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Don't Activate That Hologram

Posted on Fri Jul 1st, 2022 @ 7:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Emni t'Nai & Lieutenant Kennedy Ryan Walsh & Lieutenant JG Chiara MD, PharmD

Mission: Echoes and Effigies
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1300

Lieutenant Kennedy Ryan Walsh slipped off his doctor's coat and hung it up on the coat tree when he entered his office with the latest addition to the Sojourner's medical team, Doctor Chiara, as his assistant chief medical officer. His hand gestured towards the replicator, "Could I get you anything, Doctor?"

"No thank you," she answered and tucked her hands into her pockets. She was a tad chilled, which a warm drink would help. But not chilled enough to break from her habit of avoiding food and drink within her work zone. "What do we have on the schedule today?"

"Citrus water, cold on ice." Kennedy ordered from the replicator. He made way to his desk and with his free hand it extended to the chairs in front of his desk, "We're not in any rush but I would like you to check in with the technicians in the medical lab with several of the biological experiments we're running while we are here at the stellar nursery other than that just standing by and healing those who come into Sickbay for their medical needs."

Chiara gave a nod, "Sounds easy enough. I can go check on them now," she offered, "if there's nothing else?"

Kennedy had found it was awkward that he had delegated something to his assistant chief medical officer. He was relatively new to the position. He had never given another doctor an order before. He rose to his feet, "There's nothing else to mention, I don't think. I'll see you to Sickbay. I should check in with Lieutenant Lal."

Returning to her feet, Chiara waited for the Chief to round his desk before moving.

Kennedy rose to his feet and walked to the door. He picked up his doctor's coat and pulled his arms through. There was some resistance as he hadn't quite gotten them through the arm-throughs. He walked out of his office and heard the entrance door into Sickbay swoosh open.

The swoosh of the doors parting revealed the ship's XO, Lieutenant Commander Emni t'Nai. The willowy woman stepped into Sickbay hurriedly, eyes scanning until they landed on Kennedy and Chiara in turn. "Doctors," she said, "can I see you both in the office." Though it was phrased as a question, the Romulan's tone was commanding, brooking no discussion.

Kennedy came to a full-stop mid-stride when Doctor Emni t'Nai entered Sickbay. He nodded his head and his arm stretched out then he realized that he was holding out the wrong arm. He brought it down quickly and stretched out the other, "Of course, Doctor t'Nai. This way."

The XO nodded curtly, and followed the two doctors into the office. For a moment her eyes seemed to drift to the chair behind the desk now occupied by Kennedy, but then she took one of the additional two seats.

"Engineering has just notified me of an issue with the holo emitters," she said. "Have you needed to activate the LMH today?"

Kennedy had pulled out the chair that Emni drifted to realizing that this was now his office. His cheeks pinked slightly at the revelation and he shot her an almost childlike smile before shifting around behind his desk. He hadn't sat down yet as Doctor t'Nai hadn't as of yet, "No. We haven't had to call upon the LHM."

The XO nodded. "Good. I must ask you to refrain from activating that program for the foreseeable future. Until the holographic emitters are repaired we cannot chance having the program online."

Kennedy straightened himself uncomfortably in his seat across from Doctor t'Nai. He found her request odd and shuffled. He shook his head while he looked at his console and his fingers tapped across to bring up the legislation if he required so. He was incredibly nervous. He hated confrontation. He avoided it at all cost. But this was something that wasn't sitting right in his stomach as butterflies began to spiral, "That's not something I can do, Doctor. I'm sure I don't have to quote you Federation Council's Regulation on Holo-Sentient Lifeforms."

Kennedy looked over at Chiara and then back to Doctor t'Nai, "Computer. Summon the LMH to my Office."

As Kennedy spoke the XO's expression shifted toward mild confusion. It was the look of someone hearing something for the first time, or trying to place information that didn't make sense. When Kennedy asked for the LMH, though, the Romulan's expression turned inward, closing off from the two doctors in the room.

"That won't be necessary," she said, rising from her chair quickly, her motions almost urgent in their speed. "Computer, belay that order."

The computer chirped its confirmation, but it seemed it was too late as the LMH strode into the room. "I'll speak with engineering about the emitters," Emni said, eyes widening before she hurried out of the office, ducking past the LMH without even acknowledging him. A moment later the swoosh of the Sickbay doors announced her departure leaving the three medical doctors behind.

"What is the nature of the medical..." the LMH began, trailing off at the sudden departure of the XO from the room before looking back to Kennedy and Chiara. "...emergency?"

"There's no medical emergency, Doctor... Doctor t'Nai... seems to be off..." Kennedy replied uncomfortably to the LMH. "She was asking to deactivate you. At first... I was shocked..." Kennedy froze as he pushed himself to his feet from behind his desk, "Tell me, LMH. Do you have access to Sickbay scans? Do we have anything to see...why Doctor t'Nai... was off?"

The LMH tilted his head slightly as if he were listening for something, but the effect was ever so slightly uncanny. When he looked back to Kennedy his expression was puzzled. "Dr. t'Nai is in her quarters. Records show she has not left them for some time."

Kennedy looked at the LMH flabbergasted with a tint of disbelief in what was reported, he immediately without hesitation tapped his commbadge in a mad panic, "Sickbay to the Bridge, intruder alert."

Fairly new to the crew, Chiara was confused. She wasn't sure what the "base" behavior was of any of the officers yet, nor of the LMH. But, as Kennedy called in the intruder alert, Chiara scooted out of the office, eyes open to follow the ... imposter? ... executive officer.


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