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How Did Your Night Go?

Posted on Tue Sep 14th, 2021 @ 5:22pm by Lieutenant Kennedy Ryan Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Emni t'Nai & Lieutenant Miriam Lal

Mission: The Place of Skulls
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 16 at 0800

[ Sickbay ]
[ MD16 - 0800 HR, Morning after Unplanned Confessions ]

Kennedy walked into Sickbay and walked into his office. He sat down behind his desk to look over duty rotations for the day. Then switched to messages bringing up his drafts and the message he had written his Uncle Ben. He looked at it, it read:

"My Dearest Uncle Ben,

I'm writing this from my new office that I am now Acting Chief Medical Officer onboard the USS Sojourner.

With love,

Your Nephew,


He frowned that he hadn't sent the message after he was made Acting CMO. He looked up as Lieutenant Miriam Lal was in the doorway to his office. He wanted to tell him all about Irynya but that was more of a face-to-face. He clicked send, "Lieutenant, sorry, I didn't see you there. Can I help you with anything?"

Miriam leaned against the doorway, a grin spreading across her features as she crossed her arms. "No, nothing specific. Just wanted to see how the rest of your night went," she remarked, eyes twinkling. "After Glum and I had to leave, I mean."

"Oh," Kennedy could only reply simply as he turned the shade of a lobster. He rubbed his temple thinking about an appropriate response, "Have a seat and close the door?"

Miriam's eyebrows shot up, but she followed the directive given, tapping the door controls to close off the office and then sitting in front of the desk. She carefully placed one leg over the other, clasping her hands around her knee and looked at the younger man expectantly.

"Well," Kennedy replied with surprise as she followed through with his orders now that he was uncomfortable with his invitation to tell the events of the night to unfold. "We walked back to our quarters."

She nodded. "You're roommates?" She asked, noticing his use of our in his description.

"Yeah..." Kennedy's cheeks darkened red more. "Yeah..." he found himself repeating himself again which probably wasn't what Miriam wanted to hear twice, "We got back to our quarters and I told her everything. I told her about the exam..." Kennedy pulled his hand through his hair, "I told her how much she means to me."

Whatever the Trill nurse had thought might have happened the night prior this wasn't it. In the short time she had known Kennedy Ryan Walsh she wouldn't have pegged him as the feelings-confessing type.

"And..." Miriam prompted when he didn't go on.

"I told her everything," Kennedy continued, "... she kissed me..." He took in a deep breath, "I told her that I like, like, like her. I felt so childish in that moment because I couldn't tell her I loved her." He lowered his head with a smile. He looked up at her, "She told me she doesn't know what she feels... but she does have feelings..." Kennedy held his stomach as the butterflies began to cause a recklessness. "I told her I'm not in any rush and that I'll wait for her."

"When I created an excuse for us to leave I thought you might get kissed," the nurse said, eyes gleaming mischievously. "I didn't think you'd be declaring your undying love to her."

She considered a moment. "She kissed you?" She asked to confirm.

"She kissed me," Kennedy beamed.

"I'll consider that mission accomplished then," Lal said with a chuckle, watching the doctor's face light up. She uncrossed her legs, sitting forward in her seat. "Is there anything you need us to be prepared for today?"

"Yes, I would like to hear more about this project that Nurse Dogrov and you are working on," Kennedy spoke with a tidbit of authority in his voice but still giddy over his evening spent with Irynya.

Miriam pursed her lips, laughter in her eyes. "That, may have been a fabrication," she remarked. "It seemed like you and the Lieutenant might have benefited from a bit of time alone. So Glum and I found an excuse to leave without seeming impolite." She broke into a grin, laughter amping up in her expression though she kept the act itself in check. "The results would seem to speak for themselves," she remarked raising her eyebrows before finally letting loose a chuckle.

Kennedy's cheeks turned a bright red with embarrassment nodding his head very slowly, "I... don't know... what to say... sorta disappointed but also very relieved that I was able to tell her how I felt. So thank you."

Kennedy looked down at his terminal not sure what else to say, "I want to thank you for inviting me out last night to celebrate. I'm not very good... in social interactions... with others... so you weren't wrong in thinking I wouldn't have showed up. I almost didn't but I did and I'm glad I did. So... thank you, Miriam. Thank you for being, a friend."

Lal's expression softened slightly. She hadn't meant to imply anything unfair towards him when she and Dogrov had discussed the possibility that he would make an excuse not to join them. But a few weeks of observation had made it clear that connections wouldn't hurt. "Sure," she said with an encouraging smile. "It seems like maybe you just need some practice."

"Practice?" Kennedy inquired as his focused returned from thinking of Irynya's lips pressed against his. He nodded his head, "I would like to return to Debbie's with Dogrov and you one day, in a social setting. He's very funny, I don't know if I like him calling me Young Doctor though. He's not wrong though, I am young and I am a doctor."

The older Trill woman chuckled lightly. "Well, consider it a standing invitation, then. I'm sure Glum would agree that we're always happy to catch up with you outside of the office so to speak."

She stood then, smoothing her uniform pants lightly with her hands as she did. "And I'm sure if you ask him not to call you Young Doctor, he'll stop. Still, there is nothing wrong with, as you said, being both young and a doctor."

She stepped out from the chair, offering Kennedy another encouraging smile. "If there's nothing else, I should probably make sure everything is in order out there." She indicated Sickbay with a tilt of her head.

"You're good to go," Kennedy replied. "And I did what you suggested last night. I messaged my Uncle." Kennedy offered her a smile.

Miriam's smile broadened every so slightly. "Good," she said. "I'm sure he's going to be very excited for you."

Nodding one last time, she tapped the control to open the door. "Do you want this open or closed?" she asked, indicating the doorway as she stepped through.

"Keep it open," Kennedy smiled as he went back to doing duty rotations, which he would never tell Irynya he secretly loved doing.


Lieutenant Miriam Lal
played by Lieutenant Emni t'Nai, Acting XO


Dr. Kennedy Ryan Walsh
Acting CMO


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