David Mccolugh

Name David Mccollough

Position Chef


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Birthplace El Aurian system
Age 599

Physical Appearance

Height 6'02
Weight 220
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and stocky with bright eyes that seem to laugh.


Spouse None
Children none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Friendly and cheerful, he loves to talk and has many stories that he will tell.
Hobbies & Interests In his wide history, he has had many hobbies everything from archery to cooking, fencing, and various other activities. He is also a big fan of literature, having a large selection of books.


Personal History : In the late 18th century, a research team arrived on Earth. Its goal was to study the growth of the young planet. When the ship landed in the Scottish Highlands, it was damaged and could not leave the atmosphere or enter into warp, so the crew destroyed the ship and tried to blend in.

He managed to find his way to a large city, where he tried to fit in, to move on he found a recruiter for the local Highland regiment. Needing a way to move around he enlisted and ended up being pulled into the European wars. He proved to be a valorous soldier, earning promotion so Sargent and being mentioned in dispatches for his courage and being part of the siege of Talavera, then continued to serve up to Waterloo.

After the end of Napolean, he moved on, blending in London, where he took odd jobs, From blacksmith to cook, to tavernkeeper, to even working on a merchant ship for a few years.

In the 1870’s he ended up in Africa having enlisted for the Anglo/Zulu wars and after a defense of the outpost at Rourke’s drift.

After returning home he emigrated to the United States, where attempting to scratch out a living as a ranch hand in Texas, he was caught up in the Spanish American war fever, and with some friends he ended up in the 1st Volunteer Cavalry and took part in several engagements, including the charge on San Juan hill.

After his service he moved around, ending up in Canada, working as a camp cook for a logging camp, then the first World War started, and he was swept up in a draft and was soon off to France for another 4 years of war. After discharge, he did not go home and spent a few years in France, where he again went back to cooking. He is learning more gourmet techniques and many recipes, which he still uses regularly.

After going back to the United States, he ended up back in a second war. After serving as a guard in the Nuremberg trials, he decided at this point he was done with fighting and spent the next centuries living as normal a life as he could, taking jobs from coal mining to lumberjack, to truck driving, and spending a few years as a crab fisherman in Alaska.

He managed to keep his secret as best as possible until after first contact, a Vulcan survey team was assisting with repairs because they were curious about humans.

One tricorder scan later and his secret was out.

His time changed since his entire past came up and he gave talks in colleges and was able to tell stories back to when they arrived.on earth.

In the end, he wanted to see more of the galaxy and when an opening to run a small pub to help out on a starship called, he accepted and shipped out that week.

Service Record

Service Record 1806-1816: 71st Highland Regiment of Foot Promoted to Sgt. Campaigns in Europe ending with Waterloo
1877-1879- 24th Regiment of Foot, Natal South Africa
1898 1st US Volunteer Cavalry- Cuba.
1914-1918: : Private to Corporal, Royal Canadian Regiment
1941-1947: 4th Armored Division, European theater of Operations, Final rank 2nd Lieutenant

Medical Profile