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Took a wrong turn

Posted on Wed Oct 19th, 2022 @ 9:34pm by Lieutenant Commander Emni t'Nai & Captain Björn Kodak & Crewman Jayden Booth

Mission: A Camping We Will Go
Location: Deck 1 Corridor
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1345

[Deck 1]
[MD 2: 1345 Hours]

Two weeks on a runabout had its advantages and disadvantages. The former is that you get to know your new crewmates, one of whom is your new boss. Jayden Booth was still unsure what that meant. Sojourner was his first ship-posting since graduating from Rememberance Station in Mars orbit. He had hoped that his boss would be an old hand aboard, knowing the ship like the back of his hand.

What he hoped for and what Booth got did not entirely match.

“Guess we’ll be doing it together,” muttered Booth as he strode through the corridor. Still, it would not be that hard to do. The Sojourner was a Rhode Island refit of the Nova, which meant a small crew.

He looked about and scratched his head.

Further down the hallway, the doors to the Bridge hissed open. Two figures came striding through: a barrel-chested man who looked human if it weren't for his golden-yellow eyes and a woman who had to be part Vulcan or Romulan mixed with something else. Both wore the cranberry shoulders of command and, upon viewing their pips, it was evident that the pair in question were the Captain and First Officer. The Captain was holding a PADD, falling behind the woman as he half walked, half read its contents, following safely in her wake.

"I think I've got just about everything on my list," Captain Kodak said with a smile, happy with himself. "Andrew's packing a few last minute things but I'm guessing we'll beam down in the next hour or so. I want to take one last sonic shower before I have to bathe in a lake for several nights," he chuckled. "How about you? Going to beam down and do some camping with us, XO?"

Emni returned the Captain's chuckle with a small wry smile. "I am not," she said, "though I had considered joining you. The fresh air does sound lovely, but someone has to keep the wheels turning up here. And besides, I couldn't convince Karim to go and the thought of Karim... alone on the Sojourner..." The Romulan pulled a face. "I'm sure he'd be fine, but he's my responsibility all the same." She shrugged a little, unapologetic in her comment--merely stating a fact. "I don't remember the last time I was camping, though." Even as she said it she realized that statement wasn't entirely true. A memory slipped through of Sulli and Jori and a trip they had taken together what felt like a lifetime ago now. Their memories had been surfacing with more regularity recently and she had to wonder why that was.

For a heartbeat, Booth panicked. He had to report to the First Officer, whom he used the woman with the pointy years to be, but Booth was not sure what to do with everyone either shuttling or beaming off-ship for some camping. As for the guy with golden eyes. Damn, thought Booth. handsome much!

Squaring his shoulders, Booth strode over. “Ah, Captain, Commander?” he started. “Sorry to bother you both, but I’m a tad lost. Not really sure to whom do I report to with the ship off camping.”

Emni looked up at the approach of the Crewman, polite curiosity on her features. He didn't look like one she'd met directly, but she recognized his face from records that had been sent over prior to the arrival of the shuttle that day. "Crewman... Booth, yes?" she asked, confirming who she was speaking with.

"Welcome aboard, Crewman," Kodak smiled, reaching out a hand for shaking. "I actually just met with Lieutenant Deglan, whom you shared the runabout with, among others. He's going to be our new, though temporary," the Captain stressed, "head of Security and Tactical. He's actually in the process of pulling any Security personnel still on board into a quick meeting. He's reserved the Mess for that. I'd wager," the Chameloid smirked, yellow eyes sparkling, "that you'll get a call about that soon."

The captain’s grip was firm, determined. Booth practically blushed, realizing he was still holding onto the captain’s hand. “Ahh, yeah, right.” he let go of the hand and nodded to Emni. “How temporary are temporary, sirs? From what I gather, we’re on a deep space assignment, Voyager style.”

A small amused grin played at Emni's lips and she had to work to tamp it back. When she was working with the Captain she regularly left her emotional barriers low, using that skill as a support in her role. And so the crewman's flustered reaction to Kodak was a bit like having something blare suddenly across a loud speaker into a space that had, until then, been filled with only background noise. Features appropriate schooled, she turned her attention to the man's question. "That is the intention, but Mr. Deglan is on loan to us rather than on permanent assignment."

"Ah, right. Okay. Cool." Booth massaged his hand. "So, mess hall, right?"

"That'd be it," Kodak nodded with a smile. He'd noticed the prolonged handshake and almost-blush but didn't comment further, falling back on his professionalism as a Captain. "Have a good meeting, Crewman. And welcome aboard," he offered.

"Sweet, cheers!" said Booth, backtracking.

Kodak watched the man turn to leave. Once Booth had put enough distance between them, the Captain turned to Emni. "I wasn't imagining that, right?" he quietly asked, looking a little bewildered. "He seemed...taken, maybe?" Even if he was right, it made no matter: Björn had a partner and, even more so, shouldn't -- couldn't -- fraternize with junior crew members. But even so, the Chameloid wondered if his sense of things had been accurate.

In an extremely Vulcanoid move, Emni quirked one eyebrow upward, a small amused smile playing across her lips. "No, sir," she said, as deadpan as she could, "you were not imagining that."

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