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The Clearing

Posted on Sat Oct 1st, 2022 @ 1:10am by Captain Björn Kodak & Debbie Gless
Edited on on Mon Oct 3rd, 2022 @ 12:04am

Mission: A Camping We Will Go
Location: Gentris IV, a large clearing next to a lake
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 0918

[The Clearing]
[Gentris IV]
[MD 2: 0918 Hours]

Kodak materialized in barely-there fog, his eyes taking a moment to adjust to the arid mists coming up from the nearby lake. The sun -- brightly shining and pleasantly warm -- would bake the fog off as the morning wore on, the Captain knew. As his eyes swept across the clearing he'd arrived in, his first impression was that everything was so incredibly verdant. Everywhere he turned, the Chameloid's golden-yellow eyes drank in the greenery of soft grasses, mossy boulders, and explosions of color provided by a plethora of wild flowers blooming about the meadow. Birdsong accompanied the first look and the Captain immediately knew that this was indeed the place for their little camping trip.

Walking around to explore, Kodak decided that the clearing they'd chosen as a community camp site was just as beautiful as the initial scouting report had said it was. Hemmed in by a semi-circle of pine-esque trees that wrapped around the clearing and terminated at the lake's edge, their chosen camping spot would provide plenty of room for the crew to spread out while still protected by proximity to the camp's center. Even though Gentris IV was devoid of humanoid life, there was still plenty of local wildlife to contend with, after all. But together, spread out around the central fire they'd have burning, there was safety in numbers.

Kodak's legs carried him across the meadow to where the grassy embankment dipped towards the lake. It was a shallow dip as dips went, making it easy to step down to the water's edge. The sun sparkled beautifully off the pristine lake, which practically begged the Captain to jump in. Time for that later, he thought to himself, eyes scanning the far side of the water body. In contrast to his own side of the lake, the further shore was a solid wall of trees.

"Well?!" came the sound of hands on hips. "What do you think, baby?" Debbie Gless asked, coming up from behind to stand at the Captain's side. "It's damned pretty if you ask me," she smiled. "Only been here a few hours and already I'm in love with the place."

"You know," Kodak rasped with warmth, "I think I agree with you. This place is beautiful. Hopefully those who want a little shoreleave will be happy to spend some time down here. Some may just come for the day but I imagine more than a few will want to camp out. Speaking of which, how's it going with setting up our little chuck wagon?"

"Honey," Debbie beamed, "you'd be surprised by how much I've accomplished since I beamed down. Munson and Kk'lethriq have been helping me get our kitchen all ready to go. No replicators, of course, but Mel and I'll be cooking up a storm over the next few days. If we had any more hot dogs, they'd be coming out our ears," she laughed almost as musically as the birdsong around them. "People aren't going to go hungry down here. Anything we need that we didn't bring is just a transport away," the woman smiled.

"Glad to hear it," Kodak grinned back. "Sounds like you're just about open for business then?"

"We're ready enough, I'd say," Debbie nodded back. "You gonna open the floodgates for beaming down?"

"In short order, I'd say. Wanted to get my eyes on the place first," the Captain nodded, looking around again. "The scouting report seemed positive across the board. Water's safe for swimming, fish are fine for fishing, the ground is plenty soft for sleeping bags...I'm betting that, by nightfall, we'll have at least a few tents pitched around the clearing."

"This'll be good for everyone," Debbie said, gesturing back up the way Kodak had come. He fell in step alongside her as she drifted back up the embankment. "Some time away from the ship without so much technology getting in the way of just talking to each other, you know? Also, no errant holographic doubles down here..." she added with a sigh.

"Thank goodness," Kodak said with relief. "I miss the days when holograms were restricted to just the holodeck and Sickbay. But hey, better times are ahead of us, I think." He kept walking, following the matronly woman as she led him to the central part of the clearing. As they approached, he noticed the pre-fab structure that had been built: it was basically a small kitchen work area protected by the elements. Nearby was a pile of firewood that would, Kodak knew, soon become a cook fire.

Debbie slipped into the structure and, a few moments later, returned with a steaming mug of kaffee. "Here baby," she said, handing the cup over. "Fresh, not replicated. Better this way," she grinned. "I'll have some waiting for you every morning," the woman promised.

"Much appreciated," Kodak nodded, raising the cup in a salute and then taking a careful sip. It was hot but not too hot: just how he liked it. Looking out into the clearing again, he noticed several different crew members walking about, engaged in a variety of tasks necessary to get the central camp up and running. Some had been fetching firewood, others had been looking for suitable rocks with which to build a fire pit in the center of camp. "Nice of the survey team to stick around and help set up."

"I may have promised them flapjacks and sausage when they're done," Deb chuckled lightly. "No offense baby but I've got a lot to do before people start beaming down en masse. I'll catch up with you a bit later, hmm?"

"Of course, Deb," Kodak said, again gesturing with his cup. "And thanks again for doing all this. You be sure to get some downtime in too, alright?"

When Debbie nodded and waved him off, the Captain turned and walked back towards the lake. This place will do just fine, he nodded to himself before tapping his combadge. "Kodak to t'Nai. We're open for business down here. People can start beaming down when ready. Just...make sure they bring the essentials," he smirked. He'd hate for anyone to forget their bug spray...

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