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Requisitions and Cheese Sticks

Posted on Fri Jun 18th, 2021 @ 9:52pm by Captain Björn Kodak & Debbie Gless

Mission: The Place of Skulls
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1749

[The Ready Room]
[USS Sojourner]
[Day 1 - 1749 hours]

Captain Kodak practically flopped down onto the couch, which caught his weight with the most minimal of bounces. It'd been a very long day for the Chameloid; one that had begun exceptionally early as well, especially after such a late night. But finally all of the crew had arrived and been accounted for and, with the senior staff briefing out of the way, a single command had sent them to warp, burning rubber towards the first stop dictated by the sphere. With all of the first day's tasks sorted, the Captain finally had an opportunity to take some time for himself.

"Computer, music: play my ancient Earth piano covers list, please," he intoned, taking a deep breath as he laid in a heap on the sofa. With a tone, the computer acknowledged the command and began to play a track from the requested list. The music was half melancholy, half-peppy, and all piano -- a bizarre fusion that shouldn't work but somehow did. Björn recognized the song instantly. It was a cover of a piece from a long-gone band called Coldplay; it was entitled "Yellow." The Captain enjoyed the melody as it arched up and down and in and out, not budging from his spot now that work was ostensibly done for the day.

Unfortunately, the day had other plans for the Captain. With the intonation of the door chime, Björn sighed and sat up, waving towards the point of ingress. "Come on in," he mumbled, knowing the computer would transmit his audible invitation to the supplicant on the other side of the door.

Debbie Gless strode in shaking her head. "Listen, I appreciate the use of the Mess Hall but it's just not going to work out. I've had that new kid -- Balsam," she clarified, plopping onto the sofa herself as if she owned it, "taking measurements and planning out the diner's new holo-skin. But there just isn't enough room for what we need. The mess is tiny and while the location on Deck 2 is convenient, it's a 'no' from me, Björn."

"Hello Captain, how is your day? You haven't really slept and the day has been insane. So much going on, are you doing ok?" Björn asked in a mocking but somehow still friendly tone. It was a gentle reminder that, Debbie's challenges aside, she could still at least say hello first.

"I'm sorry, Björn. I've had a tough day of my own," Debbie softly smiled back. "Are you doing ok?" she smirked then, her features like a hawk looking to swoop down for a kill.

"It was a day," he laughed in response, sighing softly. "Sorry to hear yours was challenging, too. Sounds like the Mess Hall isn't going to be the solution we thought it was?"

"I' it to be," Debbie sounded out, "I certainly love being on Deck 2. But you can fit about twelve people in there before it feels too crowded. I've been touring the ship looking for another space that Noah -- Balsam," she clarified again, "thinks might work for what we need. We came up with the aft observation lounge on Deck 7. It's quite a bit bigger: plenty of room to house a lot of people at tables and booths, with a large counter and space enough for a small kitchen to work in. I'd rather it face forward," she drawled in lament, "but beggars can't be choosers."

"What's the space allocated for now?" Kodak asked, knowing the woman would have already chatted with the Quartermaster.

"Stargazing and relaxing. Which I'm all for but they can do that just as much in a glitzy booth with some rock and roll, I'd say," Debbie clucked audibly, sitting back further on the sofa. "Quartermaster's not really in love with the idea. He was envisioning this sleepy drivel," she pointed to the air, indicating the cover of 'Rather Be' that was currently playing, "and some cocktails, I think. But this takes precedence, I feel."

Björn -- who'd resumed his heap-like posture on the sofa -- gave the idea some thought for several long moments before nodding. "Alright, you've convinced me. The Deck 7 aft observation lounge is yours. The Deck 2 Mess can remain a place for folks to grab a quick, quiet bite when needed then," he said. "Was there anything else? Or can I get back to my vegging?" The warm, raspy ask was friendly enough but there was an undercurrent of truth there -- the Captain seemed to genuinely need some alone time.

"Nope," Debbie stood suddenly, "that was all I needed. Thank you, baby," she smiled sweetly. "I did bring you this, though," she said, raising a small wrapped package and setting it down on the coffee table. Unraveling the paper, a lemon bar dusted in powdered sugar was revealed inside. "Figured you could use one. Plus, who makes requests without offering something in return?"

"We'll call it a bribe," Björn smirked back. "Thank you, Debbie. I don't know if Emni ever prescribes food but, if she could sense my mood right now, I'm positive this would he her solution," he chuckled lightly.

"Maybe she and I should collaborate," Debbie laughed discordantly in response. "Alright, back to your business, baby. I'm off to let Noah he has to take all new measurements. I doubt he'll mind, though...I've got a lemon bar for him, too," she winked.

"Hey, tell Mr. Balsam I'd like to meet him soon, hmm?" Kodak responded, slipping back into Captain Mode™. "He's clearly made a great impression on you. And I'd like to know who's helping us recreate your diner so expertly."

"I will," she nodded. "Kid's pretty shy, though. My advice? Have some mozzarella sticks on hand when you meet him. They're one of his faves and it might help break the ice."

"Duly noted," the Chameloid chucked. "See you later, Deb." And with that, the Captain kicked his legs up onto the couch and laid back once again, the hissing of the doors signaling Debbie's departure. "Cheese sticks...damn if those don't sound good right about now," he smiled, already planning his replicator order for dinner later.

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