
All we hear is radio ga ga
Radio goo goo
Radio ga ga
All we hear is radio ga ga
Radio goo goo
Radio ga ga
All we hear is radio ga ga
Radio blah blah
Radio, what's new?
Someone still loves you
You had your time, you had the power
You've yet to have your finest hour
Radio (radio)

When he was done, Noah stepped back from the mike.

Irynya had been listening closely as Noah sang, her eyes fixed on his face for the majority of the song, flicking away only a few times to look at Jyl-eel in profile. She knew the other woman existed in the way you are aware of your crew mates even if you don't know them. And of course, she didn't expect to be privvy to his... interests. Still, she was intrigued by this woman who knew Noah well enough to encourage him to do something this far out of his comfort zone.

As Noah wound to a close her hands came together and she wolf-whistled at him, shooting him a wink before standing and excusing herself from the sofa, a pensive expression on her face.

Kennedy shyly clapped his hands to cheer on his friend. He watched his girlfriend standup quickly off of the couch following her loud wolf-whistle. His cheeks blushed and he took a small sip of his Singapore Sling. He looked over to Sheldon as they were the last of the two to go up on stage.

Noah, freed of his obligations for the evening, was quick to lankily stride off the stage. He felt that weird mixture of burning, prickling embarrassment, and the mild euphoria that came when such a thing was over with. It had been like sophomore year debate- only worse because he'd had to try and carry a tune. Now, Noah sat down where he'd come from, his eyes fixed forward.

Putting down her glass once more, Sharrina clapped enthusiastically, grinning widely, for Noah. He had done extremely well, especially considering how painfully shy he seemed to be. When he sat, she stopped and took up her glass, taking a sip before she looked at the two remaining. "Okay, you two, who's next?" she prodded gently with a smile.

Sheldon, at this point, was two drinks in. He'd drank the first rather quickly, moving from the couch to the bar during an earlier song to refill his drink. Returning to his seat, he'd consumed the second just as fast as the first but deigned not to make a bee line for the bar again: he didn't want to seem like a hardcore lush. But as the minutes and songs passed by, a warm flowering feeling began to bloom in the young man's belly, where it slowly spread up into his arms and down his legs.

By the end of Noah's song, the feeling had risen to encompass Sheldon's neck and head, a buzzing sensation tingling in his brain. All of this meant that the engineer was finally ready to take his turn, even though the extreme nervousness and anxiety was still there -- just pushed to the back of his mind for the time being. Looking to Sharrina, he raised his hand to indicate he would go next and stood, moving to step up onto the stage as eyes were upon him.

He'd memorized the number of his song and input it into the in-set computer beneath the word screen, watching as his number was literally queued up. "This is an exceptionally old song," Sheldon spoke into the microphone as the instrumental opening began. "From around the same period as Noah's song, if memory serves. This one um...well, it goes out to someone named Brendan. Not that he'll ever hear it," he explained as the title of the song flashed onscreen.

Against All Odds
Phil Collins

Lifting the microphone, Sheldon closed his eyes and began to sing. His voice was not unpleasant, though it was a little weak and thready -- proper for someone who lacked the confidence to really do the song justice. But as the words tumbled out, his voice steadily crew stronger:

How can I just let you walk away?
Just let you leave without a trace?
When I stand here taking every breath with you, ooh.
You're the only one who really knew me at all.

How can you just walk away from me?
When all I can do is watch you leave?
'Cos we've shared the laughter and the pain and even shared the tears.
You're the only one who really knew me at all.

As the music built, Sheldon launched into the chorus, the buzzing in his head mixed with the hurt in his heart. For someone so awkward and anxious, it was almost transformative to see the young engineer so impassioned in his singing. Some bits were off key, of course, but it was the emotion that really shone through as the drum beats unleashed the hook:

So take a look at me now, oh there's just an empty space.
And there's nothin' left here to remind me,
Just the memory of your face.
Ooh, take a look at me now, well there's just an empty space,
And you coming back to me is against the odds
And that's what I've got to face...

Riding the wave of momentum from the chorus, Sheldon walked forward on the stage and sat then on its edge, crumpling into a ball of himself as he continued to sing, not needing the words on the screen:

I wish I could just make you turn around,
Turn around and see me cry!
There's so much I need to say to you, so many reasons why.
You're the only one who really knew me at all.

So take a look at me now, well there's just an empty space.
And there's nothin' left here to remind me, just the memory of your face.
Now take a look at me now, 'cos there's just an empty space!
But to wait for you, is all I can do and that's what I've got to face.

Take a good look at me now, 'cos I'll still be standin' here!
And you coming back to me is against all odds,
It's the chance I've gotta take.

Take a look at me now...

The song ended and Parsons rose, his eyes glistening with the past. Instead of returning to the couches, though, the young man moved back to the bar and poured himself another drink. Something to drown feelings he probably shouldn't have fed with that song.

Irynya had taken the opportunity after Noah's performance to refresh her drink at the bar. She had, carefully and quietly, been making refills for everyone as Sheldon stepped up to perform. As he started to sing she turned from her spot at the bar and watched, ears pricking at the mention of Brendan.

Carefully she threaded her way back to the couch, handing the last of the drinks around to their owners before settling into her spot next to Tor. She glanced quickly at the woman, curious as Sheldon shifted into the course, his voice building and emotion leaning into the words. A quick glance at his spot on the couch confirmed that he had emptied two glasses.

As the song wound to a close she watched her roommate, not pausing, make his way to the bar. She applauded loudly, the others following suit, even though Sheldon was not standing in front of them to accept the accolades.

Carefully Iry leaned back to whisper in Kennedy's ear, squeezing his hand as she did. "I think that leaves you, but I'm going to check on Sheldon quick. I'll be back. Don't start without me."

Kennedy nodded his head while his cheeks flushed. They weren't expecting him to get up there, right? He looked around the room with his fellow officers and colleagues while he brought the glass up to hide his face. He took a long sip while he looked over to see Irynya consoling Sheldon. He smiled and then looked down at his drink.

Then she got up and made her way over to the bar, sidling up to the tall engineer and threading her arm around his waist. Gently she laid her head against his arm.

"You ok?" she asked quietly

Sheldon laid his own head on Iry's, both noggins touching as a great sigh escaped him. "Dunno why I picked that song, Iry. I mean, I know why. But I shouldn't have done it," he grimaced before huffing a deep breath and then an exhalation of air. "I guess I've just been missing him. Tried reaching out to him on the Sirius just to say hello, as you suggested," he recalled their earlier conversation some weeks before, "but his response was so perfunctory. Like I mattered about as much as a cold call from a Ferengi salesman. I'll be alright," he reached up to squeeze Iry's arm. "Just need another drink and some laughs, I think. Thank you for checking on me," Sheldon smiled wanly.

The Risian's arm tightened, squeezing as she nuzzled her head against her friend. "He's an idiot then, Sheldon," she said fiercely. "And you yell any time I can help with drinks... or laughs... or hugs... Not just tonight ok?"

With one more tight squeeze, Irynya pulled away from Sheldon and made her way back to the couch stopping when she was standing directly in front of Kennedy. Both hands went out, palms up and she wiggled her fingers clearly indicating he should take her hands. Her eyes were all mischief.

"Come on lover boy," she said with a wink and a laugh, "I know exactly what song you should sing. I'll even sing with you."

Kennedy looked at both of Irynya's hands reach out into his view. His eyes followed her swimmer arms to her face and looked into her eyes. He had come known to this look a few times during their friendship. His cheeks darkened into a dark shade of red, "I do not know how to sing..." he placed his empty glass aside and her hands grabbed onto his, "And if I did... know... how to sing... they are Catholic communal hymnals..." her strong arms pulled him out of his seat, "You... will... sing... with... me?"

Irynya's eyebrows rose suggestively as she tugged him around to the mini stage, picking up a mic, flipping it, and handing it to him. "It's a duet," she explained. "You sing the part in blue. I sing the part in pink."

Kennedy in a very hushed voice, "What did you mean by, 'Lover Boy'?" His cheeks remained dark red.

Irynya didn't deign to reply, instead pressing a quick kiss to his bright red cheeks, giggling as she pulled away.

She keyed in the song number, sliding her arm through Kennedy's before announcing to the room. "This one is a little earlier than some of the others folks sang today, but I think works well. If you know the backup vocals, please feel free to join in."

She giggled then, bumping Kennedy suggestively with her hip. "Here we go," she said, all mirth, before hitting the button to start.

"What are we singing?" Kennedy's eyes lit up as he saw 'Summer Nights' come up as a title. He raised an eyebrow as the blue lyrics came up first. As if it were spoken word he said his line out loud quietly, "Summer loving had me a blast..."

Where Kennedy's voice was quiet and spoken, Irynya's was all in. "Summer lovin' happened so fa-ast," she sang, releasing Kennedy's arm to make an over-the-top face, fake fanning herself with her hand.

He raised an eyebrow and turned around to focus more on Irynya's reaction than the lyric that came up on the screen. Irynya's elbow lightly brushed against his side, resulting in him glancing back at the screen, "... I met a.... " He looked over as his face remained that dark red, maybe slightly brighter with a bit of a smile coming across his features and finished the line, "... girl... crazy... for me..."

Irynya was smirking as Kennedy half spoke his line, matching his smile with a grin as he finished the line. Her eyebrows popped suggestively and then she was back into character.

Both hands pressed together and she pressed them to her cheek tilting her head. "Met a boy... Cute as can be..."

She nudged him with her hip again as the lines sung together came up:

Summer days drifting away

Kennedy realized he needed to sing the next line with Irynya and regretted not singing the first one:

To, oh, oh, the summer nights

Irynya's voice carried on singing both the guy and girl background vocals with glee.

Well-a well-a well-a, huh
Tell me more, tell me more
Did you get very far?
Tell me more, tell me more
Like does he have a car?

Kennedy jumped straight into the next lyric for him and came out more like singing, slightly off tune but no longer spoken word: "She swam by me, she got a cramp.."

"He ran by me, for my suit damp," she sang, making a fake splashing motion.

The exchange of lines continued through a few more verses, Irynya continuing her over-the-top antics and Kennedy continued to warm up to the activity.

The music built and finally, the lines switched, with Irynya leading the verse. She glanced at Kennedy as she sang, tucking her hand in his and popping her eyebrows up meaningfully.

"He got friendly, holding my hand..."

By this point, Kennedy's cheeks had returned to a somewhat normal coloration... "She got friendly down in the sand..."

"He was sweet. Just turned 18." She batted her eyelashes at him with a giggle.

Kennedy looked over at her with unfamiliarity with the language of the lyric and it clicked in his head and his cheeks with a bit of tense difficulty as he sang out the lyrics, "Well, she was good you know what I mean..."

The song continued with the two singing together,

Summer heat, boy and girl meet
But, oh, oh, the summer nights

One last round of backup vocals ran down before the song slowed into the last verse. But this point Kennedy had the melody, so they sang through it, Iry continuing with the melodramatic over acting.

The final lines rolled across the screen and Iry hooked her arm around Kennedy's neck pulling him into the overacting with her.

Summer dreams ripped at the seams
But, oh, those summer nights

He followed through and found himself caught in the moment as he tried to kiss her on the lips but got the side of her face near her chin. His cheeks flushed up again.

As Irynya was about to sing the backup vocals, he joined halfway through:

Tell me more, tell me more

As the last notes ended Iryna swept into an over-the-top sort of bow, winking at the folks on the couch before she stood, stepped to the side, and gestured to Kennedy.

Sharrina's glass went to the table again as she stood, clapping enthusiastically. She didn't know the song before now, but that didn't matter. She definitely wanted to encourage Kennedy to do it again the next time they met for this. For added emphasis, she whistled along with the clapping.

Andrew grinned with excitement as he clapped his hands. He was unfamiliar with the song, but it was bouncy, catchy and had an uplifting energy that just seemed to pull you in. He made a mental note to look it up later, in case there were other such gems associated with it.

Irynya grinned dropping into one last over the top curtsy and then flounced down off of the small platform to snag her drink. A bright tone sounded through the space and she sighed resignedly.

"I set an alarm in case we lost track of time. We've only got 15 minutes left." Her expression bounced back quickly, though as she surveyed the folks in the room.

"I'm really glad you were all here," she said effusing all the warmth of someone who valued friends together for a moment of respite from the every day drudgery of work into her tone. "Next time, though, I think we should have Kennedy start."

She winked at him, chuckling at the utterly inevitable blush that followed and shook her head.

There was no way that would happen, but it was still fun to think about a next time.


OOC: For anyone who would like to listen along, here are the songs performed in order of appearance!

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