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Story Sharing and Journal Approval

Posted on Sun Jun 19th, 2022 @ 8:07pm by Captain Björn Kodak & Ensign Brian Davies & Lieutenant Kennedy Ryan Walsh
Edited on on Mon Jun 20th, 2022 @ 3:55am

Mission: In the Aftermath
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1236

[The Bridge]
[USS Sojourner]
[MD 3: 1236 Hours]

Kennedy had made the alterations and modifications that Doctor Andrew Munro had suggested he do the morning before. He had also made some minor tweaks here and there of his own. He stepped off of the Turbolift onto the Bridge, holding two PADDs underneath his arm. He spotted the Captain chatting with an ensign at the Science console. He smiled and waited in turn.

"And that's when I ruined the whole thing," Kodak sighed, leaning back to sit on the dimmed mission ops console, which was currently powered down. "Walked right into room, flooding the whole experiment with light from the outside corridor. I felt awful," he said, looking a bit crestfallen.

"I can only imagine, sir," Ensign Davies chuckled back. The young science officer -- bereft of any of his favored bugs while on duty -- reached out to place a comforting hand on the Captain's arm. "They could have locked the door, though. Not entirely your fault, yeah?"

"Try telling Lieutenant Commander Framingham that," Kodak smirked. "She was furious," he laughed lightly. "I transferred off that ship a week later and --" he interrupted himself, looking over at Doctor Ryan Walsh even as Davies moved his hand away. "Oh, hello there, Doctor," he greeted the young man warmly. "We were just swapping embarrassing stories. Things we've done that didn't quite go well," the Captain smiled. "You got a story to share, by chance? Though," he noticed the PADDs, "if you're in a hurry, we can get right down to it."

The young Doctor's face turned a blemish sort of pink at the Captain's question, "They called me Doctor Embarrassing on my last posting, sir, Captain sir." Kennedy still hadn't gotten used to being on the bridge. Perhaps that could be something he could discuss with the Captain and Doctor t'Nai at a later date in getting his bridge officer qualification.

"Oh boy," Kodak replied, crossing his arms over his barrel chest. "Sounds like a juicy story there, Doc! Why did they call you that?" he asked, making eye contact with the doctor. As usual, the Captain's air was one of warmth and approach-ability. While his arms were, indeed, crossed, his facial expression was welcoming as he waited for the doctor's answer.

Davies, meanwhile, put his chin on his fist -- elbow planted on his console -- and turned his deep brown eyes on the doctor as well. The science officer had pulled Bridge duty for the day, freeing up the Chief Science Officer to work on the stellar nursery survey in the science lab. The ensign looked completely at ease at the console, which made sense as there really wasn't much going on -- hence the story swapping.

"I'm really not going to get out of this am I?" Doctor Ryan Walsh asked the Captain rhetorically before his cheeks turned a brighter pink and began to shade into a slightish red in tint before giving both men a shy smile. "In my first fortnight onboard the Reliant... I'd already established myself as a very professional straight-by-the-book medical officer..." He looked down at his feet briefly before looking back to the Captain, "... and while doing my runs in Sickbay, Doctor Bolivar suggested that I sing a show tune. Then I start belting one out loud... and let's just say... I can't carry a tune to save the life of me... voice was all crackly."

"You think that's bad," Kodak replied, "you should hear me sing. When I was on Starbase Sierra 6, I once tried to be in a Starfleet production of Les Misérables. The director cast me as Inspector Javert. It was...not good," the Captain laughed richly even as he face-palmed. "Anyway, that nickname isn't going to follow you here, Doctor. And we both...both?" he looked to Davies, who nodded confirmationally, "we both promise not to spread that nickname around. Now," he said, leading Ryan Walsh away from Davies so they could speak privately, "what did you need?"

"Starbase Sierra 6?" Doctor Ryan Walsh asked with a sense of familiarity with the name as it came out in a form of a question in itself. He knew he had heard of the station prior to his posting onboard the Sojourner. He followed the Captain in tow while he gave his out-loud thought some more but realized the Captain had asked him a question. He remembered his original purpose for being on the Bridge. He nodded his head once he caught up with the Captain, "Yes. I have written a journal on the autopsies Doctor Munro and myself conducted on the Chameloids, Captain. I was hoping you'd give it a review, please? I'm hoping it will ease the stigma surrounding the Chameloids across the Federation and provide medical professionals more insight."

Kodak scrunched up his lips to the right, reaching out to take the offered PADD. A quiet "hmm" escaped him as the thumbed through the contents of the journal: it was broken down into various sections with relevant findings in italics from page-to-page. "This is going to take a bit to read," he said, his eyes drifting back up to meet Ryan Walsh's gaze. "Come on, let's take this into the Ready Room," he said, leading the way into the offshoot room bordering the Bridge. As the doors swished open, it was for the comfy couch that Kodak made his way.

"Have a seat, Doctor. If you want anything from the replicator," Kodak nodded to the unit inset into the wall, "please help yourself. As for me," the Captain plopped down onto the couch, "I'm just going to give this a read. I'll try not to keep you waiting too long," he smiled at the young doctor before his eyes intently trained themselves on the PADD in his hand.

Kennedy was surprised by Captain Kodak's gesture when he had invited him into his Ready Room to read a journal in the middle of his day. While he was now the senior medical officer on board the Sojourner as the ship's head physician and chief medical officer he was still pretty inexperienced when dealing with Commanding Officers and Executive Officers. He didn't recall how often he had interacted with Captain Bailey on the USS Reliant as he mostly confided and sought out Doctor Bolivar which was pretty common. He was always stuck on the Delta Shift. He realized he had been hovering by the replicator, "Water. Cold. Light ice."

While reading, Captain Kodak had kicked his feet up on the coffee table near the couch. His eyes traced and drank in each line of text, his head bobbing in a nod here and there as he read. At a couple of points, the Chameloid looked almost uncomfortable as he regarded the findings that Ryan Walsh and Andrew had come up with. But when all was said and done and the PADD set aside, finished, Kodak looked at the Doctor with an expression of respect.

Kennedy had turned around one way where the Captain was previously before he had made his way to the replicator. His eyes panned the Ready Room in search of Captain Kodak until he found him comfortably lounging on the chesterfield. He made his way over and found himself a spot a few spots down on the couch while he looked over his shoulder out of the porthole to the gazing stars while he brought the glass to his lips while he took a sip. Starbase Sierra Six... Kennedy thought, Starbase Sierra Six! Why yes! That was where Uncle Ben was posted when he came to visit us...

"Very thorough, Doctor," the Captain said, nodding. "While you aren't the first person to study my people -- Doctors at the Daystrom Institute did that when I was a kid -- your analysis is a lot more friendly. Quite approachable even for a nascent reader. How does it feel to write about a species so few people have had experience with?" he wondered.

"Thank you, sir, Captain Kodak, sir." He found the compliment from the Captain uncomfortable yet refreshingly rewarding at the same time. "I'm glad to hear that as I was slightly worried that I may have come across a little too monotone in my writing. I wanted to write something honest yet positive about your people, Captain. Chameloids aren't some monster in a horror holo-novel." The young Doctor realized that hadn't answered the Captain's question. He slowly nodded his head with a soft smile, "It's the reason why I joined Starfleet in the first place, Captain."

A dark look crossed the Captain's face at the comment about fear. "You'd be surprised, Doctor," he nodded slowly, "just how many people are terrified by shapeshifters. The Dominion War did us absolutely zero favors," the Chameloid acknowledged. "If your work can help to dispel some of that sentiment, I'm in your debt. A lot of us would be," he said, thinking of the colony of Chameloid's they'd been responsible for discovering and saving, "And thank you on their behalf," Kodak smiled, handing the PADD back over. "You have my permission to send that on, Doctor. I hope it gains you some notoriety," he said, his smile warm.

Kennedy was born towards the tail-end of the Dominion War. His parents tried to tell him the horrific realities of joining Starfleet. His Uncle rarely spoke about his experiences during that period. War was terrifying and horrific. He nodded his head in agreement with the Captain, "I certainly hope my paper brings a lightness for your people, Captain."

He took the PADD from the Captain with his free hand and placed it on his lap while he finished his glass of water, "Thank you for granting me permission to send it on, Captain." He set the half-empty glass on his knee slightly. He knew that the Captain had to dismiss him but he was enjoying his face-to-face with the Captain, "I remember where I heard Starbase Sierra Six from."

"Oh?" the Captain asked, perking up. "I was the Executive Officer there for a couple of years. Under Captain Jordan Behr," he smiled, fondly recalling the man. "I don't think he'll ever give up that post. He loves it there. And to be honest, I did, too. But I couldn't stay put forever. Had to get moving and shaking out in the cosmos again. Still," he chuckled, "I wouldn't mind a visit back. Tell you know someone that served there?"

The Doctor smiled at the Captain and nodded his head proudly, "I do. My Uncle Ben served there from '84 to '89 as assistant chief medical officer. Doctor Benjamin Walsh, my mother's brother. He's the reason why I'm in Starfleet and not in Ireland practicing medicine."

"Definitely before my time," Kodak replied thoughtfully, trying to imagine what the station had been like a decade before he'd served there. "Sorry I missed out on meeting him. Did he enjoy his time on Sierra 6? It's not the most exciting post in the galaxy but it has its charms, certainly," the Captain smiled, recalling his own adventures there fondly. Kodak sat back against the couch backing, settling in even further as he talked with the young doctor.

"He did. He spoke fondly of his experience on Starbase Sierra 6. He met his husband Carter Pierce during his time onboard the station," Kennedy smiled at the Captain, "He says that his experience during the Romulan Diaspora prior and before the Supernova put his reasoning behind joining Starfleet in stone."

"I can definitely understand that," the Captain nodded. "And how fortunate that they met there," Kodak rasped warmly. "Next time you talk to him, ask him if he used to go to the Rainbow Room." Sensing the coming question, he smiled. "It's a drinking and dancing establishment specifically for the queer community," Kodak said, using the terminology he'd heard when humans tended to talk about those of gay, bi, trans, and other sexual and gender identities. "Went there quite a bit in my day. Met someone once," his eyes looked far away for a moment. "Several someones actually," he chuckled, flashing a smirk at Kennedy.

"I think that might be where he met his husband," Kennedy then offered the Captain a smile. "But I'll make note to inquire next time when I speak with him."

"I look forward to hearing the full report," Kodak smiled back before raising to his feet. "Thanks for making a house call, Doctor. Hope all goes well with the journal. And I wouldn't say this to just any doctor but if you ever need a live Chameloid for some tests or anything, I'd probably say yes." With a smirk, he offered a hand to the man as a means of bringing their meeting to a close. "Good to see you, Lieutenant," the Captain offered with a smile.

The young Doctor lankily rose up from his seat on the chesterfield and returned the smile to the Captain. His cheeks had rosened up at the Captain's comments about a live Chameloid, which slightly made him nervous but nonetheless he got up to his feet. He took the Captain's hand into his own, "I'll keep note of that."

"Of course, I'll keep you updated about the journal." Kennedy made his way to the door to the bridge. The door swooshed open. He paused only briefly wanting to ask the Captain about getting his bridge officer qualification sometime but decided he'd speak with Doctor t'Nai and his girlfriend Lieutenant junior grade Irynya and not bother the Captain about this.


Captain Bjorn Kodak
Commanding Officer
USS Sojourner


Lieutenant Kennedy Ryan Walsh
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USS Sojourner


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