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It's Gar'rath Not Garr-wratph

Posted on Thu Jun 23rd, 2022 @ 5:26pm by Lieutenant Kennedy Ryan Walsh & Lieutenant Gar'rath

Mission: In the Aftermath
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1230

Doctor Kennedy Ryan Walsh had been reviewing medical charts from his medical staff. He had been pulling double duty as a chief medical officer. He could have delegated this to the Emergency Medical Hologram in lieu of an assistant but it was his duty and responsibility as the senior medical officer to review his staff's work. Dogrov had finished pulling a double shift and Lal wasn't due on shift for another hour. He hadn't thought about activating the hologram to assist for those entering his Sickbay but he didn't mind a change in scenery if someone were to enter.

The doors to the ship’s sickbay parted, allowing the massive frame of a Gorn wearing a rather heavily modified Starfleet uniform into the rather diminutive space. Gar’rath knew from the schematics that he had reviewed before arriving on the Rhode-Island class vessel that most of the ship was designed with the small mammalian frames in mind. This did not negate, however, the discomfort that the reptilian experienced when he forgot to dip his head sufficiently to clear the top of the door frame… as he had just forgotten to do. A sucking hiss emitted from the depths of the Gorn’s chest as he clutched the top of his head with his clawed hand momentarily.

The massive Lieutenant surveyed the small bay until his eyes fell on the first occupant that crossed his view. The individual wore the standard teal that denoted his profession in the sciences, and his rank was sufficient for the Gorn to assume that he was at the very least a doctor in the department and not likely one of the nursing staff.

“Greetings,” the Gorn said in a deep, resonating voice. Gar’rath bobbed his head slightly toward the man as he spoke.

Kennedy placed the PADD underneath his arm and turned his head and found himself looking at the massive abdomen. His eyes slowly looked up, studying the physique and demeanour. He made it to the face. He offered the Gorn a smile and due to slight nervousness that overcame him his Irish accent became slightly more noticeable, "You must be Lieutenant Garr-wratph. I didn't pronounce that correctly, did I?"

“No,” the large reptilian intoned, his eyes growing slightly more narrowed than they had been a moment ago, “But I am used to mammals not getting it right the first time. The first syllable is more guttural, as if you were growling at someone. Usually mammals are able to do it when it is explained like that. The second syllable is the same as the word wrath, in the Terran language.”

The entire explanation had been delivered, shockingly enough, in near-perfect Terran, vise the Gorn speaking in his native tongue and allowing the Universal Translator to do the work for him.

Kennedy nodded his head and gestured with his arm extending it to the bio-bed in the middle of Sickbay, "What can I do you for? Are you here for your physical or are you feeling ill?"

"I am here because it is required of me to conduct an exam, otherwise I would not be here," the Gorn grumbled as he plodded over to the bed that had been singled out, "I am not a fan of being... examined."

"No one truly does," Kennedy smiled as he pulled up the PADD and accessed Gar'rath's medical records to use as a baseline for his work. Gar'rath was the first Gorn he had met let alone examined. Like the Antican Margarar there wasn't a whole lot about Gorn medical information that he could go on but he was definitely curious. He made a mental note to study both of their files to have a better understanding of how to provide them medical care if a situation should arise.

Kennedy brought the information displayed on the terminal of the bio-bed and placed the PADD down on the tray. He reached into his medical coat for his tricorder and began to scan, "Any changes to note in your file since your last exam, Gar'rath?" He winced as he felt slightly off in the pronunciation still as his Irish accent came in thick.

"Nothing of note," the saurian replied, shaking his large head just enough to accentuate the point, "I doubt there will be any instance serving here that I will have any... changes... as you put it. Gorn seldom experience medical concerns that cannot be handled naturally. Being strong comes naturally to us. But I will be sure to let you know if such a thing were to take place."

"Please do," Kennedy continued reviewing the medical scan diagnosis compared to previous scans conducted and there were no anomalies or concerns to bring up or treat, "There's only good news, and that is that I'm giving you a new bill of health and you're medically clear for duty."

"Very good," Gar'rath said with a nod of his large head, "Though I doubt I will see much of you as a patient, should you need anything from the Operations department, please let me know."

Kennedy watched the Gorn Chief Operations Officer exit his Sickbay before returning back to his office with a smile across his face.


A Joint Post By:

Lieutenant Gar'rath
Chief Operations Officer
USS Sojourner


Lieutenant Kennedy Ryan Walsh
Chief Medical Officer
USS Sojourner


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