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Party Planning

Posted on Tue May 16th, 2023 @ 5:56pm by Debbie Gless & David Mccolugh

Mission: On the Road Again
Location: The King's Shilling pub
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 0900

[The King's Shilling Pub]
[USS Sojourner]
[MD 2: 0900 Hours]

David ran a cloth over the top of his bar and sipped the coffee that he kept going. For centuries when he'd worked in various pubs, bars, and clubs, he was always told, never to drink your own supply. So he kept that up. The tavern was finally the way he wanted it set up.

Above the bar was a well-polished and maintained Nock gun, an original purchased in London, on leave before one of the myriads of battles where his regiment stood against the cream of the Grand Armee, an officer's saber, various pictures, and a collection of bottles, from various countries and systems. The bar was clean so he put the rag back in the well and checked stocks.

With an accompanying swish of the pub's doors, in strode the ever-ebullient Debbie Gless. Invited to the pub by its proprietor -- whom she'd yet to meet, though certainly she'd heard of him -- the somewhat rotund woman surveyed the bar with roving eyes. It was certainly cozy: appointed like one might expect an old English pub to be. Given the early hour (for a bar, anyway), the drinkery seemed devoid of life save for one: the man behind the bar, whom Debbie was looking forward to meeting. With a smile and a wave, she approached.

"Debbie," she said, smiling warmly as she extended a bracelet-laden arm towards David, hand open for the shaking. When it came to first meetings, the matron was often hard to take. Dressed in her apron -- bedecked with a variety of graphical pins and wittily worded tags -- the woman wore a spherical mass of fuchsia curls atop her head with gaudy, faux-gemstone earrings in bubblegum pink sparkling from her earlobes. Bright eyes full of mirth regarded the bar owner as she said, "Word on the street is you're throwing a party here?"

Taking her hand David smiled, "A pleasure to meet you, David McCullough, and yes I am planning a celebration, I figured after that adventure everyone needs to blow off a little steam." He then set out a coffee cup, "I was going to speak to you regarding catering anyway."

"The pleasure is mine," Debbie nodded back in return. "And a party sounds perfect after the adventure we've all had the last couple of days," the matron said, her smile dimming a bit as she reflected on things. "Food I can definitely do. We should talk about a potential menu. Also," she held up a PADD, "the Captain's message about having a little celebration also mentioned Cadet Balsam officially graduating from Starfleet Academy. He doesn't know yet, so don't say anything to him," she mock-whispered with a grin.

"Thinking maybe a big sheet cake with Noah's name on it?" Debbie suggested. "This will also be after Crewman Booth's funeral..." the fire in her eyes sputtered and guttered, "so maybe the party could also be part wake?" She'd clearly done a lot of thinking on this gathering herself and wasn't shy about sharing her ideas. "Don't let me steamroll you, though. I'm open to whatever you're thinking," Debbie promised.

David thought for a bit, some memories of comrades lost, the problem with living so long is you outlived a lot of people. "Honestly, to honor Noah, I was thinking we put his picture at the bar, and we give him his own seat with a glass, so his comrades can toast for him." A brief pause, "It's what we did after quite a few battles where we left some behind, an old tradition of the regiment."

Debbie gave the idea some thought and nodded. "I like it! So cake and his own stool and glass," she beamed. "I think that will do nicely. What are you thinking in terms of other food for the party? We could whip up some appetizers to have floating around on trays. Or maybe a buffet table at the end of the bar or something?" This was, after all, David's bar and while Debbie maybe had her own ideas for what to serve, she didn't want to take away the man's own agency. In this space, she was a helper only. "Sky's the limit. What Mel," she referred to her diner's short order cook, "and I can't make, we can certainly replicate."

That got a nod from David, "I like the buffet idea, let people walk around mingle and share stories, as for the menu..." He dug out a notebook, "Let's get started....."

They put their heads together then, brainstorming ideas and putting together a menu Debbie and David were both happy with. And with that, it was time to get to work on executing the details. The matron swept off and away, headed back for her own domain to prep while David did the same in his. With the party looming only a day away, there was much to do but they would be ready for sure. These people had more than earned a celebration of life, love, and a certain cadet's graduation.

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Debbie Gless
Proprietor, Debbie's Diner


David Mccolugh
Proprietor, King's Shilling Pub


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