Specifications - Waverider Shuttle (Verdant Palace)

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The Waverider Shuttle, a specialized Runabout for executive officer use and longterm detached missions.


Registry NCC-85748-1
Class Waverider class Runabout
Commissioned Date 2399
Affiliation United Federation of Planets
Role Auxilliary Craft
Status Active


Officers Up to 6 Crew
Enlisted Crew Up to 6 Crew
Civilians Up to 15 passengers (short-term)
Emergency Capacity 30


Length 16.8 meters
Width 14.5 meters
Height 3.5 meters
Decks 1

Refit and Repair

Time Between Refuel 2 months
Time Between Resupply 4 months
Refit Cycle (Minor) 1 year
Refit Cycle (Major) 5 years
Expected Duration 25 years

Engine Output

Cruise Speed Warp 6
Maximum Speed Warp 7.5
Emergency Speed Warp 9 (12 hours)


Shields Standard Metaphasic Anti-Graviton Field Generator
Weapon Systems One Type VI Aft Dorsal Phaser Array
2x Photon Torpedo Mini-Launchers