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Home is Where...

Posted on Sat May 7th, 2022 @ 11:24pm by Lieutenant JG Kestrel & Lieutenant Danica True & Ensign Sheila Mulhern & Ensign Brian Davies

Mission: Sojourners of Time
Location: Junior Crew Quarters - Deck 5
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1300

[Junior Crew Quarters - Deck 5]
[MD 1 - 1300 Hours]

The door to Kestrel and Dani's new quarters was non-descript in the way that all doors on a Federation starship were plain and unexciting. Aside from the number displayed toward the top of the door there was not much to make it stand out.

The XO had delivered them to this spot and then, with a polite echo of her earlier welcome, excused herself to take care of other duties leaving the two new security personnel to their own devices. Kestrel didn't hesitate and, once, the XO had strode away, stepped forward, the door already recognizing her and granting her access with a swish of pneumatics.

A step inside the space revealed the standard sort of accoutrements. A couch with a low table, a public console and a replicator. Two doors indicated two bedrooms and a third, to the left would lead to the shared bathroom. Although the space was utilitarian it was also clearly lived in, some evidence of the current occupants found on the table top or the way chairs were not neatly and perfectly pushed into place. A blanket draped over the side of the couch seemed to be an attempt to add a homey touch. Absently she wondered how their new roommates felt about artwork.

Dani's gaze slid over the furnishings which to her looked uncomfortable and more than a little uninviting. From the information they'd been provided, she knew which of the bedrooms belonged to her and Kestral and once she entered, it was immediately obvious which side was hers. The bed had been removed completely and the closet reconfigured to suit her needs. Back on the Rejsende, she had discovered a system that made sleep possible. Her records carried instructions for shared quarters and for private accommodations. Where the bed would have been, there was a colorful rug and nothing else. "Good," she said as she checked the closet. "Very good." She turned to look at Kestrel who had followed her into the room. "Is it a problem for you, sharing such a small room?"

Kestrel stood just inside the door to the bedroom she was sharing with Dani. Thought she'd known they were on the same ship and, ultimately with their delivery here, were sharing quarters she was still slightly and pleasantly surprised that they'd be sharing a room. The door to the room hadn't closed behind her and she backed up a touch, leaning against the door frame so she could observe the whole room. "Not a problem at all," she said in response to the woman's question. She offered her a warm smile, not sure how to take in the question. It seemed commonplace to her to share such a small space. "Is it ok with you?" she asked.

With a soft swish, the door to the other bedroom opened. Out came a young woman clad in a gold-topped uniform, though she was still in the process of zipping and fastening the thing. "Oh!" she said, spotting Dani and Kestrel, surprise coloring her features. "I'd heard our new roommates were coming aboard. Hi there," she said with a smile, extending a hand first to Kestrel, then to Dani. "I'm Sheila Mulhern. Engineering," she smirked, tapping with her free hand at the splash of color across her shoulders. "Brian -- our other roomie," she clarified, "should be back shortly, I think. He usually pops in on lunch so he can feed Princess." Without explanation as to who -- or what -- Princess was, the woman finished zipping her uniform top. "I'm lucky to have caught you...just came back to change. You'd be surprised how much grease gets everywhere when you work in the bowels of the ship."

Kestrel had turned quickly at the sound of the door, spying the woman in operations yellow stepping out of the other bedroom. A broad welcoming smile settled on her face and she shook the extended hand, squeezing firmly. Who Princess was would have to wait until after introductions.

"Kestrel," she said by way of introduction once the engineer's comment about the grease. "Tactical officer."

"Dani," the Azhadi said as she accepted the handshake in turn. An alien thing, an Earth thing, this shaking of hands, a way of showing that the weapon hand was free. Privately Dani wondered about the wisdom of such a move since an Azhadi with any training at all didn't really need a weapon to be dangerous. But it was an act that had grown past the boundaries of its originating world. "Security."

"Nice to meet you both," Sheila nodded in turn with each handshake. She'd heard horror stories about Lieutenant Margarar and her new roommates: as a result, Sheila couldn't help but be a little wary of her own new roomies. Thankfully both of the women seemed friendly enough, at least on first blush. She'd been about to say more when the door to their shared quarters swished open again, this time admitting a handsome young man in Sciences blue. "Hey Brian," the engineer smiled. "Just in time to meet our new roommates. Kestrel," she indicated with a gesture, "and Dani."

"Hello there," Brian smiled wide; it was an easy smile, quite disarming and gregarious. "Ensign Brian Davies, Science officer and resident bug guy." Bug guy? The comment went without further explanation as the young man looked around the common room. "We tried to tidy up before you got here but neither Sheila or I are the most...fastidious of people," he smirked, picking up an abandoned sweatshirt that had been draped over the arm of the couch.

Kestrel grinned at the new arrival. There was something about the way Sheila and Brian interacted that put her at ease and she relaxed into the moment. The Argelian stuck her hand out to Brian as her head swiveled slightly to look around the common area again. "Nothing wrong with that," she remarked, "it's homey." Her grip was firm as she took his hand and shook. "So... who... or maybe what... is Princess?" she asked with curiosity. She hadn't missed the engineer's comment about feeding something or someone named Princess and her curiosity was thoroughly piqued.

Growing up in the camps of her people, cleanliness and order were not things that worried Danica overmuch. She was Azhadi; defense was what mattered. How fast she could respond to the threat, to the Imai's call. Her gaze wandered the room, taking note of the disorder, and her new roommate's comfort with it, and thought of the Amrazi who made sure that everything could be packed and ready to go in very short order. She saw the possessions left out in view as a way of claiming territory and that also didn't matter. As a warrior, the idea of accumulating possessions was a difficult concept to embrace. And because she had so little that was hers, what she did have mattered to her, and no one would not find it strewn about. This too, she thought, is a thing I must learn to accept.

As Kestrel asked about Princess, Brian's mouth formed an "O" shape. "Right! Of course. One second," he smiled before dipping away, sliding into the room that he shared with Sheila. A few moments later, he came out holding a beetle that easily matched the size of a small dog. It had a mirror-glazed black shell that reflected the lights from all angles. The hard carapace of the bug's exoskeleton covered (but did not entirely hide) the fragile-looking wings that poked out slightly beneath. Gracing the insect's head was a set of two horns, arrayed like those of a rhinoceros: the tallest horn came from the crown while the next -- half its height -- was set somewhat forward. Spindly legs in three segmented sections rested against Brian's chest and side as he cradled the beetle.

"This," Brian said with delight, "is Princess. She's an Alerac Hissing Beetle from the deserts of Vulcan. They're usually found in caves, deep underground...often near a water source. I've had her since she was the size of my hand," he said proudly. "She's very friendly and loves people. Would either of you like to hold her? I promise, she doesn't bite," Brian assured.

"He's right," Sheila nodded. "Princess is a cuddler through and through. You'd be surprised how affectionate a bug can be. Believe me, I know. I was terrified of her at first. But now? She's a sweety," she said, reaching over to gently rub Princess' head, right between the two large antennae whiskering up from her forehead.

The idea was ... alien. Different. Her mind stuttered to a halt as she considered the possibility. The need for affection was a given; for her, that had meant time spent in the tents of the Amrazi where there were no demands whatsoever. And it was true that she missed those moments most of all. But to substitute a questionably sentient creature for this purpose? It was ... unexpected. She had heard others speak of 'pets' but her last ship had not permitted such things aboard. This then was her first actual exposure. "Why," she asked softly as she came forward and copied Sheila's action.

Unlike Dani, Kestrel had held back. It wasn't so much that she was afraid of the enormous beetle cradled in her new roommate's arms as it was that she wasn't sure she wanted to cuddle it. Hard carapaces and warm snuggles seemed diametrically opposed in her mind. She tried to recall what, if anything, she knew about Alerac Hissing Beetles, but ultimately came up short. With a sort of half shrug she took a hesitant step forward stopping just behind Dani's shoulder and peering at the creature. "She's... cute?" she commented, the statement sounding more like a question than a claim of certainty.

Brian chuckled softly. "It's ok. I know bugs aren't everyone's cup of tea. I usually let her roam around out here while I supervise...get some exercise in, you know? But if you'd prefer, I can keep her mostly in our room," he nodded to Sheila, "and take her to the lab with me to get her steps in when needed." His smile was so warm and wholesome while he talked about his beloved Princess but the intent to save his new roommates from bug-related trauma was sincere.

"I don't mind at all," Sheila said. "But then, we've already been living together for a bit, so I'm used to Princess. Whatever the group wants is fine by long as I still get to cuddle with her sometimes," she smirked. "I promise, I'm not trying to dash upon first meeting but I'm afraid I'm due back in Engineering. Our new acting Chief is someone you do not want to be late showing up for. Do either of you mind if I head back to work? I promise, there will be lots and lots of getting to know each other when I'm off duty."

"As long as you are here when 'she' is out," Dani said, "I have no objection." There were things left unsaid. She had grown up outdoors, so bugs didn't bother her; it was more the idea of a something as a pet. With him there, this Princess would be protected. Edun was something she sought, needed even, and the idea that it could include one such as Princess was something that needed thought before acceptance. For Dani, Edun was something you fought for and protected, even at the cost of your life, so it wasn't a thing one gave easily. Yes, she thought, it bears some thought.

Kestrel had noticed that Dani seemed to be lost in thought and looked between her and the other two roommates. She nodded to Sheila. "Looking forward to getting to know you!" she said, genuine enthusiasm in her voice as the other woman headed for the door. To Brian she offered a similar nod, eyes darting back down to Princess for a second. "I'm with Dani. If you're with her I'm ok with it. I just may need a few rounds of hanging out with her to get used to her." She gave him a weak smile. She really was trying, just not as familiar with bugs as the others seemed to be and certainly not used to one as a pet.

With a sigh she turned back to Dani. "I'm going to go unpack," she said with a less weak smile. "It was nice to meet you Brian. I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other better!" A kind smile from the man was the last thing she saw before she turned, determined to finish up the job of unpacking and settling in.

Packing and unpacking was not an Azhadi thing thought it did seem to be most definitely a Starfleet thing. "I will join you," Dani said. She smiled as she nodded to both of her new roommates which, for her, was very nearly enthusiastic when it came to people she didn't know well.

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