Lieutenant Gar'rath

Name Gar'rath

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Mon Feb 27th, 2023 @ 5:07am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Gorn
Birthplace Cestus III

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 310
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Emerald Green


Personality & Traits

Personal History Hailing from Cestus III, Gar’rath encountered humanity early in his life. He, along with many of his brood, made frequent trips into the human held city near their birthplace, finding the differences in culture and behavior of mammals to be fascinating and bewildering. When Gar’rath came of age, he declared that he would join the mammals in their city, and forge a path among them, a declaration that was met with mixed emotions from his brood. Unphased by their insistence that such a life would be without meaning or purpose, Gar’rath set about integrating into the Federation style of life. His natural proclivity toward feats of arms and strength led him to be pointed toward the local garrison, which took him in and found that his talent for maintaining order simply by being in the area was nothing to scoff at. A short year spent there, however, taught the Gorn that he was not satisfied to simply stay in one place. The recommendation that he apply to the Cestus branch of Starfleet Academy sounded like just the salve to heal his woes.