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Heading to the Delta 2

Posted on Thu Dec 1st, 2022 @ 3:56pm by Lieutenant Charles Bridgeport

The cell they had put The Orion in was built for dignitaries. It was more like a hotel room than anything else. As they arrived for this their second visit in as many days, there were heads of State and members of the City Government just leaving. They all expressed their sorrow at the present turn of events. Some with promises of head rolling and such.
“Yes, not to worry. Just get this sorted as soon as possible. Thank you, I’ll be waiting for a call from your Office.” Said the Orion Boss.

Mia waited with her fathers Lawyer. Protocol would call for him to see the Lawyer first, and she was prepared to wait. Until her father beckoned for her to enter first. She looked at the lawyer with an air of uncertainty and turned and joined her dad.

“Listen to me. You have been raised and trained with a set of skills only to be used at my behest. The time has come to use those skills if I’m ever going to get out of this mess.” Said her Dad “This is what you must do.” And he handed her a Star Fleet pad which had been given to him by someone in his employ. “Learn it. Find him, end his very existence.” He said with a look of vengeance in his eyes.

She had not spoke. And she dare not contradict him or his orders. So no matter how she felt about it, she would have to act, and before he got someone else to carry out the horrible deed. Yes, she had trained for just this sort of thing. She had graduated top of her class and she was good. But no one had asked her if this was the type of life she wanted to live. No one cared what she wanted. So all she said was, “ Yes Father. As you wish it, so shall it be.” And she concealed the pad and turned to leave, leaving the Lawyer wondering what the hell had just happened.

Mia made her way to the address that was on the pad. Once she stepped through the door, she would ceases to be Mia the daughter of an Orion Mob Boss. But instead Yeoman Mia Phillips Star Fleet graduate on her way to her first assignment on board the USS Sojourner. She had everything required to pull it off. Then all she had to do was find this Security Officer Charles Bridgeport and kill him. Easy Peasie, she thought to herself. Then an Earth saying she read somewhere rang in the back of her head. (The best laid plans of mice and men) and she smiled to herself and began getting her stuff together for her mission.

Transporter Station Earth:

The line was long and slow, but she soon made it to the front. She knew that Star Fleet protocol would be followed so she needn’t say much. A yes here and a no there and before long, she would be on the ship. As she stood in front of the security and transporter chief, she requested permission to come on board.

“Mia Phillips, yeoman. Requesting permission to come aboard.” She said to the duo standing in front of her as they looked at her orders.
“Permission granted Yeoman.” And she stepped over to the transporter pad and was summarily beamed up. She had only experienced this sensation a time or two, but she couldn’t get over how cool it was.

She materialised on board the supply ship and was issued quarters. It was only a small room with a couple beds and a toilet, but it was better than sitting up for the trip that would literally take days. But no matter, she was on her way. Her plan was simple. If he was on the supply ship, she would befriend him if possible, then she thought better of it. She was Orion, and there was no hiding that. She needed to fabricate a way to get his help and then become his friend. She was sure he would be skeptical, but it had to be done. Once they reached the Sojourner and his guards were down. Then she would strike.

Lt Charles Bridgeport
Chief of Security
USS Sojourner


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