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Killing Time On A Long Ride

Posted on Thu May 23rd, 2024 @ 6:15pm by Lieutenant JG Paisley F'Rar & Lieutenant Cassian Maritz & Lieutenant JG Josh Peters

Mission: Mean Green Queen
Location: Shuttlecraft
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

Josh had been on this shuttle for over a week. He's read five books. He looked around to see how many people are on the craft. He saw one, then stood up and walked over.

"I don't mean to intrude. I'm Josh Peters. I'm headed for the Sojourner. Is that your destination?" he asked.

Paisley had been aboard this dumb shuttle for what seemed like daysss already, but really, it had only been a few days; less than some of the others. She wasn't good at being idle; she was kinetic and liked to move and DO things. So far, the Engineering console was manned, and all she could do was pace, read, and talk. She didn't mind talking but the reading and pacing was getting to her.

She smiled and turned when a man's voice interrupted her thoughts. "Hello!" She said. "Hey, yeah, it is!! I will be the new Assistant Chief Engineer!" She said. She was looking forward to the assignment. Paisley was the kind of person who LIKED her work, and she was good at it, in her opinion. "What about you?" She asked.

"Josh Peters, assistant security chief." He pointed to an empty seat next to her. "May I?"

Paisley nodded. "Sure!" she said. "Have you met anyone else?" She asked, putting her book aside. "I met Cassian earlier," she said. She yelled out. "HEY, CASSIAN. Come here!!" She said. "I will be the future Assistant Engineer!" Paisley said, turning back to Josh.

While he was normally an easy-going person, Cassian was quite tired and had a bit of a headache from the lights being a bit too bright, and Paisley yelling out his name wasn't helping matters. They had already met the day previously and she was way too loud for his liking, even though she was still really nice. "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming." He put the book down that he'd been reading and wandered over.

"Hey Paisley, what's up?" He asked when he got over there before noticing the other guy there and extending a hand, "Sup, I'm Cassian Maritz, the new Security Chief. I take it you're going to the Sojourner as well?"

Josh smiled at Paisley. "You mentioned about your new posting twice now." He shook hands with Cassian. "I'm your new Assistant Chief, sir."

Cassian waived him off, "Don't worry about formalities, I'm not that big on them. It's good to meet you, I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do on this posting... I still didn't get your name though?" He looked back to where Blue was to make sure she was alright before looking back at who was in front of him.

"Josh Peters. Recent graduate of the Academy." He resisted the urge to call him 'sir.'

"Ah," Cassian nodded, "Well Josh, you're in for a treat being in Security. Welcome, informally, to the team."

Paisley nodded. "This is Josh. Josh, Cassian," she said. She knew they'd just introduced themselves. She didn't care. "I met Cassian yesterday at lunch," she said. "It's weird that all three of us are headed to the Sojourner at the same time," she said. "Cassian, you look...not well. Should we tell the medical officer?" She asked. "Sorry for yelling, by the way. I tend to be a little...loud," she said. "I am working on that." One day, she'd also work on shutting up, but today was not that day.

"Nah, I'm all good. Just a bit of a headache from the lights being a bit bright, that's all. It'll go away eventually, no need to worry about me." Cassian managed a smile. The headache wasn't exactly pounding against his skull, but it was persistent. "And you're fine, it's part of who you are, don't stress."

"I don't know, sir, but a trip to sickbay might be the best thing for you." Josh said, looking at Cassian then looking at Paisley.

"Again, please don't stress, I'm fine." Cassian shook his head. The last thing he wanted before even getting to his new posting was to go the Sickbay. "Sleep always helps."

Paisley shrugged. "Sorry for yelling," she said. The truth was that the Engineer never really shut up, and she sometimes missed social cues that indicated that people wanted her to. So she prattled on. "At least ask for some hypospray," she said. "Are you hydrated? Have you eaten properly?" She asked. The Engineer was also kind of a mother-hen type.

Cassian had to laugh at the barrage of questions, "You know, you sound a lot like my mother and older sister," and he smiled affectionately, "And I mean that in a good way too. But yes: I've eaten properly and stayed hydrated, I'd be more concerned if anyone else, including you two," he looked at both Paisley and Jake, "Or my cat over there, hadn't. I put everyone else before myself."

Josh looked at the cat, then back at Cassian. "This may sound dumb, but what if you're allergic to cats?" Then he looked at Paisley again.

Cassian shook his head, "Nope, not allergic to cats, thankfully. It's actually light sensitivity caused by a corneal abrasion that hasn't healed properly." He hadn't wanted to make that admission to anyone who wasn't the CO, but hey, there they were.

Paisley smiled. "Sorry," she said. "I, too, am used to taking care of my father first," she said. Gul Yiecet didn't stand for anything less. "Are you SURE you shouldn't go to medical?!" She glanced around. "I have eaten and am well hydrated. I learned that a long time ago-if your Engineer passes out from being dehydrated or hungry, the ship doesn't fly," she said. "Hold on," Paisley leaned forward and dug around in her bag. She came up with a small vial. "Kanar? Might at least help you sleep. Fair warning, it's not for the weak of heart," she said.

"Fine, I'll go to Medical." Cassian rolled his eyes and laughed. "This really isn't the way I had imagined my first meeting with anyone going, but here we are."

"You always carry Kanar with you everywhere you go?" Josh asked Paisley.

Paisley smiled. "Not everywhere," she said. "But since I am changing postings, I didn't feel comfortable just having it sent with the cargo. This bottle is as old as I am," she said. "It was my mothers..." As far as she knew, it was the only gift that her father had given her mother. "She's gone now, so. I keep it with me. Want a little bit?" She asked him.

"I'll pass, thank you," Cassian replied with a smile. He was always weary about things he didn't know much about.

Paisley just shrugged, and settled in. "Ok!" She said. She offered the bottle to Josh. "Want some? It's pretty strong; this one is about 110 proof," she joked. The Cardassian liqueur was always strong.

Josh sat in the empty seat beside Paisley. "What else can we discuss during this long voyage?" He looked at her.

"Um...I don't know. Tell me about yourself," she said. She made a face; the Kanar WAS strong. She'd only have a sip.

Cassian got up and walked back over to Blue and made sure she was alright before coming back to sit down with Paisley and Josh. "You know what, I'll have some of the Kanar too, if it's still on offer?"

Josh was disappointed, he had been hoping to have some alone time with Paisley, but Cassian also seems interested in her.

Paisley laughed. "Yeah!! careful. It's not for the faint of heart," she warned. The viscous liquid was very strong, and could knock a grown Cardassian on his six if they weren't careful. "This one is my father's special blend. It's roughly as strong as Romulan Ale, and I don't know why the Federation hasn't banned it yet, honestly," Probably because Cardassia wasn't a member of the FOP but hey. She extended the bottle. "Sorry, I don't have a glass!"

Josh shook his head. "None for me, thanks. That stuff mess's with my head. But you two go right ahead."

Paisley shrugged. Some people didn't drink. That was fine. More for her. She didn't drink a lot anyway, but she did like a few sips here and there. "Ok," she said. "No problem," she said. Shew waited for Cassian before putting the flask away. It was probably not the best idea for a department head to be caught with it, anyway. S

Josh leaned over to her. "As the ship's doctor, says drinking is bad for your health, and I wouldn't want anyone as lovely as you to get sick."

Cassian quirked an eyebrow, "I thought you were my Assistant Chief?"

Paisley just chuckled. "I am half Cardassian, Kanar is in my blood," she said. "But thank you." She said. "A quick sip won't hurt, but I think we're getting close enough that I better not have any more," she said. She was a professional, after all, and it wouldn't do for her to seem intoxicated, even though it would take FARRRR more for that to happen.

Josh spoke up. "Does anyone know how long we're going to be stuck on this ship?"

"We're close to the Rendezvous point," Paisley said. She looked at her wrist chronometer. "I'd say...another twelve hours if we're at full warp. And we are," she said. She'd checked the Engineering console, even though she wasn't shuttle crew. She liked knowing what was going on.

"If it wasn't for the company, I think I would have gone mad by now." Josh smiled at Paisley.

Cassian quirked an eyebrow again at Josh's remark, "Good to know." He stood up, the headache still pulsing inside his skull a bit, "You know what, I'll leave you guys to it and go lay down for a while. Hopefully this headache will be gone by then."

"I can check the first aid kit to see if there's something for headaches, sir." Josh asked.

"No thank you, I'll be fine." Cassian replied with a wave of his hand as he walked back to where Blue was and laid down, away from the main conversations being had.

Paisley nodded and waved. She turned to Josh. "He seems nice!! Sounds like you two will get along well," she said. She put the Kanar back in her bag, and settled back in. "Maybe a nap!!" She said, leaning back, and closing her blue eyes.

Josh watched as she closed her eyes. So he pulled out his padd and started reviewing security protocols for Sojourner.

The Carjoran didn't know how much time had passed, but suddenly, Josh was shaking her awake, and she sat up with a start. "Have we docked?" She glanced around, the sleepy fog clearing quickly. Indeed, they had. She grabbed her sea pack, and made her way towards the hatch to disembark. She'd finally made it to the Sojourner!! Quickly, she smoothed the braid she wore, and pulled her tunic down to decrease the wrinkles. She should've worn civvies. Oh, well.

Lt.JG Paisley "mUra" F'rar
Asst. Chief Engineer
USS Sojourner.

LT. Cassian Maritz
Chief Security Officer
USS Sojourner

Lt. Josh Peters
Asst, Chief of Security
USS Sojourner


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