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Can't Sleep, Better Eat Ice Cream

Posted on Sun Aug 29th, 2021 @ 12:35am by Lieutenant Kennedy Ryan Walsh & Debbie Gless

Mission: The Place of Skulls
Location: Crew Quarters, Debbie's Dinner
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 0330

[Crew Quarters]
[MD 4, 0330 Hours]

Doctor Kennedy Ryan Walsh had returned to his quarters at a quarter past 2200 the night before. He thought he was tired after a long exhausting day of medical evaluations of the crew but found him reflecting on his candid and friendly conversation with Doctor Emni t'Nai. She was his second friend he made onboard the Sojourner.

"Computer, time?" Kennedy looked up at the ceiling. Hoping that it wouldn't disturb Noah if he was in his bunk.

The computer chirped, "0330 Local Time."

"Damn, five hours and still sleep doesn't come," Kennedy said in a slight whisper to himself out loud as he rolled his covers off of him and sat upright. "I'm going to go for a walk, hopefully, that helps."

Kennedy didn't bother to change back into civilian or his Starfleet attire. He pulled on a housecoat and fastened it. He put on his slippers and made his way quietly through the bedroom, through the common area. He looked over at Irynya and Sheldon's room. He frowned slightly at the confusion. He made his way and found himself entering the Diner sometime later.

[Debbie's Diner]

If daytime saw the diner rocking and bopping, nighttime provided the opposite environment. Given the very late hour, only a couple of people availed themselves of the diner's eatery opportunities. Accompanying their meals was the same music folks had come to expect from the diner but at a much lower volume than normal. Things were, in fact, so slow that only a single server was on duty...and on this occasion, it was Debbie herself -- serving as greeter, waitress, and cook all-in-one. And so it was that when Kennedy entered through the diner's double doors, the woman offered a warm wave and an enthusiastic smile.

"Doctor Ryan Walsh," she said, picking up her PADD before he had a chance to snag it away from her. She exaggerated the motion so that Kennedy could tell exactly what -- and why -- she was doing. Never letting her smile slip, Debbie said, "What brings you here so late at night? I figured for sure you'd be cozied up with Ir -- er," she stammered, changing her mind on her wording, "cozied up in bed at this time of night." Her smile was hawkish, her eyes mischievous. "Can't sleep?" Deb wondered with concern.

Kennedy approached the diner's bar and watched her pick up the PADD. He placed his hands in plain sight that he wasn't planning on taking the PADD from her like the last time. "You're right, I can't sleep." He sat up onto the bar stool and looked around. "Do you have any sundaes on the menu?" His hand moved towards the PADD then he quickly placed his hand back down onto the bar counter in fear of reprecussions.

"I don't know that a boatload of sugar is your best bet there," Debbie hmm'd, leaning back against the counter behind her. In a subtle motion of her shoulders, she used the elongated handle of the shake machine behind her to scritch an itch on her back. "If you really want an ice cream sundae, I'll happily make you one. But maybe you should consider a cup of Valerian tea instead?" As if sensing the logical follow up question, she explained, "Valerian is a flower on Earth. 'Petals pink and white, a sleeper's delight,'" Debbie intoned by wrote. "Little rhyme my mother used to say. Tea made from Valerian petals is actually really good for insomnia."

Kennedy smiled at Debbie and gave her a genuine short chuckle. She was extremely charming and sweet, "Valerian Tea sounds like a wise choice then. Do you have any biscuits?"

"Biscuits I can do," the woman nodded from behind the counter. Debbie ducked down, sorting through all manner of stuff she had stashed away on storage shelves. It didn't take her long to pop back up, tea bag in hand. "Back in a jiff, baby," she said with a warm, motherly smile.

Turning, she moved to pluck a tea kettle from where it hung nearby, filling it with water at the tiny little sink before placing it atop a small stove-top range. As the water began to heat inside, Debbie moved to the end of the counter, where a display case was filled with pies, cookies, lemon bars, and other homemade goodies. Using a miniature set of tongs, Deb withdrew several large tea biscuits and placed them onto a plate, which she deposited in front of Kennedy.

"My own recipe. Jazzed up with a bit of cinnamon, but nothing overpowering," Debbie nodded, knowing that a lot of tea drinkers preferred less dessert-type accoutrements with their bitter beverage. And speaking off, the tea kettle behind had begun to whistle, so Deb turned to fill a mug with boiling water and then placed the tea bag inside, steeping it with a spoon. "Annnd here's your tea, mister," Debbie beamed, turning to place the cup and its saucer in front of the doctor.

"Well?" she asked, curiosity etched across her face. "What do you think?"

Kennedy held up one of the biscuits inspecting it, adoring how big they were. He brought it in and nibbled a rounded edge, "It's delicious. Almost as good as Auntie Jane's teabiscuits but they're pretty close. Love the kick of the cinnamon but as you said, not to overpowering." Kennedy took another nibble, "Poor Auntie Jane." Kennedy enjoying the taste of the biscuit in his mouth, "I think you may have outdone yourself here."

Kennedy set the cookie back down on the plate and took a sip of the tea. It wasn't his ideal Irish Breakfast but hopefully it will help him aid in sleeping, "Thank you for talking me out of ice cream. Probably wasn't the wisest idea I've had since I've come onboard... with the exception of taking your PADD."

"So glad you like 'em, baby," Debbie beamed with pride. "And you're very welcome. Believe me, sleeplessness has hit me often enough that I know how it goes," she said, nodding slowly. "Ice cream cures many ills but I think the tea and biscuits will do you a bit better." Given the mention of the PADD, Debbie's eyes narrowed some before relaxing. "Water under the Bridge. How were you to know the PADD I was clutching in my talons wasn't for you?" She smirked then, obviously playful in her commentary.

"Tell me more about this Auntie Jane? You know," Debbie leaned forward, conspirationally, "if you have the recipe for her tea biscuits, I'd be happy to take a crack at making them for you. Sometimes nothing beats the comforts of home."

"Auntie Jane was a lovely lady who worked for my parent's household. She worked for my grandparents when my Mom was growing up. She was a lovely lady who did most of all the cooking and taking care of us kids," Kennedy reflected while he sipped on the tea gingerly, "I don't have the recipe myself or I would let you take a crack at it."

"Well," Debbie nodded, "if you ever do get the recipe, you just let me know, baby." The woman seemed to regard Kennedy with kindness tonight, as opposed to being a bit perturbed with him in their last run in. "Auntie Jane sounds like a wonderful woman. Must have been pretty lucky to have such a great lady taking care of you growing up." Deb checked the time on her register and the amount of tea left in Kennedy's cup then, nodding. "It's quite late. I want you to take your tea and biscuits back to your quarters and try to get some sleep, alright? Let me know how the tea works for you. Gonna try to catch some winks myself," she laughed, making catching motions in mid-air.

Kennedy finished the biscuit in a quick five bites before standing up from the barstool. He picked up the tea, "Thank you, Debbie. Have a great sleep." He picked up the tea and took a sip then headed out the door with it.


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