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All Things Change

Posted on Wed Feb 23rd, 2022 @ 7:57pm by Lieutenant Timmoz & Crewman Mateo Longhorse & Ensign Noah Balsam & Lieutenant Margarar & Lieutenant JG Irynya & Ensign Sheldon Parsons

Mission: Sojourners of Time
Location: Junior Crew Quarters - Deck 4
Timeline: Mission Day 6 at 2000

[Junior Crew Quarters]
[An hour after “Down”]

The quiet in the quarters shared by Irynya, Noah, and Sheldon was a comfortable thing lacking only the presence of their fourth who had been established in senior crew quarters shortly after his promotion. The change had been understandable–expected even–but Iry still missed late nights talking on the couch before she and Kennedy departed for their respective beds. They were still getting into a new routine.

On nights like this one, she was thankful for the normalcy of spending time with Sheldon and Noah. None of the three were talking overly much, but the common area felt homey–lived in. The comfort between its denizens permeated the feel of the place with body language and the choice to be in the central space together instead of alone in their rooms.

“So who do you think it is?” Irynya asked, breaking the silence. She was sitting on the couch, her usual spot on the far end, lounging with one foot drawn up making a triangle with her knee while the other remained on the ground.

They’d been notified by the quartermaster to expect a new roommate and a few new crew members had come aboard at Pathfinder Station. It intrigued and surprised her that a new roommate hadn’t yet materialized.

"I'm not sure," the skinny cadet said, not looking up from luminescent lines of floating amber code. In his hand, Noah had a stylus and was scribbling symbols into the lines. Occasionally he clicked and pulled entire lines of it: some he cast away, others he put into different locations. Behind his line of vision, a cool, bluish gunmetal-accented model of some kind of automaton was drying. It had an octagonal skirt with spaced orbits, painted in the dull satin color. Some of its appendages, if that is indeed what they were, and its domed head were likewise enameled.

Noah narrowed his eyes and next to his pajama-covered legs he picked up a PADD. It squealed and squelched with keystrokes until a strange sound emitted from it. It sounded like very soft, almost pleased grunts.

"It's probably that new Ensign from life sciences," Sheldon spoke up from the corner of the couch, occupying the spot where the sectional conjoined together. "I ran into him earlier in the mess hall. Just wasn't in the mood for all the noise at Debbie's," the engineer explained, waving his hand from side-to-side as if clearing away an annoying smell. "Anyway, he said the quartermaster was going to put him with someone this evening. Said his roommate was going to be an engineer. I assume he meant you," Sheldon shrugged at Noah, only then noticing the grunting noises coming from the young man's PADD. "Noah, are you watching p-o-r-n-o?" he asked, prissily spelling out the word as he wiggled his unicorn slipper-clad feet.

Irynya snorted, pinning Noah with a mischievous smirk before popping her eyebrows suggestively. "Nooooaaaahhh..." she said with a giggle. "Whatcha doing?"

"Huh? "Por- Oh." Noah's eyes rounded while rose highlighted over his freckled cheekbones. He smiled and blinked. In a way he thought that might be more normal... maybe ven might give his roommates a chuckle. But... no. Noah turned his PADD and pressed replay. A Siamese cat was sitting on a lap, looking immensely pleased with itself while it oscillated a low-level purr. As it did a series of soft, pleased-sounding grunts came from the pet.

He turned the PADD back toward himself, "I'm writing behavior subroutines for Cat. When cats are, um, wanting to be touched, s-sometimes they emit these sounds..." And the clip played again. He blinked and pushed his hair back behind the shell of his ear. "It might be more normal if I was watching porn..." He turned his PADD off and set it on the coffee table. With a gesture, he dropped his hand through his codelines and they fell and faded like a disappearing, minimizing waterfall.

Irynya had listened to the explanation with barely concealed glee, catching Sheldon's eye and grinning as she did. It wasn't until Noah suggested it might be more normal to be watching porn in the common room with his two roommates on either side of him that she lost her ability to hold it in and fell into a fit of complete and utter giggles.

"No..ah..." she gasped. "Why... on earth... would you think porn was more normal?" Her eyes teared as she giggled, every line of her completely overtaken with mirth. She pressed the back of her hand to the corner of her eyes, giggles starting to subside as she did into a sort of huffed drawn breath around tightly pinched lips. Her eyes shone.

"I've never actually seen a cat before," she said when she finally had control of herself. "Can we see the holo or is it still under development?"

Noah's mouth slowly spread, almost sly, and he shrugged dismissively. "I mean... I like sex as much as anyone. But coding feels more creative after a bad day," he smiled wider, "Also I wouldn't do sex with an audience." He drew his knees up to his chest. "Computer, run program Balsam-Cat-Revised 216." Upon the coffee table spirited into being, a long and sleek Russian Blue with golden eyes, lounging and stretched out with its stomach fur toward Irynya. It blinked lazily and lifted its head to examine the Risian.

Iry had opened her mouth to comment on Noah's assertions about his sexual preferences, but the words stalled as Cat appeared in the middle of the coffee table. Her attention shifted quickly and she sat forward. "Oh, he's beautiful," she breathed, taking in the creature. She grinned across to Sheldon before craning her neck to look back to Noah. "Can I touch her? Him? I mean... I have no idea which... it?"

Noah cradled his PADD against his chest, "I haven't decided on a gender for Cat yet." He shrugged amiably, "I'm still doing the psychological research. How male and um female cats are different." He nodded after, "But yeah you can touch Cat."

The Risian's eyes lit and, almost on instinct, her voice turned to a sort of coo. "Hello beautiful," she said to Cat, reaching a hand out slowly as if the creature were a real animal in front of her rather than a create of Noah's making.

The cat craned toward the fingers and smelled them, true to any cat. But its cheek swipe to mark this new being as theirs was slightly off in that it missed by a centimeter. Noah sighed at the display. "I-I thought I just fixed that bug..." He muttered.

With a whispered swish, the doors opened. From the door frame came the diffused white light, broken up quickly by moving shadows. A long-haired Yeoman, who looked to be of the First People, strode inside with a grunt. He pushed an anti-gravity sled with luggage and personal items pyramided on it. After a warbling whine, it came to a stop, hovering a half-meter above the floor.

One hand still stroking the soft fur of Cat, Irynya's gaze shifted tracking the entrance of the yeoman. She turned her head quickly, shooting a glance at Noah and Sheldon before turning back to the arrival. "Mr.... Longhorse, right?" she said to the man that entered with the luggage.

"Yeah," the Yeoman said, straightening himself. "You have a new roommate, Lieutenants."

"Oh, I'm just an Ensign," Sheldon pulled his attention away from Cat -- whom he'd been watching with interest -- and directed his gaze toward Longhorse and the luggage instead. The cart seemed awfully laden with baggage; at least, compared to his own moving day. He'd only arrived on the Sojo with a single duffel full of his accouterments -- certainly nothing compared to the piled possessions on the cart before him. "You should really ring for permission before just striding into someone's quarters, Yeoman. What if someone had been doing something indecent?" his eyes flicked back to Noah, a smirk on his face.

"Sorry Sir," Mateo said flatly, "But I've got four more pallets and four more newbs to get to quarters," he announced. The jest seemed to have gone beyond Longhorse but Noah grimaced. "Where's the open room? I," and he looked at his PADD, "Have one occupant for this room."

"Oh um," Noah pointed, "It's through there. The ri-right bunk is mine." He felt a flutter of anxiety- he guessed it was time.

The door to the quarters opened. A small woman with a dog-like face entered. Her face had light brown hair that ran down her sides, but the bulk of her head was bald and elongated. Immediately upon entry, her eyes focused on Noah. Her face scrunched and her nose wrinkled. Prey was in the same room as her. This was an insult. Why had she been transferred quarters to be denigrated with this cadet?

The Antican looked at the Yeoman and asked, "Are you certain that there is not an error? This is where I have been moved?" She looked over at the remainder of the roomates: a Risian, a species known for their passiveness and sex. How they rose to the top of their food chain, Margarar did not know. The lanky male, who seemed more legs and arms than person, she recognized from her department. She wondered why the Acting Chief Engineering Officer was roomed with a simple ensign. Then again, she remembered being one not that long ago and if he was an engineer, he probably was useful. The others, unlikely: especially the cadet.

Yeoman Longhorse nodded once and turned a PADD to Margarar, "No mistake. This is you. Welcome to a Rhode Island-class. Thumbprint here please," he said blandly.

Margarar looked back at the Yeoman and was caught between a proverbial rock and hard place. She was 'on duty' right now, which meant she needed to follow orders. On the other hand, she had no desire to be in this room with the cadet. It was inappropriate. Finally, she decided on an appropriate "on duty" response. "I would like to request a reassignment," she told the yeoman, staring hard at Noah, her canines becoming visible.

Noah stared unblinkingly back, the expression on his face more of shock than anything. Mateo Longhorse offloaded the crates and personal effects near the door. "We're at maximum capacity but you can ask the QM. But he's Zakdorn." Mateo offloaded the second to last crate. "Unless you want to bunk up in the Enlisted Residence."

Irynya had taken in the arrival of the new roommate with growing suspicion. She hadn't missed the look on Noah's face and a sinking worry settled into her belly. "All officers up through assistant chiefs are assigned to junior crew quarters," she piped up, tone carefully neutral. "I am certain you are in the right place Lieutenant..." She let the sentence hang waiting for the new arrival to fill in her name.

Margarar did her best to contain a gutteral growl. "Here is my thumb print," she told the Yeoman as she reached out her thumb and put it on the PADD. Her eyes did not drift off Noah until she heard Irynya. "Thank you for that information," she replied dryly, her focus returning to Noah, eyes squinting. "What is the free bunk?" she asked wondering if the Gods were going to be even more cruel to her.

Sheldon had watched the whole thing unfold with dismay. The way the Antican stared at Noah while requesting reassignment told him there was obviously some kind of beef: clearly, this wasn't the first time the two had run into each other. But the way she was treating Noah -- the glares, the grunts, and the abrasiveness of her tone -- triggered some feelings of protectiveness over his stickbug of a roommate. As much as his ire was rising, Sheldon knew he had to be careful, though: Margarar was, after all, his least for the time being. He couldn't say what he really wanted to and he found himself wishing it had been that nice Life Sciences Ensign who was their new roommate.

"Ex...excuse me, sir?" Sheldon spoke up carefully, being sure to acknowledge the officer's seniority. "I'm not entirely sure what the issue is but you've kind of won the roommate lottery," he offered Margarar a nervous smile. "This is Irynya. Great pilot, conversationalist, and all around source of good times. That's Noah," he said, gesturing to the young man in question. "He makes the most interesting holographic programs and cares a lot about his work. He's also really nice." Sheldon rose from the couch then and walked towards the Antican, stretching his arm out in an offer of a handshake. "And I'm Sheldon. We'll be working together and I'm delighted to meet you, sir." When in doubt, lean on Starfleet diplomatic training, he thought to himself.

Margarar sniffed the air before taking Sheldon's hand. Sheldon was over a foot taller her, making the scene a little comical, as the Assistant Chief Engineer was dwarfed. Something about Sheldon's formality, however, made her more comfortable and smile. "It is good to formally meet you Sheldon. Ensign Parsons, if I'm not mistaken. I'm afraid that I am catching up on learning everyone's names, having only recently transferred here, but I assure you that your work will not go unnoticed." With that, she turned back towards Noah and pointedly glared at him. Turning back to Sheldon she said, "I appreciate your introductions."

Pointedly heading towards Irynya, "Ah! You fly our ship, then? How wonderful! Please tell me that you're not going to stress him out much. I do not want to have my staff working overtime to repair Sojourner. But I promise you that we will keep him humming. The engineering department here is extremely fine. If you even sense that there is something wrong, just give my comm a buzz and I'll look into it right away for you. I can't have you crippled at your job, now can I?"

Irynya's eyes narrowed at the other woman's approach. "I've been aboard the Sojourner since she was commissioned," she said, tone still neutral. She didn't move, her leg which had been tucked into the couch was still brushed up against Noah's thigh making it difficult for the newcomer to do much more than stand awkwardly in front of her. "You seem to have us at a disadvantage," she said, neutrality downshifting rapidly towards something less neutral. "You haven't given us your name."

"I haven't?" she asked, looking as confused as her tone. "I'm sorry about that. My name is Margarar. I thought my story was widely known. First Antican in Starfleet..." she started, looking for some hope of recognition of her history in everyone else's eyes. Seeing none, she continued by asking, "No? Well, that's actually a bit odd, though admittedly refreshing. Does that assist?" Without waiting, she again asked, "Which is the available bunk, so I can set up?" Her eyes started darting about the room, looking for clues.

The stick bug cadet had sat quiet, feeling the burning dislike cast in his direction. He couldn't find his voice despite Irynya's coaching, made all the worse as the new member of the quad went out of her way to be nice to the others. Noah blinked, anxious dissonance chewing at him. He stood up slowly, thigh easing away from Irynya's. "She-she prefers Ma'am," Noah said as soft as a ghost. His mouth formed a thin line. He reached up and scratched at the outer orbit of his eye socket. "I-I'll show you where the bed is Ma'am," he said, again ghostily, his chin at his chest as he broke eye contact with anyone. He focused on his door.

Lankily he sidled past Cat, who studied the new being in the room with none of the instinctual fear a feline might have toward a canine. "My-mine's the right," he said over his shoulder, again not daring eye contact. "You c-can have the, um, left. Doctor Walsh had it before..."

Iry was quick to stand, following behind Noah with a dancer's speed and grace. "Noah," she said, putting her hand on his arm to stop or at least slow him. "No."

The pieces had started to click into place and the gut feeling from Margarar's entrance into the room deepened to something much closer to certainty. One hand still lingering on Noah's arm she turned back to Margarar, fixing the other wan with a cold appraising look. "You've had something kind to say to Sheldon. And to me. But you have what... nothing at all to say to Noah?"

"No,' Margarar replied simply before asking, "Can you tell me whether the left bunk is upwind or downwind of the cadet? I have no desire to have his stench waft into my nostrils all evening. Also," she asked looking at the cat, "is that food being raised or a pet? It is often best to be clear about these things. I would hate to make a mistake about eating a pet. I did that once. Some customs are a bit strange to me."

The Risian tensed, eyes flashing angrily. "The couch. You can sleep there. Or the floor if you're concerned about your delicate olfactory senses."

Her head swung back to look at Noah and then over to Sheldon, frustration roiling as she realized both of them had to report to this woman.

Vibrating with the tension of anxiety, the feeling worked out of Noah. His fingers activated, fidgeting, "Stop-STOP fighting!" He said at first soft, then the hardest anyone in the room had heard him to date.

"Computer, end Cat program." He looked at Irynya apologetically, with a brief glance. He wasn't the strong person that she wanted him to be. He didn't stand up to bullies well. "I'll sleep on the couch tonight till-till they fix this...." he pushed past the grouping. He turned on his heel to face Margarar, yet for all the impulse he couldn't meet the Antican's eyes. "I-I'm a good eng... good pers.... And-and I don't stink." He turned and, PJ pants, t-shirt and all, Noah walked out the door into the corridor.

"Ah! A hologram," Margarar replied most interested and ignoring Noah. "No wonder I did not catch its scent. And yet, the air seems to have cleared...." She walked over to the area with the beds, found the empty left bunk and sat down on it. She plucked a few hairs from her head and announced with glee, as she watched the hairs drift towards the right. "The left is upwind, after all."

Sheldon shared a glance with Iry that made one thing very clear: he was just as upset about all this as the Risian was. As much as he wanted to shake Margarar for being so mean, however, the young engineer had to work for her...thus it wasn't such a great idea to handle her behavior himself. But that didn't mean Sheldon couldn't help the situation. "Division of labor?" he quietly asked of Iry. "I'll get Noah, you get...her?" He hoped his question wasn't loud enough to be heard from the other room where Margarar was delighting in the air currents of her new lodgings.

The Risian's face said everything. This... whatever this nonsense was... was not going to be ok. She nodded her agreement with Sheldon, heart hurting a little at the thought of not doing the getting herself. It was the right call, but a hard one all the same. "Thank you," she whispered, reaching across the couch to snag Sheldon's hand in hers and squeezing. "I can stay with Kennedy tonight. He can have my bed. Ok?"

"I don't foresee the rooming situation changing anytime soon," Sheldon piped back, squeezing Iry's hand affectionately before letting it go. "We need to fix this somehow." But how was the million bars of latinum question for sure. "I'll be back soon," he promised, nodding to Irynya before slippering his way across the room and exiting into the corridor beyond.

Iry watched Sheldon go and blew out a deep breath standing slowly and moving to the doorway to Noah and Kennedy's... no... to Noah's room. She couldn't quite bring herself to acknowledge any of the space as Margarar's yet. Casually she leaned against the doorjamb, crossing her arms over her chest and fixing the Antican with a glare.

"That was not only unnecessary, but uncalled for," she said, straight to the point.

"Margarar blinked twice purposely at Iry. She was off duty. Being formal and following orders was not required now. The five foot woman stood straight up and said, "I do not know why you are behaving in this way or why you demanded that I should sleep on the couch or floor. It is very un-Risian-like. It is a very good thing, as far as I am concerned. It shows you are not weak like prey. I did not choose these quarters and none of you chose me as a roommate. So, until there is a rooming change, you can leave my bunk area. I need rest before I am back on duty and I have a great deal to do, including determining who will be my Acting Assistant Chief Engineer before we leave."

"I am not in your bunk area," Irynya said evenly. Her tone held a warning of sorts, an indicator for anyone who knew her well that there was more to say than that. "And you can hardly kick me out of the common area."

She eyed the Antican for a long moment, expression cold, one set of fingers lightly tapping along her bicep. "From a former Acting Chief to a new one perhaps I can offer you a word of advice." The Risian didn't wait for Margarar to agree, but pressed on, tone steely as she spoke. "The Delta Quadrant is a lonely place to be without friends. You are ages away from anything familiar. The people on this ship are the only ones you have to rely on. If the Kazon or the Vidiians or any other of the more violent races get ahold of you, the people you're going to need... they're us. Don't make the mistake of alienating the people who could be your friends. For that matter, you're going to waste one of the best team members you have. That's a fatal error for a Chief to make."

She pursed her lips, expression darkening as she did. "And you've hurt my family now. Twice. I don't know what kind of family structure Anticans have, but perhaps give a thought to whether you want to be on my bad side. You know nothing of Risians if you think my behavior is un-Risian."

The Antican's tone took on a gutteral growl. "I admit that what I know of Risians is simply that it is a planet full of weaklings that allow themselves to be used for others. You do not and I approve. As to anything familiar, nothing is 'familiar,' about here. So what difference to me is the Delta Quadrant from here? So, perhaps you should listen to your own advice."

Irynya smiled, the expression menacing rather than inviting--an odd look compared to the normal warmth that she offered to those around her. "My advice comes from experience and, if you were listening, you would have noted my use of the term family. I have the people I need. You are the newcomer here."

Her lip curled from the menacing smile into something more like disgust. "Disappointing..." she spat. And then, with a shrug and glare she turned, leaving the Antican to her thoughts.

"I am the newcomer everywhere," Margarar called back. The Antican put her arms behind her head and laid on her bunk. Iry was not unlike so many, Margarar considered. They were so intent on knowing what they knew but not bothering to understand Anticans. That was fine, she would prove to her adopted pack that Anticans were more than capable. Defending prey-like creatures seemed like a waste of everyone's time. Let them fall or prove they were worthy of being considered more.

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"Noah, wait up!" Sheldon Parsons yelled, running down the corridor in his unicorn slippers, the horns of which lit up in dancing rainbow lights with each footfall. Passersby turned to stare as the young engineer zipped past them, obviously clad in his pajamas. It was a comical sight to be sure. But the further Sheldon ran, the more he realized Noah must have slipped into a turbolift or something: at the pace he was jogging, he should have caught up to the computer specialist already.

"Computer," Sheldon came to a stop, hands on his hips as he panted. "What is...the location...of Midshipman Noah Balsam?" he huffed out, a stitch in his side.

"Midshipman Noah Balsam is located on deck four, section three," the computer helpfully chimed.

"Got it!" Sheldon hissed, already hopping into the closest turbolift. "Section three," he breathed, leaning back against the wall of the lift as it jetted into motion. Parsons mused that Noah must have used the turbolift to speed down the hallway instead of running. That, or the kid was faster on two feet than he'd thought. With a whoosh, the car sped along the length of the ship to deposit the engineer at his requested section. Slipping into the hallway, Sheldon looked around but did not see Noah, who honestly could have gone one of a hundred different places by now.

"Computer," Sheldon grumbled, "location of Noah Balsam, please."

"Midshipman Noah Balsam is aboard the Waverider shuttle on Deck 4, section 6."

More running was in order, it seemed. Once again Parsons was jogging until, finally, he reached the special shuttle bay designed for the Waverider. Hey keyed open the door with his access code and entered, looking up at the svelte lines of the specialized shuttle with appreciation -- this was, after, his first time actually laying eyes on the thing. But it was Noah he was here for and so Sheldon moved to the rear of the craft, where the boarding ramp had been lowered. With ringing footsteps, he ascended the ramp and called out, "Noah? You in here?"

"He's back here," a new voice intoned, it's brogue the rich and exotic quality of rumbling, murmuring Orion. The voice came not from the ship's cockpit, but farther back- perhaps even in the sleeping area. In the twilight of the shuttle in standby, a shadow shifted in shadow. Tall and rangy, it came with the umami-forest whiff of Orion. Fingers beckoned Sheldon to come even as Timmoz pushed into the hallway. He produced himself, key lime in color from the waist up, and something akin to a wrapped towel, held in his offhand with a makeshift knot, in the other. "What is going on?" He asked in hushed- though oddly dulcet- Orion tones.

"Uh, well, I..." Parsons was sputtering, not exactly ready for spying the ship's chief pilot half-naked in front of him. In fact, if someone would have asked him what the last thing he expected to see when boarding the shuttle was, Timmoz in a towel wouldn't have even come to mind. "Lieutenant. Sir," the engineer galvanized himself, steeling some resolve, "Mr. Balsam kind of...ran from our quarters when our new roommate just moved in. She was exceptionally rude, unkind, and downright," his voice rose three octaves, "just plain mean." It was clear Parsons was most upset about whatever had happened. "Irynya's trying to talk to Lieutenant Margarar now. I came after Noah to see if he was OK?" He peeked around, looking for Noah but coming up empty for the moment.

The Orion, seemingly far less fazed by the encounter on the surface, still dawned recognition on his face. "This Margarar's causing some strong first impressions." Timmoz turned and beckoned Sheldon to follow. "He's back here." The scantily-clad one, his evening off duty plans derailed by people whom he at least felt some kinship for, led Sheldon back beyond the control section. "Computer, forty-five percent lighting, all sections." He stated. Before he'd fully passed back through the doorjamb of the port sleeping bay, the lights had risen to an evening, diffused ambiance.

"Well he's whole," Timmoz said, gesturing at the wide-eyed young one, "And unbruised." Timmoz scratched the back of his head. "I'll change and escort you back, excuse me." Timmoz ducked into the small alcove that was the washroom aboard. Noah meanwhile weakly smiled at his roommate.

"Hi. Sorry. I had to get ou-out of there. I hate when people fight around me."

"Of course, sir," Parsons responded to Timmoz, wondering what the purpose of escorting them back would be. Did he mean to have a word with their new roommate? As the Orion disappeared, though, Noah was there and apologizing. "It's damn awkward, that's for sure," Sheldon nodded in reference to the fighting. "I don't know what Lieutenant Margarar's issue is but there was no excuse to treat you that way. Are you ok, Noah?" he asked, genuine concern infusing his tone. Swaying from foot to foot, the unicorn horns of his slippers went aglow, flashing and casting their hues all about the for-evening-dimmed cabin.

With a held breath Noah was fighting his nature. He didn't like to speak ill of people. But as he blustered the breath out, he had to admit the truth. "No. I'm not OK. She's a horrible person." He shook his head, "I want Lieutenant Giorgiou back." Sheldon motions drew second attention to his unicorn slippers. He tilted an awkward smile. "I-I like your slippers."

Noah looked at the bathroom door. He too wasn't sure why Timmoz felt a need to escort them back. Noah felt bad about invading his privacy even though his choice of private space wasn't exactly conducive to it. "Do you think the Quartermaster will get rid of her?"

Sheldon wasn't really a touchy feely person but something about the way Noah carried himself made him extend his right arm, his hand coming to rest on the young man's shoulder. "I definitely wish we'd gotten someone else, that's for sure. And thank you," he offered Noah a smile in response to his comment on the slippers. "Though I daresay, wearing them the first time meeting our new boss was a little awkward," he smirked.

As for the young man's question, Sheldon shook his head. "We've so little space as it is. I'd be very surprised if the Quartermaster agreed to make a change. I think, as shitty as it is," he used a swear word, which was very uncharacteristic of him, "we're just going to have to figure it out. If it would be helpful, I'd be willing to switch rooms with you. Iry isn't the tidiest of roommates but at least she doesn't growl at me," he chuckled. "Maybe you two would be good together? I can try to put up with our new Antican friend," he trailed off.

Noah was torn about that. Margarar felt like his problem and pushing this off on his friends felt wrong. His nod was tentative, his smile brief at Sheldon's uncharacteristic colorful metaphor. Anxiety tickled at his spine. If the Quartermaster wouldn't make a change then.... he didn't know what to do. Noah just knew he'd grown accustomed that that space. He'd been there longer than any of his roommates, having moved into it at Antares Shipyard. It was his little niche.

Timmoz reappeared in uniform. "Lets's go," the Verdant One said, ushering himself out of the small sleeping bay immediately.

"Once more onto the breach," Parsons said, nodding as he fell into stride beside Timmoz and Noah. His offer of switching rooms had gone unresponded to but he hoped Noah knew the escape hatch was there if he needed or wanted it. Clanging down the ramp, the engineer found himself wondering why the Orion was apparently sleeping and bathing on the shuttle instead of his own quarters. It wasn't his place to ask, however, so Sheldon let that particular thought trail drop as the walk to their quarters began in earnest.

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