Lieutenant Arianna Durand

Name Arianna Durand

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Tue Aug 15th, 2023 @ 8:30pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Elladari
Birthplace Tiala, Elladar
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6" / 168 cm
Weight 320 lbs / 145 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue


Father Adwin Durand
Mother Ella Abreo Durand
Brother(s) Theo Durand
Sister(s) Eva Durand
Other Family Marie Durand ( Paternal grandmother, deceased )

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arianna is a 29-year-old Elladari science officer. Bold and imaginative, she is very direct with other people but favors working with others over solitary study. She is outwardly enthusiastic and unafraid to express her feelings and advocate for what she believes is right. A conservationist at heart, she believes in making as little impact on biosystems as possible and disapproves of weather control technology in particular.
Strengths & Weaknesses The Elladari are descended from Illyrians and were genetically adapted to suit the conditions on the planet being colonized. Physically, she has superior strength and cardiovascular endurance when removed from the high-gravity environment of Elladar, although her increased muscle density makes her much heavier than a human of equivalent size and her calorific intake needs are much higher also. Her body is much more tolerant of heat than a human, allowing her to work in higher temperatures, but the ability to dissipate heat from her body makes her far more vulnerable to hyperthermia in cold environments. The Elladari immune system was adapted to counteract toxins from biting insects and creatures common to the tropical environment of the planet but their general immunity to toxins is unknown due to a lack of data.
Mentally, Arianna is organised and driven. She favors clear plans, logic and hard data and has a need to feel that things are moving forward. Stagnation frustrates her, whether that be from an extended break or an external event that forces her regular work to be put on hold. Despite being emotionally expressive, she disapproves of decisions based on emotions or feelings and finds it difficult to discuss the emotional needs of others. To her, it's messy and unpredictable
Ambitions From her first taste of alien culture and interstellar phenomenon, Arianna discovered her love for exploration and new experiences. Her ultimate ambition is to command a research vessel, combining her loves of science and discovery with the resources of a ship and crew behind her.
Hobbies & Interests Arianna likes group activities, however activity is the key word. She'll happily play out a holo-novel, climb a mountain or play games with friends but gets restless if expected to sit around and 'relax'. Any activity in which her performance can be measured and improved upon will satisfy her need for achievement.

Personal History Arianna was born and raised on Elladar, a former Illyrian colony world with a turbulent history. She spent much of her childhood in the care of her grandmother, a scientist, who entertained her with experiments and stories about the scientific feats of their ancestors which paved the way for them to make their planet their true home. This instilled a love of science in Arianna from an early age and she carried that all the way through her education and ultimately influencing her choice of career.
Her first job was to assist in an environmental study for a proposed mining project that promised to bring a lot of resource to an underdeveloped region of their world. Unfortunately, the study showed that in order to mine the mineral without damaging the local biosphere, additional measures would be required that would significantly slow the rate of production to a point where it would not be economically viable. She protested when the local authorities decided to forge ahead with the project and dismiss the damage as 'acceptable' but was dismissed from the project as a result. In the months that followed, she was inexplicably unable to find work despite positions she was qualified for remaining unfilled. Frustrated, she reasoned that she must be on some unofficial blacklist of 'troublemakers' and decided to look off-world instead. During her search, a Starfleet recruiter convinced her to join with the 'strange new worlds' speech. She hadn't considered it before, but couldn't deny the appeal it held in scientific curiosity alone.