Ensign Mei Ratthi

Name Mei Ratthi

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Mei is an average-looking human- average height, average build, and average complexion. With her dark hair and dark eyes, she doesn't stand out in a crowd of humans, and she is fine with that. Though her curly hair is her favorite feature, it sometimes irritates her when she can't get it to stay out of her face.


Father Mattias Ratthi
Mother Ayano Abraaza
Sister(s) Ema Ratthi
Other Family Ivo Abraaza- Maternal grandfather
Fisayo Abraaza- Maternal grandmother (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mei is a bright young person given more to academic pursuits than adventure. It might seem strange that she was drawn to Starfleet rather than a general university setting, but her endless curiosity about people and their varied cultures made the choice to join Starfleet seem simple to her. What better way to learn about new cultures than to go out and meet them?

Mei has little to no ambition when it comes to rank and position. Her goal is to learn as much as she can and, someday, teach others what she has learned. She is endlessly curious and tries to be as open-minded as possible when she meets new people, though she gets nervous when put on the spot-- unless it's to do with her areas of study. If given the chance, she'll go on and on about this culture or that, and she might not notice if the person she's talking to has lost interest.

She has a dry sense of humor, is happy to join any sort of outing with friendly people, and is usually willing to try anything new.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mei is a curious young woman who does her best to stay open-minded when encountering new people, places, or things. Her curiosity can potentially get her into trouble, though, as she can get hyper-focused on her subject and forget what is going on around her.

While she is good at meeting people and making connections, she isn't practiced in maintaining those connections over a long period of time. Thanks to her somewhat nomadic upbringing, she never learned how to keep up with long-distance friendships, and so has no real childhood friends.
Ambitions Though she has no real desire to advance in the ranks, Mei does eventually want to get her Ph.D. in cultural anthropology.
Hobbies & Interests Anthropology
Murder mystery novels

Personal History While Mei's family life was relatively stable and happy, her mother, Ayano, was a successful architect who uprooted the family every six months to a year when she moved on to the next project. As a result, Mei and her sister Ema grew up on a series of stations, colonies, and settled planets. Their school-based education was often interrupted until the family settled on Betazed when Mei was about six years old, and Ema was eight. They lived with Ayano's father while she helped design cultural centers during the rebuilding of Betazed after the Dominion War. There, Mei and Ema spent their days after school playing in the woods near their grandfather's home and finally got a taste of stability.

This would come to an end when Mei was eleven. Ayano's contracts on Betazed came to an end, and she packed up the family once more and took them to another series of planets and stations. Since the girls were older and more self-directed, they settled into a home-schooling program rather than trying to matriculate into one school after another. This led to them growing extremely close until Ema turned eighteen, graduated from her schooling program, and headed off to a university to study structural engineering.

Now sixteen, Mei was largely left to her own devices and had a chance to start figuring out what she wanted to do with her life. Thanks to her nomadic early life, Mei developed an interest in the various cultures she encountered and decided to study cultural anthropology so she might figure out what make all these different people tick. She decided to go into Starfleet, as she thought its mandate to explore the galaxy would allow her to see and study more cultures than she would be able to as a civilian researcher. So when she turned eighteen, she took her exams and was accepted into the Academy. She graduated in four years with high marks in anthropology and other sciences like exobiology, but average scores in fields unrelated to her area of study.

Just before she graduated from the Academy, Mei applied for a rare position working with a renowned Aenor anthropologist, Dr. Athroti, on Andor. She was accepted for the position and spent most of the next two years on Andor and completed her Masters Degree there. Once her post-graduate work was complete, Mei was assigned to the Delta Quadrant aboard the USS Sojourner.
Service Record -2395-2397 Attends Starfleet Academy
-2397-2399 Graduate school, studying with Professor Athroti among the Aenor on Andor.
-2399- present Assigned to the USS Sojourner in the Delta Quadrant