Commander Satoru Takomi

Name Satoru Takomi Mr.

Position Executive Officer*

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Shimikari, Japan
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 165lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Spouse Korrah Takomi (Deceased)
Children Ryo Takomi (Deceased)
Father Hiroki Takomi (Deceased)
Mother Ayumi Takomi (Deceased)
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) None.
Other Family Grandfather: Koshiro Takomi (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sato is a man whose story... for the most part... has already happened.

He has lived his life, experienced its trials, been molded by them, and is the person he is now because of them.

That is not to say that he does not have room to grow, but his beliefs are largely set and cemented by age and experience. He has, in the autumn of his life, dedicated himself to ensuring that no one else waste their spring or summer.

For the most part he is a relatively quiet man, one content to sit back and let others act and speaks only when he feels something truly important must be expressed. As a result, many see him as quite soft spoken.

The truth is he is simply tremendously dedicated. He, internally, has sworn himself to those around him, that the ruin of his life might be put to the service of salvaging the lives of those around him, and he will go to almost any length to ensure their protection.

He is a man who has forsaken his violent and ambitious ways, who has chosen instead to embrace the absolute sacredness of life and lives his with compassion for all as his singular guiding compass. Every word, every action, every thought is bent toward that purpose... the guardianship and protection of life itself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Exceptional Tacticla acumen.
Surprisingly fit for someone his age and able to handle himself in hand-to-hand combat.

Emotional attachment to those under his command.
Wounds from his past.
Ambitions To remain an XO.
Hobbies & Interests Kendo
Bonzai Gardening


Personal History Satoru Takomi was born in Shimikari, Japan in 2334 to Ayumi and Hiroki Takomi. Nestled in against a small fresh water lake, it is a small piece of living history. It is a remote and self-sufficient fishing and farming village, filled with authentic old-world homes where the ancient traditions of the Japanese people are still alive and well.
Such was Satoru's childhood. With his mother and father officers in Starfleet, he was raised primarily by his Grandfather Koshiro, and through him was immersed in the historical culture of his people. Between farming, fishing, horseback riding, archery, and kendo, young Sato's days, nights, and life were full. He was happy and seemed to excel at the martial arts, a passion fueled by his Grandfather's stories of the Samurai of old. Their bravery, honor, loyalty, and the glory of the battles they fought set his imagination alight, led him to forge his own sword at age 10, and set him on a course to seek out his own legends.
At 18 he applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy. There he put his passions into practice. While showing only a general aptitude in most areas, he took his graduating class by storm when it came to Tactical theory, personal combat, and tactical simulations, quickly earning a reputation as someone who was both cunning and utterly ruthless. In competitions, he earned the nickname 'Kobi', or Kobiashi, among his classmates, since to face him was to be in an unwinnable scenario. Though he did, of course, fail the scenario that had become his namesake.
His militaristic tendencies continued even through his first assignment on the USS Gethsemane. He thrilled at being behind the tactical controls of a real starship, even one that was assigned to routine science missions. When off duty, he was often found in the holodeck, wading toward glory through ancient battles and dragging along as many of his cremates as possible. All too often it ended up with one or more of them in the infirmary, and it was there that he first became aware of a young half-klingon medical officer named Korrah.
Satoru fell in love with her almost immediately. Their courtship was swift, their romance fiery, and before long the two of them were married. Though in Starfleet, she was very proud of her Klingon heritage. They bonded over ideas of honor, duty, and strength, and she helped to keep him grounded. In her he found a place where he could rest, a sanctuary of understanding that he desperately needed.
It would be on board the Gethsemane that their son Ryo was born. Though Sato and Korrah both decided they did not want to do what his parents had done to him. They would raise their son together onboard whatever ship they found themselves. He would grow up among the stars.
The next 15 years would see the small family move from ship to ship. He and his wife both steadily climbed the ranks. Sato proved himself in combat against the Cardassians, the Maquis. and much as Sato himself had… Ryo grew up happy. He idolized his father, tested the patience of his mother, and seemed to be heading toward a promising career in Starfleet himself. But all that changed when the Dominion attacked.
A year away from even being able to join the Academy, Ryo was furious that he would not be able to fight alongside his mother and father, that he would have to sit by and watch as they risked their lives to protect the Alpha Quadrant from this insidious threat. After all, the Resolute was one of the most powerful ships in the fleet. The whole family knew that this meant the ship would likely be heading to the front lines, and that Ryo would almost certainly be sent to his father's village in Japan where he could be safe.
But Ryo would not have it. In one of many arguments between the three of them, he declared that if Starfleet would not have him, that he would join the KDF. There he knew he would not only be accepted at a younger age, but be put quickly on the front line. There he could make a difference. There he could achieve the glories the tales of his mother and father promised him.
Korrah proved herself adamantly opposed to this notion. Yes, she had pride in her Klingon heritage, but she chose Starfleet over the KDF for a reason. She wanted more than blood and violence for her son. She wanted a life of scientific exploration, of a mind open to the universe, not hampered by the narrowed vision of her ancestors. What had begun as discussions, then turned to arguments, had become screaming matches between mother and son.
In the end, it was Satoru himself who cast the deciding vote. He offered to support his son's efforts. He saw so much of himself in his child… the drive, the ambition, the desire for combat, and the will to see it through. He could not deny the boy what he himself would have sought in Ryo's place. So they used their family connections back to Qo'noS to see him placed.
Only days before seeing Ryo off, Sato too was approached for a special assignment. Starfleet wanted him to act as a special liaison to the Klingons. He would be placed aboard the IKS Kurath, the lead Bird of Prey of one of the klingon attack fleets. There he would act as XO and help coordinate efforts between the Klingon Empire and Starfleet as the war progressed. It was a proposition he could not refuse.
Distraught over the choices of both husband and son, Korrah applied for a transfer from the Resolute, and took up a position back on Earth.
The Klingons were already in a weakened state at this point. They'd spent considerable resources against the Cardassians, and lost far more when the Cardassians agreed to join the Dominion. The subsequent expulsion from Cardassian space and the continued aggression of the Dominion-Cardassian alliance saw the Klingon Empire in full retreat. But while larger fleets faltered, and full scale engagements often ended in disaster, the Kurath excelled.
Theirs was a guerilla campaign, one waged with the advantage of speed and stealth. They engaged in hit and run tactics that assailed the Dominion's supply lines, raids on compounds that housed extra ketracel-white, and attacks on communication relay stations that led to large intelligence blackouts. The Dominion may have kept pushing forward, and their influence may have been growing, but all of their efforts were being eroded from both behind and within.
Father and son would not be reunited for nearly 2 years.
Finally though, delays and holding actions were deemed insufficient. It had been decided by Starfleet that an offensive was needed to swing momentum in the war. Deep Space 9 needed to be reclaimed. So it was that, despite reservations, the Klingon fleets began to gather for the assault and Satoru and Ryo met again.
They had only a brief time together, but both reveled in it fully. They swapped stories of victories, of defeats, of friends they had made and lost. He saw in his son the same warrior's fire that burned within him, fully realized and put to purpose. When they parted ways again to the front, it wasn't just as father and son anymore, it was as comrades in arms.
The battle to reclaim DS9 proved as bloody as expected. Even with the sudden arrival of the Klingon fleets to turn the tides, breaking the lines of the Dominion forces and allowing Captain Sisko through, the cost paid was high. Yes, the Dominion reinforcements coming through the wormhole were destroyed. Yes, those that remained had to withdraw as the fleets drew near. Yes, the station was reclaimed, but it was in orbit of Deep Space 9 that Sato learned… his son's ship had been destroyed in the effort.
Ryo Takomi was dead.
Satoru went into a rage.
There was no quelling his anger, no calming his fury. Though the victory at DS9 bought the Federation-Klingon Alliance a reprieve, Sato cared for none of it. He implored, and his Captain listened, that they return to the fight, that they press their advantage. So the Kurath and its fleet of Birds of Prey departed, and once more dove deep into Cardassian space.
There, though they found success, they encountered increased resistance as the wounded Dominion regrouped its forces. Sato did not care. Deeper they pushed, their attacks becoming ever more daring and dangerous. Ships were lost, but the Kurath endured. Battle after battle, raid after raid. Though their fleet dwindled around them, though the ledger for their efforts may have shown a bloody red, the rage in Sato's heart did not abate.
Through it all, he ignored Korrah. Her messages to him went unlistened to, unanswered. He was resolved to see this war to its conclusion, to find vengeance for his son, and to find peace in his heart again. Only then would he return to her. Only when Ryo’s death was given meaning, could he let her see what it had done to him. Day after day she reached out to him, until finally the messages stopped.
By that point the Breen had entered the war, had led their devastating assault on Starfleet HQ, and had obliterated a large contingent of Klingon warships. Fortunately, the Kurath was among one of the first vessels to be refitted to withstand the Breen technology. It allowed them to make sure that when the time at last came to make the final push toward Cardassia, that Satoru and the Kurath were ready.
But victory proved more hollow than Sato could have imagined. Even when, at long last, the alliance claimed Cardassia, when the Dominion agreed to end hostilities and withdraw… when the war at last was won, he found no peace. His son’s death was an aching absence in his heart, one into which he had tried to pour all his hatred, all his rage, and found still to be a gaping maw. Yes, though Ryo had given his life, it had been for victory. Yes, that death had meaning. But what good was that meaning against the overwhelming force of his grief?
With no more distractions, he was forced to come face to face with the monster he had allowed himself to become, with the emptiness that beast had carved out within him, and drowning in his own despair, he finally reached out to Korrah once more. But he could not reach her.
She had died in the Breen assault on Earth.
The Dominion War, and his own thirst for glory and battle, had taken everything from him.
Satoru could not bring himself to continue his service in Starfleet, a service that had cost him so dearly. He retired his commission and, unable to bring himself to return home, accepted an invitation from the Klingon side of his wife’s family to Qo’noS. There, Sato sought seclusion. There he sought to purge himself of the hollow flame that still threatened to consume his soul from the inside out. He spent years in combinations of meditation and combat, trying to expiate the demon of his loss.
When it failed, he eventually did return to Earth and Japan, but still he found no peace. He returned to the village of his childhood where he spent days, weeks, months, and years bending his back in manual labor in penance and seeking the refuge and clarity of deep meditation. However, it was his time with the village’s children that gave him new purpose again. He had been teaching them, educating them on the very things he had been taught by his Grandfather before him, when he was just a boy. Then came clarity. There was value in what he had learned in his life, in the scars it had left upon him. There was much he could impart, that he could teach, lessons from which others could benefit. So Satoru petitioned to rejoin Starfleet.
His previous record found him quickly accepted and positioned within the fleet again. Indeed, his extensive experience in high pressure situations found him quickly elevated once more to the rank of XO. Before long, Starfleet even decided to offer him a Captaincy, a ship and crew of his own to command and lead.
Sato refused.
He requested instead to transfer to another ship where an XO was required, and such became the pattern of his life for the next 10 years. He would accept a position as an XO, work there to foster the growth of the officers beneath him, imparting his knowledge, wisdom, and experience… and then… when Starfleet decided it was time at last for that long overdue promotion, he would decline. There was always another ship that needed a solid, reliable, and stalwart XO, and Satoru was always willing to move where he was needed and where he thought he could provide the most aid. Even if Starfleet disagreed. Indeed, it wasn’t long before a new nickname began to follow him. From his Academy days as “Kobi”, to the “Hawk of Argolis”, newly minted officers who found themselves taken under his wing began to affectionately refer to him as “Sensei”. Sato tried his best to discourage the honorific, but even his best efforts were never fully successful.
Starfleet, however, continued to grow frustrated with Satoru. He was 65 years old, still an XO, and showed no desire to become or do anything else. Command had grown weary of moving him from ship to ship. For though they could not argue with the results of the officers under his command, the time was coming when he would either have to grow into a new role himself… or step aside.
Fortunately, opportunity knocked. A request came in for an “officer with experience” to serve upon a ship as Executive Officer. It was the Sojourner, bound for the Delta Quadrant and the unknown expanses beyond. Starfleet Command saw this as a golden opportunity, one where they could fulfill the request of the ship’s Captain by sending one of the singularly most experienced XO’s in all of the fleet… and get Sato out of the way. In a long term mission that would see them traversing the distant territories of the Delta Quadrant, he would be unable to hop so easily from vessel to vessel.
At last, Satoru Takomi would have to stay put.

Service Record

Service Record 2352-2356: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Earth)
2357-2358: Ensign, Tactical Officer (USS Gethsemane)
2359-2362: LtJg, Tactical Officer (USS Aegis)
2363-2366: LT, Tactical Officer (USS Tao Xin)
2367-2370: LtCmdr Chief Tactical Officer, (USS Hegemony)
2371-2373: Cmdr, Executive Officer, (USS Resolute)
2373-2375: Cmdr, Executive Officer, Klingon Bird of Prey (IKS Kurath)
2376: Leaves Starfleet for self-exile on Qo’Nos
2382: Goes home to Japan
2388: Returns to Starfleet
2389-2390: Cmdr, Executive Officer (USS Triumph)
2391-2393: Cmdr Executive Officer, (USS Lancelot)
2394-2396: Cmdr Executive Officer, (USS Granamyr)
2397-2398: Cmdr Executive Officer, (USS Atlas)
2399-Present: Cmdr Executive Officer, (USS Sojourner)

Medical Profile