Maje Jaha Veeth

Name Maje Jaha Veeth

Position First Maje: Kazon-Relora


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kazon - Relora
Birthplace Proxma-II
Age Fifty-Two (52)

Physical Appearance

Height 6 feet, 4 inches
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Maje Jaha Veeth looks like a typical Kazon. Nothing about his look seems warm or inviting. His forehead is covered with distinctive ridges and solid black hair which is matted and grown together in large chunks rather than individual strands. Jaha is a tall humanoid and many of his features appear lanky and narrow. His body is not muscular, instead his slender frame appears more suited for swiftness. Each of his movements are well-calculated yet agile. His skin is hardened and appears baked with dark pigmentation, almost orange-like which indicates that he enjoys spending a great deal of time in the desserts of Proxma-II. Jaha can usually be seen wearing an olive toned coat with brown leathers crossed across his chest, complemented by a green band around the chest to signify his Maje status. These olive and brown colours indicate a more militaristic colour scheme which is fitting with his position as a Kazon-Relora Maje. His appearance is often tangled, messy, worn, with clothing tattered which suggests that he does not care nor bothers with appearances.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Jaha Veeth as a Kazon Maje of the Relora Sect. He is deeply patriotic and consumed by tradition. He can be arrogant and has aggressive tendencies. He can be cool one minute and as fast as the crack of a whip can turn into a feral beast, foaming at the mouth. He was raised as a warrior and was trained at a very early age to be resourceful and fight for power without apology. Jaha is primarily fueled by and consumed by gaining power and securing more dominance as Maje in an effort to elevate the Relora sect. Jaha is always at war with himself, and strives to show his dominance over others. He wants power; but, also wants respect and wants others to feel that he is worthy to lead. He fundamentally believes that the more power he has the more deserving he is of respect. He salivates for respect and as a result is consumed by controlling Relora space, obtaining superior technology and supremacy of ships. He is very territorial and will attack without provocation. Jaha will certainly hold a grudge, does not give up easily and will fight to his last breath if he believes he is just in his cause.

Jaha is also direct, does not shy away from confrontation, renowned for his lack of subtlety and surly, and ill-tempered manner. From time to time he has been known to play up his ill-tempered manner and common perceptions of Kazons so others will underestimate him. He does not always let on that he has a sound scientific mind and is very knowledgeable about a range of disciplines. In many ways though, he is a jack of all trades and a master of only a few. He is highly competitive, though he has an intelligent, well-calculated side. He is someone who is perceived to always have the answers - a plan. He is always willing to be the first to enter into a dangerous situation, which borders on recklessness. He also has a great sense of pride. He does not trust easily and only has a small network of very close confidants. These confidants tend to be older and seasoned. Some might say he is distant and impersonal.

Personal History The Kazon has a dark history, filled with manipulation, control, and abuse. For years, they were subrogated by the Trabe as a labour force, who forced them to live in slums. The Kazon were treated as second rate citizens and used their aggressive tendencies against them and stopped them from rising up by pinning the different sects against one another. Jaha carries the weight of the history of his people around with him. While too young to know of the Trabe control over the Kazon, or to have lived through the Kazon uprising, he is certainly a product of this time. He is consumed by power and dominance. He feels that his people were subrogated for too long and he now wants to elevate the Kazon, particularly the Relora to new heights and to become a force to be reckoned with. After the passing of his older brother, he was appointed Maje, and in the time has secured even more friendly trade and connection with another Kazon sect, the Holbii. The Relora is still very much at war with both the Odla and Nistrum sects.