Name Baq'r M'st'ron

Position Engineering Officer


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Mon Nov 15th, 2021 @ 7:32pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Teivun
Birthplace Taivus III
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 145 lb
Hair Color Light blue/silver
Eye Color blue
Physical Description There is just the slightest hint of blue to Baxter's skin and hair, almost unnoticeable if you're looking at him in a crowd


Spouse Lana Mintarr (Deceased)
Father Eddrin Minstron (Deceased)
Mother Malir Ganns (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Baxter is very trusting of people, sometimes overly so. Part of it is a desire to be part of a group again, whereas another part is strictly his own personality.

Personal History Baq’r M’st’ron, AKA Baxter (Mistron is his "official" surname, but he doesn't use it), is one of only a handful (about 10) surviving Teivuns. Just prior to the release of a form of energy with an effect similar to Trilithium, a Teivun ship carrying approximately 100 crewmen travelled to Teivus VI to explore and map the planet. A severe miscalculation on approach led to the ship crashing, leaving only 30 alive.

Many of the survivors were injured, and several succumbed to their injuries in the first 36 hours. Those left alive began to try and salvage something from their ship. Most of the structure of the ship was intact, but the warp engines were severely damaged, and in no shape to fly them out of there.

The rest of the ship had limited power and so they tried to contact Teivus High Command, with no response. Several other attempts to make contact also failed, and a long range scan of the world showed no lifesigns.

The remaining 15 survivors continued in their mission, with 5 slowly dying from illnesses contracted on this alien world. The remaining 10 based themselves out of the wreckage of their ship, hoping to survive.

There soon arose tension between the survivors, whereas some of them wanted to make a new home on Teivus VI, others wanted to reach out to some other powers in the area for assistance. Then there was Baxter. High Command required all exploration missions to include a specially trained engineer, and being he was the only one available, he was assigned to this mission purely as an Engineer, and he didn’t desire to stay here.

So he quietly hodge-podged a shuttle, cannibalizing the parts from other shuttles, before hastily taking off, claiming anywhere else was better than staying on Teivus VI. He didn’t, however, take any supplies, and so ended up adrift, barely conscious.