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Space and new frontiers

Posted on Thu Nov 24th, 2022 @ 8:42pm by Lieutenant Charles Bridgeport

Heading for the Delta.

Charles sat quietly sipping his drink. The day had been long and very emotional. His team was responsible for saving the lives of a lot of children and finding contraband with a street value worth millions of credits or Latinum depending upon which you preferred.

Just then, his contact at Star Fleet Intelligence crept up behind him and made his presence known. “Hello sailor, what you drinking?” Asked Johnson

“Just some sparkling wine, you want one? Or something stronger?” Asked Charles.

“I’ll have what you’re having.” Said his friend and mentor. “You did good work today. Saved a lot of lives and kept a load of contraband off the street. And you even got an Orion Mob boss kicked off the planet.” Said Johnson.

“Well, you know what they say, always leave your audience revetted. Plus this was my last go round before my new assignment.” Replied Charles

“When are you leaving?”

“I just received my orders this evening. I’ve been assigned to the USS Sojourner. I’ll be heading out to the Delta Quadrant. And I lucked up and I got my own department, as Chief of Security.” Replied Charles

“A blessing in disguises if you asked me.” Replied Johnson

“What do you mean by that?” Asked Charles

“Much harder for them to retaliate if you’re in the Delta Quadrant.” Replied Johnson

Charles paused for a moment to think about that. “Well I guess it comes with the territory.” Said Charles in a laugh. “Besides, I’m sure I’m not the first Security Officer that’s been targeted by the Orion Syndicate, and probably not the last.” He stated boldly, turned his glass up finishing his drink and sticking out his hand to his friend.
“I’m off planet in the morning. There’s a cargo ship headed to the Barson wormhole, and I’m hitching a ride.” Said Charles

Johnson pulled him in close and gave him a brotherly hug. “You take care bro. If I get the opportunity, I’ll come say hi.” Offered Johnson. “And I’ll cover your exit until you’re gone.” Said Johnson. After all, he was SF Intelligence.

“That would be nice.” So they smiled at one another, and parted company. For Charles, there was a sudden air of urgency. He didn’t even wait for his friend to drink with him. He was very aware of what the Orion Syndicate were capable of. But like he told his friend, it came with the territory.

Charles made his way to his room. Tagged his gear for transport and grabbed a couple hours sleep. When he woke, he would be transported to the point of debarkation, loaded onto the supply ship and on his new journey. So he hoped anyway!

Meanwhile at the Space Force Detention Center:

A very angry Orion Mob Boss paced back and forth in his cell waiting to speak to his Lawyer and his daughter.

The Orion Syndicate was more or less like the old Mafioso families of earths 20th Century. The main difference was they originated in outer space and spread throughout the known galaxy. To say they had a long reach was an understatement. Wherever there was a fortune to be made, you could find the Orions.

As the Male and Female Orions approached the detention Center, they raised eyebrows. Regular humans were not as used to seeing Orions as Star Fleet personnel were, so these aliens were treated a little better and for some reason respected.

“I’d like to see my client.” Ordered the Green skinned Lawyer

“And who might that be?” Asked the guard

“How many Orions have you got locked up in here?” Asked the guard

“Oh I see. You want to see him. Here, read the rules. Any violation will be met with serious consequences.” Said the guard as he prepared to let the two visitors in.

“And who are you young lady?” He asked the girl with the Green hue to her skin.

“I’m his daughter.” Was all she said as they were lead inside!

End of Intro Log

Lt Charles Bridgeport
Chief Security Officer
USS Sojourner


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