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Captain's Log: Docking at Hukatuse

Posted on Mon Jul 31st, 2023 @ 4:33pm by Captain Björn Kodak

Mission: Stardust and Sin
Location: USS Sojourner, Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1730

Captain's Log, supplemental:

The combadge signal we've been tracking has led us to a place called
Hukatuse Tagumik. It's a dilapidated space station concealed within the Stellar Oasis. If we hadn't had a trail of breadcrumbs to follow, we'd never have even known this station was here. But I suppose you want that kind of secrecy when your main clientele is smugglers, refugees, and people who absolutely don't wish to be found. That naturally includes Kaldri, who we think came here to hide from First Maje Subrek while making repairs to her shuttle. Now that we're here, our own hunt for Kaldri can continue...once a few logistics have been nailed down, of course.

First, the station contacted us with a list of trade goods and materials they'd accept as payment for docking. The list includes various food stuffs, fresh water, spare parts, and certain raw metals: all things you'd need to keep a secret space station running. While Mr. Timmoz brings us into our assigned berth, I've tasked Lieutenant Cross with putting together a cache of requested items to pay our way. I'll be in charge of making final delivery to the Dockmaster once we disembark while the rest of team tries to get a bead on Kaldri.

Speaking of which, due to the interference from the twin stars Hukatuse is settled between, Kaldri's combadge signal is only generalized. We know she's on the station
somewhere but until we're actually aboard and get a closer scan, we can't tell where exactly. With a lot of potential ground to cover, I've asked Lieutenant Commander t'Nai to put together an away team to help with the hunt. And while I know it's customary for the Captain to stay with the ship, I'm going over there myself as well: every pair of eyes helps. t'Nai is currently tasking our team with dressing like smugglers and refugees so as not to draw attention to ourselves while onboard.

The station has also informed us that, while they do their best to keep order, we should expect a certain degree of roughness while onboard. They given our people permission to carry small, concealable hand weapons for protection: Type I phasers, small knives, that sort of thing. Nothing overt like phaser pistols, rifles, or long bladed weapons like swords. Guess I'll have to leave my bat'leth aboard the
Sojo. Or I would if I had one, anyway... The station has also warned us that, while rules are few onboard Hukatuse, overt violence or theft will not at all be tolerated. We've made everyone aware of this to avoid potential incidents.

While the away team is busy gearing up for our search of Hukatuse, I've put together a command team to leave behind on the
Sojo. I don't suspect much of note to happen on the ship while I'm gone but I feel better knowing we've got a good bridge crew in place all the same. They'll be monitoring our people while on the station and will beam anyone back who runs into trouble. That said, though, we've encouraged the away team to avoid emergency beam outs when possible: that's a sure way to draw attention to ourselves. And the more attention we draw, the potentially harder it could be to find Kaldri...

In addition to our Kazon hunters, David Mccolugh and Debbie Gless will be boarding Hukatuse as well. They have quite a list of supplies they'd like to procure from the huge marketplace aboard the station. While the Exchange -- as station residents call it -- is reportedly one of the safer areas onboard, I've tasked Lieutenant Bridgeport with assigning a security officer for David and Debbie's protection. While we look for Kaldri, they'll do the shopping to restock supplies. And if I know those two, I imagine they'll be coming back with all kinds of interesting new beverages and fresh ingredients for us to enjoy.

We disembark in one hour. Let's hope our search is both fruitful and brief. End log.


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