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Heading to the Delta 3

Posted on Fri Dec 2nd, 2022 @ 6:07pm by Lieutenant Charles Bridgeport

They say when you’re under cover, keeping your back story as close to the real thing as possible is the best policy. This should be easier for her because not an awful lot was known about Vendom, where she came from by your average Star Fleet crewman. And if she used her trade craft properly and was able to make friends rather than make people suspicious, she would do just fine.

It was times like this that all her training and skills came to the surface. Rarely did she practice or train in a gym. The physical part of it came natural to her. She had only been activated three times in the past. But only against aliens from other worlds, never a human. By all expected standards, this should be as the English would say, a piece of piss. But she also knew that you never underestimate your target. At first glance, she considered Charles handsome in a rugged sort of way. But a mark was merely a mark to an Orion assassin. In places where it counted, Orions with Mia’s skills were respected and avoided if at all possible.

Meanwhile on the other side of the same supply ship, Lt Charles Bridgeport did his best not to think about the unpleasantness of what might happen to him in retaliation for doing his job, instead he chose to think about his new department and how he was going to run it. There was familiarisation of the ship and all its safety features as well as the mission and rewriting his department mission statement. He knew that the safety of the Captain and senior staff was important so he would have security teams for that if he had the man power. If not it would be his job and his assistant who would keep an eye out for his CO. Then there was the dreaded 100% inventory that any leader worth his salt would conduct when he took over or regret it later when they found all kinds of star fleet tech missing.

He sat there in his very small room working away the hours. When dinner time came around, Charles chose to eat in his room. There was no replicator so he ate fleet rations which were normally used on away missions. These days you’d be hard pressed to find a good security officer who hadn’t hidden away a couple fleet rations for hard times. He knew this was only a temporary fix. He would have to show his face on the ship at some point, but he would decide when that was, not the need for a meal or just to see other people. So he carried on re writing the Standard Operating Procedures for Security on the Sojourner. All of which could be for nothing depending on how well things were going when he got there.

But at present, he needed something and he wasn’t sure what it was, he just knew the answer didn’t exist in this room. So he stood up and stretched, took a deep breath and headed for the common area of the ship. There would no doubt be others headed to Pathfinder Station. Maybe he would bump into some other crew members and make a few friends.

Lt Charles Bridgeport
Chief Security Officer
USS Sojourner


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