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Double Blind Peer Review

Posted on Wed Aug 3rd, 2022 @ 3:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Emni t'Nai

Mission: In the Aftermath
Location: XO's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1400

There was one more person Kennedy sought feedback about his medical journal before he sent it onto the list of contacts that Dr. Munro had provided him. Doctor Emni t'Nai. He wondered what she would say about it. He stood outside of her office and pressed the button. There was another thing he wanted to discuss with her. Her ascension to Executive Officer had made him realized that he had command aspirations of his own. One day but there was an important step forward in that direction to obtain his bridge officer qualification. He wanted to do more in his part aboard the Sojourner. He was nervous as he pressed the call button. Awaiting Doctor t'Nai's verbal authorization for him to enter.

From within her quarters that served dual duty as the XO's office, Emni's head rose. She hadn't been paying attention and, with emotional defenses high, had been caught off guard by the approach. Work with Karim had taken a lot of emotional effort lately and so she'd taken to keeping defenses high when she was alone to fend off extraneous emotion -- a sort of empathic cloistering so to speak. Now, though, she lowered them slightly picking up the familiar signature of Kennedy Ryan Walsh. The doctor's signature was always a little bit nervous, as if the edges of his emotional self wavered slightly in uncertainty. Now, though, that waver was stronger and so Emni was quick to compose herself, turning from her desk to face the door before she responded to his request for entry. "Come."

Kennedy stepped into Doctor t'Nai's quarters slowly with a PADD in his hand. His eyes were at his feet but he diverted them to her, "Good morning, Doctor t'Nai. I was curious if you have some time for me now? Or should I book an appointment?"

The Romulan's gaze, ever neutral, skimmed the younger doctor before a small welcoming smile quirked at the corners of her lips. "My calendar is open now. What can I do for you Mr. Ryan Walsh?" she asked, eyes dropping to the PADD in his hands before looking back up. "Is everything ok in Sickbay?"

"I was hoping you'd do a peer review on my first ever medical journal before I send to publications to be published," Kennedy gave her an almost childlike in a way where a proud child would bring their parent artwork to be hung up in their home. He realized the facial expression he was experiencing and downed it down slightly with pinkness highlighting his Irish cheeks, "Sorry Ma'am."

There was a twitch to Emni's lips at Kennedy's request and the hopeful feeling that washed outward from him. "When do you need it by?" She asked, holding her hand out for the PADD. "Most journals will require a double blind review as well, but I am glad to offer my thoughts."

"Take the time you need. I already have had Doctor Munro and the Captain review the medical journal." Kennedy gave her a double-take type look while a puzzled and confusion settled, "A..... what now? What's a double-blind review?"

A tiny bit of mirth lit in Emni's eyes. "Article," she corrected, voice gentle. "A medical journal is the publication that the article will appear in. It contains multiple articles."

Kennedy's cheeks pinkened at his correction. The word journal by both his mother and father growing up about their own published journals -- now articles as Doctor t'Nai had mentioned had been a major expectation that his parents had instilled on their children including himself.

"The double-blind review is a way that the journal maintains it's integrity. It's basically a way of having an expert anonymously review and provide feedback on your work. The journal editors should organize that, though. Think of it like leveling the playing field. No one can apply bias based on who you are, your race, your age, your rank, even your name, because they don't know it's you." As she spoke Emni twisted to place the PADD on her desk and then stood moving towards the replicator. "Can I get you anything?"

"Oh," Kennedy fell sullen as he had no idea how instrumental getting an article published in a journal was. It seemed to be a painstaking process but it seemed to have its benefits in the end. It could lead to research grants and fame. He looked around the room of her office. This was the second time he had come here. The first time was when Irynya and him had reported the nature of their relationship. He was disappointed with the process and the lack of forms and even signatures were disappointing. He finally turned to the replicator and nodded his head, "Irish breakfast tea. Hot. One cream, one sugar."

Emni nodded, entering the CMO's order along with her own and bringing his mug over to him before returning to sit on the couch. "Please," she said congenially, "join me."

Kennedy followed Doctor t'Nai to the couch almost like in a mother goose and duckling. Kennedy then realized this and slowed down and sat down on the couch. Doctor t'Nai was one of the very select few onboard the Sojourner he was most comfortable around. She was his first contact onboard the ship when he had joined the crew on Risa. He looked over almost half-worried that perhaps he was sitting too close for her own comfort but nonetheless he was happy his mentor and confident and most importantly his friend was mentoring him on this subject he knew nothing about.

"The publication process is a rigorous one, but a good one and worth the effort. It will go a long way toward improving care and supporting further research." She offered with a smile. "Hang in there and you'll find it's very rewarding when your material comes out with the medical community's stamp of approval." She brought her own mug to her lips, a tea native to Romulus within. "I've only had a few things published, but the most important one pertained to the Romulan diaspora and its impact on community and individual mental health. A hard subject to build on with so many of my people scattered to the winds, but an important one I think."

"I've read that one," Kennedy beamed proudly, "after we met up on Risa in our first meeting I read it. It was a very great read and important. I think it should be a required reading at Starfleet Academy for medical and nurse practitioners focusing on mental health programmes and their initiatives. I wonder if Doctor Bracco has also read it? Your journal, no, your article, I mean."

"I do thank you for telling me about the journal-uhm-articleprocess. Please take your time to read mine. I believe its very important that this article is put out there. There's not much about the Chameloids medically speaking."

Emni chuckled at that. "That is true," she said. "Having examined the Captain myself, I can admit that it is interesting to think about how little information is available to support treatment should he need it." She sipped her tea again, sighing slightly in appreciation. "The procedure that I complete for his physical is different than other members of the crew by the way," she noted. "You should be able to find the details in his record."

"The Captain's sense of humour is quite.... extraordinary," Kennedy mentioned as he continued, "He offered to be open for testing and called my visit a house call." Kennedy nodded his head, "I'll definitely have to review his Medical File. I don't think the Captain is due for another examination for sometime. Most likely after the next mission I'll call him in for tests."

Emni chuckled. "I doubt the offer was in jest, but yes, he has a way with words." She stood then, returning her emptied cup to the replicator for recycling. "Was there anything else I could help with today?" she asked.


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